February 9, 2011

Week 30

Q1. Does exercising help you manage your diabetes better?

Q2.  What motivates you to exercise?

Q2.5  How do you stay motivated?  What is the hardest part of staying motivated?

Q3.  What is your favorite type of exercise?

Q3.5. What is your least favorite type of exercise?

Q4.  Do you prefer to work out at home are the gym? Why?

Q5.  How do you carry all of your supplies when exercising? Do you carry anything with you-in case of a low blood sugar?

Q6.  What is the most difficult thing about managing diabetes and exercising?


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3 Responses to “Exercise does a body good”

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  • Q1. Kinda. I mean, my insulin resistance goes down so my levels are better for a bit afterwards, but I also drop low which then means I spike after correcting..so yes and no.

    Q2. My weight, my back injury and just overall health, which does include my Diabetes.

    Q2.5. I go to the gym with a friend so I can’t bail unless she’s wanting to bail, I pay for a membership every month, I pay for private fitness classes that are at set times and days, so I know in advance when I’ll be going and can organize my life around it. And of course my injury, if I don’t work out I can’t help make it better so that’s a big motivation because I hate it hurting all the time. The hardest part is having the energy to actually go workout. If I’m tired, I find it really hard to motivate myself to do anything.

    Q3. Yoga and Groove. Yoga because I get to stretch consistently and it’s really relaxing. Groove because it’s a mix of Yoga practices and dance; It’s a really good workout which helps my core strength, my endurance and everything while being super fun at the same time. You can also choose how intense the work out is, so it’s nice not to have to follow strict instructions even when you’re not feeling 100%. Swimming is awesome too, but it’s hard because my bg drops so fast when I do it.

    Q3.5. Probably running or playing any sports. I recently started having knee problems, so running doesn’t really help and it’s also tough on my back sometimes to run or jog.

    Q4. I’d prefer to work out at home, I think I could be more motivated cuz I wouldn’t have to leave…but I work out at the gym because it’s an added exercise when I walk to and from, and they have all the equipment.

    Q5. I usually leave them in my locker if I’m working out at the gym. I always test before I start working out and after wards, so if I’m running a bit low already I’ll bring some juice with me but otherwise I don’t really worry about it. If I’m exercising outside such as jogging, I find a way to carry sugar with me but tend to still leave my tester and insulin in the car; I can feel my lows pretty easy even when exercising so I don’t usually need to test to know I’m low.

    Q6. The most difficult part is trying to balance your BG so you’re not dropping low, having to eat and then spiking because of having exercised.

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