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Who is BOEMRE?

The Department of the Interior’s (DOI), Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Regulation and Enforcement (BOEMRE), is the federal agency responsible for overseeing the safe and environmentally responsible development of energy and mineral resources on the Outer Continental Shelf

The Bureau is led by a Director appointed by the DOI Secretary.  The Director is supported by senior executives who manage national programs, policy, and budget in Washington, DC (headquarters) and three regional directors responsible for management and program implementation.

Bureau Leadership

bullet Director Michael R. Bromwich
bullet Deputy Director Walter Cruickshank
bullet Senior Advisor to the Director Tommy P. Beaudreau
bullet Science Advisor Alan Thornhill
bullet Associate Director Bob Brown
bullet Associate Director Robert P. LaBelle
bullet Associate Director George Triebsch

Three Regions 




Gulf of Mexico



Photo of a deepwater platform at dusk.What is BOEMRE?

The BOEMRE’s Offshore Energy & Minerals Management (OEMM) offices contend with all aspects of offshore federal leasing and renewable energy projects.  The OEMM's work includes the preparation and administration of regular offshore oil and gas lease sales. Additionally, we are responsible for conducting supporting research and documentation leading up to each lease sale. Our needs are many and varied from engineers, marine biologists, geologists, geophysicists, social scientists, environmental specialists, petroleum engineers, program analysts, statisticians and economists to name just a few.

The OCS is a significant source of oil and gas for the Nation’s energy supply. The approximately 43 million leased OCS acres generally accounts for about 15 percent of America’s domestic natural gas production and about 27 perPhoto of an offshore wind farm.cent of America’s domestic oil production. The BOEMRE’s oversight and regulatory framework ensure production and drilling are done in an environmentally responsible manner, and done safely.

Headquartered in Washington, D.C. and the nearby suburb of Herndon, Virginia, OEMM also has regional offices in Anchorage, Alaska; Camarillo, California; and New Orleans, Louisiana.

In addition, BOEMRE has finalized regulations to guide Renewable Energy endeavors located on the OCS. Examples of potential renewable energy projects include wind energy, wave energy, ocean current energy, and more. We are excited to be administering this new Program on behalf of the nation and are eager to see where new innovations in offshore Renewable Energy projects will take us in the future. This program is devoted to oversight and facilitating the development of alternatives such as wind power, wave and current power, and solar energy.



BOEMRE Seeking First-Time Environmental Enforcement Officer and Chief of Regulations

Ministerial Forum Seeks Global Solutions to Deepwater Drislling Safety, Containing Blowouts

Salazar, Bromwich Recruit Tulane Students to Public Service, Visit Deepwater Facility, Discuss Ongoing Oil and Gas Safety Reforms

BOEMRE Approves Operations for Tenth Deepwater Well

BOEMRE Announces New Key Positions to Further Regulatory Reform

BOEMRE Approves Operations for Ninth Deepwater Well

BOEMRE Awards $1.5 Million in Grants for California Coastal County Projects

BOEMRE Approves Operations for Eighth Deepwater Well

Ocean Energy Safety Advisory Committee  to Hold First Meeting

DOI Releases Report on Unused Oil and Gas Leases

BOEMRE to Aggressively Recruit Environmental Scientists

BOEMRE and Coast Guard Conduct Seventh Session of the Joint Investigation into the Deepwater Horizon Incident Focused on Blowout Preventer


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