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Thousands of searchable collections of records from around the world

Census Records & Voter Lists

Census records are a cornerstone of family history research and Ancestry.com has the only complete online collection of U.S. Census Records (1790 – 1930).

Immigration & Emigration Records

Search ship passenger lists from Ellis Island to New Orleans and California, plus naturalization records, passport applications and more.

Family Trees

The world’s largest family history community shares its research, photos, stories and notes with you in these databases.

Newspapers & Periodicals

Discover more of what your ancestor’s life was like in historic newspapers — from big cities to small towns. Obituaries are updated daily.

Maps, Atlases & Gazetteers

Discover where your ancestors lived, how the area developed, how boundaries changed and where to find more records.

Birth, Marriage & Death Records

You’ll find millions of vital records on Ancestry.com — from U.S. states and countries around the world.

Military Records

Explore the largest collection of U.S. military records online — draft cards, service records, muster rolls, as well as global military records.

Photos and Images

From around the country and the world — photos provide rich context to your ancestors’ lives. You may even find a yearbook photo of Grandma.

Directories & Member Lists

Find addresses, occupations, family members and more in directories through the ages.
Content collected from hundreds of sources, such as:

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We’ve spent more than a decade building the world’s largest online family history resource — including historical records, photos, stories, family trees and a collaborative community of millions.

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  • Billions of
    historical records

    We acquire and digitize billions of historic records from around the world — from military draft cards to ships’ passenger lists to census records and many others.

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    search tools

    Our search tools and the hints we provide in your family tree can help you easily find information about your story right from your computer.

  • Online family trees

    You can organize all your discoveries in your online family tree. And upload treasured documents, photos, stories and more as you create profile pages for your ancestors.

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    of millions

    Our massive community could help you find new answers. You might even run into relatives you never knew you had.

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    You can invite friends and family to share your discoveries in your online family tree, and even add their own.

  • Discovery
    after discovery

    Watch as the stories of your ancestors come to life in your online family tree. And continue discovering more as we add to our collections every day.

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Content collected from hundreds of sources such as:

  • U.S.

    • The National Archives and Records Administration
    • The Daughters of the American Revolution
    • The Library of Congress
    • New York Public Library
    • FamilySearch.org
    • California State Library
    • Social Security Administration
    • Georgia State Archive
    • Texas Library and Archives
    • New England Historic Genealogical Society
    • The American Antiquarian Society
    • The Allen County Public Library
    • National Genealogical Society (NGS)
    • Texas State Library and Archives
    • Pennsylvania Historical & Museum Commission
    • New York State Archives
    • New York State Library
    • Alabama Dept of Archives and History
    • Mississippi Dept of Archives and History
    • Maine State Archives
    • Vermont Vital Records
    • Delaware Public Archives
    • Utah State Archive
    • California Rail Road Museum
    • Kansas State Library and Archive
    • R.B. Hayes Presidential Library
    • Montana Vital Records Office
    • Cook County Clerk (Vital Records)
    • Mid-Continent Public Library
    • American Jewish Historical Society (AJHS)
    • American Jewish Joint Distribution (JDC)
    • Sears

    • Library and Archives Canada
    • Archives of Ontario
    • Institute genealogique Drouin
    • canadiana.org

    • ARFIDO
    • Association Généalogique de la Bretagne Historique — Parchemin
    • Centre Généalogique et Héraldique de la Marne
    • Geniwal

    • The National Archives
    • FreeBMD
    • Royal Aero Club
    • General Medical Council
    • The Institute of Heraldic and Genealogical Studies
    • The Western Front Association
    • Fife Council
    • Perth and Kinross Council
    • Archive CD Books
    • London Metropolitan Archives
    • Guildhall Library
    • Naval & Military Press
    • The British Postal Museum & Archive

    • State Records of New South Wales
    • Tasmanian Family History Society
    • Central Coast Family History Society
    • Australian Institute of Genealogical Studies
    • Genealogical Society of Northern Territory
    • Cairns and District Family History Society Inc
    • Cowra Family History Group
    • Casino and District Family History Group
    • East Gippsland Family History Group
    • Coffs Harbour District Family History Society

    • Landeshauptarchiv Schwerin
    • Archiv der Hansestadt Lübeck
    • Das Auswanderermuseum Ballinstadt
    • Bayerisches Hauptstaatsarchiv
    • Das Bundesarchiv
    • Brockhaus Verlag
    • Deutsches Auswandererhaus
    • Deutsche National Bibliothek
    • Duden Verlag
    • Militärgeschichtliche Forschungsamt
    • Museum für Kommunikation Berlin
    • Niedersächsischer Landesverein für Familienkunde e.V.
    • Staatsarchiv Bremen
    • Staatsarchiv Hamburg
    • Schweizerisches Bundesarchiv
    • Das Telefonbuch-Servicegesellschaft mbH

    Tribunales di Varese, Como, Lodi, Montepulciano, Pavia, Verbania, Casale Monferatto, Gela, Chiavari, Aosta, Lagonegro, Siracusa, Santa Maria Capua Vetere and more..