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"Wolvix is a desktop oriented GNU/Linux distribution based on Slackware. It features the Xfce desktop environment and a comprehensive selection of development, graphics, multimedia, network and office applications. It's mainly targeted at home users and strives to provide a balance between everyday computing tasks, creativity, work and enjoyment." (More...)

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Latest News

New Wolvix mirror in Greece

(Posted: 2010-03-19)

We've got a new Wolvix mirror in Greece, hosted by the University of Crete - Computer Center. A big thanks goes to Kapetanakis Giannis for offering to mirror us.

If you want to use the new mirror in slapt-get/gslapt on Wolvix-2.0.0 you can add one of these URLs to your slapt-getrc:

In other news. I'm still upgrading and adding packages to our repository, and Oithona is doing some researching and testing on optimizing a kernel for his Acer Aspire One. Once a working kernel is built it will be added to the package pool, and I'll do the same for my Asus Eee.

I still don't have a new build ISO for Cub, but I hope to produce one shortly. Even though we don't have any new beta releases out yet I'd love to get some feedback from users who's been trying the latest build ISO and from those who's upgraded their beta installs.

Have a great weekend. =)