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Shelters In Crisis!!
Shelters across the country are in crisis right now, overloaded with unwanted rabbits who are in danger of being euthanized. Blame it on Easter "impulse purchases" or simply the amazing reproductive capabilities of rabbits, but once again this year, If you can find room in your home, please consider helping your local shelter or rescue by adopting or fostering a bunny in need - you'll be saving a life. Literally.

Easter And Bunnies Don't Mix

Please Don't Give Pets As Gifts!!
Shelters and rescues are inundated with animals that were given as gifts to people who didn't really want them and don't know how to take care of them. They expect this year to be no different, beginning on the day after Christmas. Please don't give a live animal as a gift - give a stuffed plush toy instead, or consider making a donation to a rescue or shelter in someone's name as a gift. Just please don't give a live animal as a gift - it requires a lifelong commitment to the pet, and too often they get shortchanged. Thanks!!
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Wood Pellets

Wood Pellets: Why To Buy Them and Where
One side effect of rising energy and heating costs - an increased demand for wood pellets - is taking a toll on rabbit lovers who like to use the pellets in litter boxes. That's because, as wood pellet stoves have become more popular, the pellets have become both more expensive and more difficult to find.

In Pursuit of Hoppiness asked its friends on two online chat groups - HopLine and 3bunnies - to provide the names and addresses of places where they regularly purchase wood pellets. (You'll find that list at the end of this document).

Why wood pellets? First of all, even with the recent increase in prices, they are less expensive than traditional pet litter. They also work well, being very absorbent of both urine and odors. Toss some hay on top of the pellets in a litter box and you're all set.

People also were free with some common sense advice for shopping for wood pellets.

Topping the list was the notion that, although we are just beginning the summer months (editor?s note: well, when this was written!), this is a good time to buy extra pellets. If you usually buy a couple of bags at a time, buy four next time and set two aside for use in the winter, when pellets are likely to be scarce.

"People have to realize they need to stock up now if they want to use them through the winter," said Denise Leonard, a member of the House Rabbit Connection Board of Directors. "There's just no way around it. Come fall, they just won't be available."

Another tip: Call ahead to make sure the retailer has pellets in stock. Not all retailers keep them in stock year-round. Some retailers also like to sell only to regular customers or, in cases where the retailer sells pellet-burning stoves, to people who have purchased the stoves. However, you may have luck with these retailers by explaining why you want the pellets and by pointing out that you are buying a small amount.

There are a few things to know about wood pellets. You should only use pellets that do not contain an accelerant. Also, according to the House Rabbit Society, unlike wood shavings, wood pellets are not toxic because the phenolic compounds are removed during their manufacture. However, if your rabbit shows an interest in chewing on the wood pellets (which is unusual), manufacturers warn customers to use softwood pellets instead of hardwood pellets (certain types of hardwood can be poisonous).

As for the list of vendors, it is limited only to the specific retailers that were submitted to the newsletter. In the case of chain retailers that are represented on the list, such as Agway and Home Depot, try checking with your local store about the availability of pellets.

Leonard also had a suggestion for storing extra pellets for people who have limited room indoors - an outdoor rubber storage bin. "They stay very dry inside and should hold 10 to 14 bags ? but they also run $150 for a smaller unit. But they are durable, look nice and also can be used for storing lawn furniture, cushions or garbage cans."

In fact, Denise and fellow HRC board member Deb Young are taking matters into their own hands. They are teaming up to purchase wood pellets in bulk, which they are willing sell to other rabbit people. They note that they are selling the pellets only for use in litter boxes, not for people to use as a source of fuel.

"We - particularly Denise - scour the market, looking for the best price per ton and buy as much as we can at a time, usually one to two tons," Young said. "We just got so sick and tired of trying to find pellets last winter and then paying outrageous prices that we decided to ensure we don't get robbed this winter. I have the room to store them, Denise's husband has a honkin' huge truck, we both still have strong backs, and so it all works."

"The only thing is, the price hasn't gone down all that much from winter given the price of oil, so this is going to be an expensive wood stove pellet winter," Young added.

For more information on purchasing wood pellets for rabbit litter boxes, Young said people can e-mail her at fiddlerct@yahoo.com.

What follows is a list of wood pellet vendors as provided by HRCs members and friends.

Agway 147 Meriden Road Middlefield, CT (860) 347-7229 AW. Brown's 144 Shaker Road E. Longmeadow, MA 01028 (413) 525-2115 Bernardston Farmers Supply 43 River St. Bernardston, MA (413) 648-9311 Blazing Hot Stoves 43 Falls Ave. Waterbury, CT (203) 596-0467 Cedar Mountain Stoves 2198 Berlin Turnpike Newington, CT (860) 436-6387 CJ's Pellet Depot Two locations (call ahead): Manchester, CT Windsor, CT (860) 533-1884 (860) 982-0277 (cell) Dean's Stove & Spa 120 W Main St. Plantsville, CT (860) 621-5311 Farmer's Supply 320 S. Pleasant St. Amherst, MA (413) 253-3436 Fireside Designs 1458 Riverdale St. W. Springfield, MA (413) 737-2966 Granby Country Grain 108 W. State St. Granby, MA (413) 467-3838 Hazen Fence and Stove 133 North Granby Road Granby, CT (860) 653-4992 L.R. Hawthorne & Son (Agway) 97 North Maple St. Enfield, CT (860) 749-8189 McKenney Electric Co. Inc. 100 Northampton St. (Route 5) Holyoke, MA (413) 536-5551 Phelps & Sons Inc 1258 Hartford Tpke, Vernon Rockville, CT (860) 871-2118 Popoli's Honda-Yamaha 46 Springfield Road (Route 20) Westfield, MA (413) 562-5661 Squire Lumber & Hardware 5 Squire Ave. Monson, MA (413) 267-5542 Turnpike Acres Pellet Stove Shop 185 Miller St. Ludlow, MA (413) 589-1122 Tractor Supply Co. 67 Palomba Dr. Enfield, CT (860) 749-2853 Valley Home & Garden Center 16 Railroad St. Simsbury, CT (860) 651-5646 Valley Fireplace & Stove 287 Spielman Hwy. Burlington, CT Valley Fireplace and Stove 220 Albany Tpke Canton, CT (860) 693-3404 Westfield Home Depot 1111 Southampton Road Westfield, MA (413) 562-5025 Westfield Feed 288 Union St. (Note: New address!) Westfield, MA (413) 562-3689 Westfield Home & Garden (Agway) Route 20 Westfield, MA (413) 568-3388

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