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→ We capture one of the top concentration of men ages 18-34 online*, driving over 45.0MM unique views and 682MM page views each month with leading sites including IGN and AskMen. For millions of guys, we have cemented our reputation as an authoritative voice on games, entertainment and men's lifestyle by delivering sharp opinions and ground-breaking visual content. For you, we offer the creativity, authenticity and relevance to help you engage our vital, premium audience.

*Threshold of 1 Million target reach
comScore Media Metrix, November 2010 WW; Nielsen @Plan Rel 4 2010

Male-composition index

With a male composition index pushing one and a half times the online average and heaps of traffic, our original properties together reach 1 in 5 men online in the 18-34 age range. Simply put, we do a better job of applying your media dollar directly to the young male demographic you need to reach. Matched by our breakthrough creative and guy acumen, our pitch adds up to integrated, targeted campaigns with room to scale: it could only be better if our rate cards were printed on crisp bacon.

Source: comScore Media Metrix, March 2010

1.1 Reach

Reach 24.1MM Viewers.

That's 1-in-4 US gamers.

Not only do we have some of the largest concentrations of video game and entertainment fanatics on the internet; when they visit our sites, our viewers spend more time, view more pages, and visit more often than our competitors. Let's check the scoreboard, shall we?

Engagement (1,000) Total Minutes Page Views Total Visits Video Views
U.S. total uniques, comScore Media Metrix, November 2010; comScore Video Metrix, November 2010
IGN Entertainment 455,000 496,000 77,176 49,914 253,000 192,000 37,250 35,635
AskMen 33,000 59,000 11,545 3,708
1.2 Profile

Just reading this audience profile might put hair on your chest.

Whether young or young-at-heart, our viewership is loyal, purchase-ready and influential amongst its peers. We call our core viewers entertainment enthusiasts. Compared to their peers, they play more videogames, see more movies, purchase more DVDs, share more advice and are more likely to do all of the above online.


63 percent male.
  • 63% Male
  • 31.1 Years Old
  • $66.2k HHI

The #1 Gaming Information Network

69 percent male.
  • 69% Male
  • 30.3 Years Old
  • $68.0k HHI ranks as the #1 Gaming Information site reaching:
Men 18-34, Men 18-24, Men 21-34, Men 18-49

63 percent male.
  • 63% Male
  • 33.2 Years Old
  • $71.6k HHI

AskMen ranks as the #1 Men's Lifestyle Website


of the network's audience owns a game console
more likely than the online average to list video game playing as a favorite hobby
more likely to have purchased video games in the last six months
have gone to see a movie in the theater in the past 30 days
more likely than the online average to own a Blu-Ray disc player
have watched cable television in the past 7 days
have made an online purchase in the last 6 months
more likely to have made an online purchase using their mobile phones in the last month
plan to purchase home electronics in the next 6 months
1.3 Influencers

Our audience is packed with influencers (and electrolytes!).

If you're a brand everyone should be talking about, you should be talking to IGN Entertainment. Compared to the online averages, our typical audience member has an audience of his own:

more likely to provide frequent advice on video games
more likely to provide frequent advice on movies
more likely to provide frequent advice on electronics and computers

We capture everyone from the core enthusiast gamer as well as the hit-driven and social gamer, alike. One thing our audience has in common is that they are highly networked:

go online one or more times a day
have visited a social networking site in the last month
have broadband access
Source: comScore Media Metrix, November 2010; Nielsen @Plan Rel 4 2010

→ It's 2010. Why aren't we talking up fragmentation and social graphs? Because eventually, it all comes to audience engagement, and we have it in spades. Viewers of IGN and AskMen spend up to 40% more time with our content than the online average.

First-looks, exclusives and the sheer depth of our editorial content might go to explaining a part of our following; but the real story is that we truly share in the passions of our audience.

Our days and frequent nights are spent reveling in the world of games and entertainment. We are elbow to hairy elbow with the immediate and beautifully fickle culture that captivates the minds of young men across the globe.

Your brand needs to engage these enthusiasts. We can improve your game.

As a team of clued-in editors, media marshals and creative mad scientists, we've worked through eleven years of successes and tribulations to better understand our viewers' desires, and how to evolve your brand message into an authentic experience that inspires conversion.

With thanks to our editorial, our viewers are also the first to know and amongst the earliest adopters. And they tell their friends.

2.1 Properties

We built it. They came.


2.2 Product Showcase

Better. Stronger. Flash-er.

→ Whether it's an industry-first and technological marvel, or a straight-up IAB unit, we have a passion for our clients' brands and engaging media. Tap our creative and resourceful team to discuss any aspect of the planning process and how to take advantage of our full range of ad products.

We've had the opportunity to work with a wide variety of brands and through our extensive experience we've become experts in the video game, entertainment and consumer sectors.

2.3 IGN Video

#1 for Viewers and Streams

With over 6.5MM viewers and 46.9MM video streams, IGN leads the category. Our original content including Daily Fix, Strategize and Rewind Theater engage our audience both on and off the network. We continue to grow our distribution channels and video numbers through key partners including: MSN, YouTube, Xbox Live, MySpace among others.

Jessica Chobot on the Daily Fix

comScore Video Metrix, March 2010
2.4 iPhone

Creative engagement? There's an app for that.

The IGN Game Reviews Application, available for free on iTunes, is designed to help users make smart gaming choices on the go. All of our highly-regarded game reviews are now accessible at the point-of-sale and our video reviews look amazing on the device, naturally.

Since launch, our app has seen over 300,000 downloads. Our latest and greatest innovation, it offers advertisers a first-mover opportunity, uncluttered ad space, and premier brand placement.

IGN on the iPhone

3.0 Toolkit

More utility belt,
less tights.

Whether you're pulling together a media plan, or looking for tracking specs hours after the account team has gone to bed, you'll find it here. We try to keep things easy. Of course, contact us if you're special.

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