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Business Coach Certification

Business Coach Certification

CRN# 40232


The Business Coaching Specialist (BCS) Program is the #1 most practical, challenging, and globally relevant online training and certification program which provides business coaching best practices, models, tools, cheat sheets and processes to improve their abilities.

BCS Program Resources:

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Within this coaching training program you will receive:
  • Business Coaching Basics, Fundamentals, and Best Practices
  • How to structure a business coaching relationship to add massive value to your clients and build your own expertise and abilities at the same time
  • How to perform fundamental processes of business coaching with more effectiveness and efficiency, increasing the profitability of your business
  • Why traditional marketing and sales tactics don't provide the best bang for your buck while building a roster of business coaching clients
  • How to attract more business coaching clients by using our RAMP formula for client acquisition

Cheryl Sklaver, Business Coaching Trainer

Cheryl Business Coaching Certification Program InstructorCheryl has over eight years experience as a business coach specializing in business planning coaching and capital raising. As a coach, she helps executives with the following tasks: Clearly articulating their plans for the future, Resolving inconsistencies and filling planning gaps, and Positioning their business to gain access to capital. She has assisted over 50 businesses develop solid business plans used to raise capital through SBA and conventional loans, venture capital and private equity. Prior to freelancing, Ms. Sklaver earned her MBA from Columbia University and worked in corporate finance for ten years. In her corporate roles, she participated in a wide variety of financial projects, including: IPO's, large corporate loans, operating budgets and developing guidance for Wall Street analysts. Cheryl is the lead instructor for our Business Coaching Specialist (BCS) Program.

Benefits of the Business Coaching Specialist (BCS) Program:

  • Gain valuable insight into business coaching models, best practices, and processes that you can implement now without the need of a costly seminar or conference.
  • Add the Business Coaching Specialist (BCS) Designation to your resume, business cards, website, coaching marketing materials and overall credentials showing clients that you have made a long-term investment in providing the best business coaching value to them possible. If all else is held equal why not work with a business coach that has passed a rigorous examination and learned about the best practices that help make them more effective in their role?
  • Speak the business language - Earning the Business Coaching Specialist (BCS) Designation assures that you can attend conferences, interviews and other networking events while being able to contribute to conversations and understand discussions about current events or trends within the industry.  Our program will help you to understand the terms and implement the tactics and tools of leading business coaching professionals.
  • Advance your business or career by raising your level of business knowledge and increasing your ability to work quickly and effectively.
  • Exclusive Access to tools and multimedia training resources found online within the Business Coaching Specialist (BCS) Program.

Business Coaching Specialist (BCS) Certification Process

Business Coaching Certification

Participants May Include:

  • Those interested in furthering his/her education and knowledge in the area of business coaching
  • New Business Coaches or Consultants that may never have had to act as a business coach in the past now find themselves entering this type of role within a consulting role or corporation.
  • Business coaching professionals who want to better understand their industry and how they can progress forward within their own career
  • Graduate Students or students with at least one year of relevant work experience
  • Seasoned professionals looking to cross over and enter a business coaching role
  • Business coaching professionals who have recently taken a position as part of a coach need the basics and best practices of the business handled to feel more comfortable and confident in such a role

The program is delivered through online lecture videos, an audio prorgram, a workbook, and step-by-step screen capture tutorials.

Business Coach CertificationWe have built this program to be #1 most challenging program on business coaching that is available, and that is how employers know that if someone holds this program designation that they have invested their time in learning about business coaching best practices.

Ready to Enroll?

Business Training and Certification OnlineThe provides the #1 most practical, challenging and globally relevant certification platform, and it is provided by the Global Training & Certification Institute, LLC (G.T.C. Institute, LLC).

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Top 3 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Our Online Business Coaching Certification:

1) Question: Are there weekly homework assignments, phone calls, or sessions that are scheduled at specific times?

Answer: No, there are not. The program is entirely self-paced. Once you register we will give you login access to our proprietary certification platform where you will be able to watch video training modules, complete your strategic project, email our faculty with questions, complete the self-grading practice test, and schedule your online examination. Even our examination is 100% online, this has allowed participants from over 40 countries complete our programs.

2) Question: How can I use this certification on my resume or bio after completing it?

Answer: While you are enrolled in the program you can note that you are a candidate of the program. After completing the program you may note that you are certified in this area on your resume, professional biography, account, Facebook account, cover letters for job applications, etc. Contact us if you would like specialized sized images of the certification you complete to place on your personal or social media website pages.

3) Question: Will becoming certified really help me in my career?

Answer: We now live in a knowledge-based economy and our programs are geared towards very specific fields and skill sets to help you gain specialized knowledge within the areas most critical to your success. Completing a certification program allows you to show others on your resume and bio that are more well trained and credible than other professionals in the industry. A recent study by Gartner also showed that certification programs on average increased compensation by 5-11% on average, and they can boost your income by as much as 30-40% annually. When an employer or potential client is choosing between you and someone with very similar work experience and education being certified is one more thing that will make you stand out from the crowd.



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