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Solid State Group - Sweeter Web Solutions

Solid State Group is a full service digital agency that develops websites, web applications and social networks using our in-house suite of web products.

We build sites and applications for a wide variety of clients ranging from large corporations to tiny start-ups. We love getting involved in digital projects from inception, right through deployment of the first phase and into the future.

We offer a full range of services for the entire life cycle of each project so if you have a project in mind, or even the basics of a business plan, give us a ring or contact us and we can have a chat about it over a coffee.

Web Products

Cookie Jar

Cookie Jar Web Content Management System is a next generation CMS packed with interactive features and social media tools as well as bullet proof web publishing.

Sugar Cube

Sugar Cube Digital Asset Management System allows you to store, manage and distribute the correct digital assets to appropriate users in a secure collaboration environment

Honey Comb

Honeycomb Social Networking Software allows you to create a community around your web content, define relationships and deploy loads of social media tools.