UW-La Crosse Centennial Campaign Academic Building illustration

Investing in our Facilities:
UW-L Veterans Memorial Field Sports Complex

UW-L will replace its current stadium, which has served long and well but has outlived its usefulness and would be too costly to repair. The facility, as it currently stands, raises questions not only of size and access but of safety. Replacement is a must and will, in addition, allow for the re-configuration of the surrounding fields and the entire sports complex.

Facility Features:

  • The new stadium will double the existing seating capacity and include a synthetic turf football field, a nine-lane track, new locker room space, training facilities, a fitness center, press box, concessions and restrooms.
  • The Veterans Hall of Honor will be relocated and prominently featured as part of the new stadium.
  • The new multi-use sports complex will feature a soccer field, football practice field, lighted recreation and intramural fields. Though the project will be part of the UW-L campus, its benefits will extend far beyond the boundaries of the campus.

Benefits of the Project:

  • The university will be able to host additional local, state and national athletic events, as well as other recreational, cultural, entertainment and civic events. This facility will quickly establish itself as the area’s premier venue for outdoor events.
  • An enhanced Veterans Hall of Honor will celebrate in a very fitting way the contributions and sacrifices of our veterans.
  • The new facilities will become extremely effective recruiting tools for prospective UW-L students. New students benefit local businesses in many ways, including enlarging the pool of talented new employees.
  • The new facility will also support academic programs such as our nationally recognized programs in Athletic Training and Exercise & Sports Science.
  • A portion of the revenues from this project are already earmarked to fund scholarships for UW-L students.