ABC Evening News for
Monday, Jan 15, 1979

Headline: Iran

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(Studio) Shah of Iran's plans to leave country noted. Iranian ambassador to US Ardeshir Zahedi reported to have been Shah's staunchest defender so far; Zahedi's admission in Paris to reporter Kati Marton that Shah will leave Iran stated. Film shown. [ZAHEDI - is sure Shah plans to return; says departure is for holiday, not to relinquish throne.] Egyptian announcement that Shah will fly to Aswan for meeting with President Anwar Sadat prior to going on to United States mentioned. Activities of other members of Shah's family cited. Reporter John Scali's information noted that Shah and family will stay temporarily at Palm Springs, California, estate of former United States ambassador to Britain, Walter H. Annenberg. Film shown.
REPORTER: Frank Reynolds

(Studio) Update on situation in Iran, include violence in Kerman and positive developments in Tehran. Death of former American Air Force Colonel Martin Berkowitz in Kerman reported Iranian army chief of staff's pledge not to stage coup and Iranian senate's approval of Shahpour Bakhtiar's government noted. Film shown.
REPORTER: Peter Jennings

(Tehran, Iran) Demonstrations in sts. of Tehran reported to be different in nature from violence of past. Reasons given as orders from government to army to allow demonstrations and messages from Ayatollah Khomeini in Paris to both civilians and military
REPORTER: Sylvia Chase

(Studio) Khomeini's earlier statement that Bakhtiar government is illegal recalled.
REPORTER: Peter Jennings

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Program Time:05:00:20 pm - 05:04:40 pm. Duration: 04:20
Reporters:Chase, Sylvia; Jennings, Peter; Reynolds, Frank
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