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Written by

Dominique Dufaut


8/May at 17:06



French commentators 2011 - ©

French commentators say

France: "We will respect every candidate"

A new pair will be in charge of the comments for the Big Night in France: Catherine Lara, singer and composer, and Laurent Boyer, famous TV host, who has a daily program on France 3.

Since 2001, France 3 had made a lot of buzz around its commentators, sometimes more than around its representatives, many think. They were comedians, TV hosts or journalists, but they all tried to do it "with fun", hence a big bunch of complaints from viewers shocked by some words and noisy comments... and compliments from other viewers, claiming that Eurovision needed such a "happy" treatment.

"This year, we will do it seriously" Pierre Sled, France 3 director, said in a press conference held last Month in Paris. "Serious but not boring" Laurent Boyer added. Catherine Lara, who is a renowned artist, will bring her own experience to the comments. "But we will mock nobody. When you do such a job, you have to respect every candidate".

France 3 will broadcast the Eurovision Song Contest next Saturday, while France Ô is in charge of the second semi-final next Thursday, with comments by Audrey Chaveau and Bruno Berberes, France's Head of delegation. No TV broadcast on a French channel for the first show is planned.

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Πέτρος Παπαδόπουλος [65553]
Mon 9 May 2011 17:39:52

Dino Merlin saved my ESC.

12 pts for Bosnia and Herzegovina this year.

Oliver Paorl [60449]
Mon 9 May 2011 15:08:20

@Axel Kearn = Bıtter-Sweet

OK..Whenever I want to talk about some fan's, I always get insulted. Some say I'm a hater LOL Well, I'm not blaming them because this is how their brains work and this proves the fact that they don't belong to Europe or anything Asian, Africa or America and even Australia. they belong only to the Sexshops because they try to propaganda about sexomaniac in this ESC platform and they really discusting.

I can't say I'm happy with the sexomaniac taking part in the contest. I strongly believe they are the cancer of Eurovision. Everything was a lot better in old days and noone can deny that. Of course my anger is how they vote not who they are so some fellas should NOT take my comments personally

Say NO about sexomaniac
Say YES about honest ESC fan
Say YES to fair contest

Let the best song win..not the one with more neighbours or friends

Blue Armeniacum [57086]
Mon 9 May 2011 14:29:13

I adore French entry song
Vive la France

Allan Tark [27348]
Mon 9 May 2011 12:06:33

My TOP -10 ESC 2011

One, two, seven, three - Estonia to Victory!!!!!!!!!!

2. UK
3. Hungary

4. Azerbaijan
5. Germany
6. Bosnia Herzegovina
7. Denmark
8. Russia
9. France

Igor T. [44707]
Mon 9 May 2011 11:50:44

I can't, I meant

Igor T. [44707]
Mon 9 May 2011 11:49:35

Some of the cable operators here have German Viva 1 music channel in offer - if we talk low level, I can imagine anything lower than that.
One of the SF writers I respect a lot, Teodor Sturgeon, has once said "Yes, 90% of SF literature is trash - but so is the 90% of anything else".
So yes, I do love ESC, and I do love science fiction :)

Sharon Arni [12554]
Mon 9 May 2011 10:17:55

Vote NOW

ESC Porto Dracon [65551]
Mon 9 May 2011 07:55:54

My definitely top 5

1.- Bosnia and Herzegovina
2.- Hungary
3.- UK
4.- Germany
5.- Azerbaijan

Lina the Cat [56410]
Mon 9 May 2011 03:03:45

" I just watched Dana on t.v saying that she would like to get pregnant from Loukas... " , maybe she say it beacuse she cant get pregnant :D

Bitter - Sweet [38528]
Sun 8 May 2011 23:24:15

what's wrong with moking :Pit is fun,nobody is killing someone :D
relax people and enjoy the comments even if some of them cross the line.humour gives no harm ;)

Candyman 12 points [14078]
Sun 8 May 2011 20:05:22

yeah the french commentators have been pretty awful and disrespectful towards the partipants. Finally, France 3 did the right choice.

Sir Shakespeare [44871]
Sun 8 May 2011 19:25:15

He he, "came out as an ESC fan"...

Sadly, Sweden has also got their far share of non-serious commentators. I'm especially thinking about 2007, when Kristian Luuk (terrific as MF host, horrific as ESC commentator) was holding the strings. A complete mess. Drew especially attention for calling the Serbian entry a "lesbian fight song" and the Turkish one as a "song about blow jobs"...

dimitris calling [57630]
Sun 8 May 2011 19:04:57

Ha,ha!While Lena was talking to that annoying mosquito Katerina Soulioti,Jedward interrupted them in order to take a photo with Lena.

Bennyfried 21 [62076]
Sun 8 May 2011 19:02:09

... and I saw Blue, saying how much they like Lena and Lena, saying how much she liked Blue when she was young ;-) Ha!

dimitris calling [57630]
Sun 8 May 2011 18:57:37

I just watched Dana on t.v saying that she would like to get pregnant from Loukas... :D

Martin F [57973]
Sun 8 May 2011 18:53:14


Same with me. I had the honor to train future teachers (before I had to resign after an accident) and everybody was shocked about my not so secret passion. 'Can we take this guy serious anymore?' Well, they had to - of course. Good to see how you showed them a way to the beauty of ESC. Brainstorm? One of my all time faves!

just me and my guitar... [61885]
Sun 8 May 2011 18:49:20

Oh it's always like that..I have friends who claimed never to watch that "political" contest but then I found Ani Lorak's song on the "most played" list on one of my friend's iPod's.. :P
Never believe people who claim not to watch esc..cause most of them do and are afraid to say so :D !

Martin F [57973]
Sun 8 May 2011 18:45:50


I got the feeling that most of the famous musicians in Germany are simply cowards. They are afraid of losing. And may be their record companies tell them to be careful not to take the risk. So hats off to all the established artists who grace the event with their presence.

just me and my guitar... [61885]
Sun 8 May 2011 18:43:58

The only reason I can give to the criticism some justice concerns the voting system and the voting patterns which were at large the previous decade and have seriously damaged the reputation of the contest especially at the west...It is a good sign that under the current circumstances there is a rising interest though and I believe that this weak spot of esc has seen some improvement lately..

adarvus ceterum [32383]
Sun 8 May 2011 18:43:50

* in charge of ...

adarvus ceterum [32383]
Sun 8 May 2011 18:41:50


I guess that you can imagine what happened when I came out as an ESC fan while teaching literature (with a focus on 16th to 19th century poetry) at university. People simply didn't believe it and told me that they had never watched and would never watch such a camp and superficial show. But then sth interesting happened. I gave a big party a few weeks after ESC 2000 and my sis, who was in charge on the music, played the Turkish song, which was her favourite that year. Then ... all of a sudden one of my dear colleagues from the history department (one of those who had scrunched up their noses before) asked if my sis could play Brainstorm's song. Well, even if my colleague had proved herself dishonest, she at least had good taste ...

just me and my guitar... [61885]
Sun 8 May 2011 18:40:38

* worse things..

dimitris calling [57630]
Sun 8 May 2011 18:40:22


We should make a group: Bring Daphne Bokota back! :P

Congratulations to my team,Panathinakos,for their 6th European championship in Basketball!Thank you guys! :D ;)

just me and my guitar... [61885]
Sun 8 May 2011 18:39:43

I agree Martin..And in the "educated" people category fall all the "high - quality" or "non conventional" musicians and singers who keep calling esc "garbage" and other much worse thinks..and it strikes me odd that people who are supposedly well educated and usually do not buy any superficial propaganda served by the media they fall so easy in that media game when it comes to esc..They prefer to watch the ridiculous side of esc some prefer to focus on and fall for it rather than see into it and realise that it's nothing like that..
As I always say ESC is a brand name and offers a stage for anyone who wants and will be chosen to represent it's country..Putting labels is irrational really..The whole europe will see you on that stage and will evaluate your work...If you consider competing with trash so disgracing come and prove us that you are better people ! (referring to the musicians who snob it )

Night Editor [45546]
Sun 8 May 2011 18:39:00

The sad thing is the BBC no longer has Paddy O'Connell commentating for the semi-finals. He was a hoot and will be missed this year.

Martin F [57973]
Sun 8 May 2011 18:32:30

just me and my guitar

Oh please don't remind me of Belarus 2011. I'm really a bit angry about that song (and the intention I sense behind it) for personal reasons. In Germany a lot of music journalists don't like ESC at all.
If you read the music magazines here it's obvious some of them strongly dislike it and -as you said- focus on special entries to make their point clear to the readers. It's somethning like anti-ESC-propaganda. If I -as a former teacher- confess I love this competition so called 'educated' people are totally speechless because they follow the propaganda. Asked when they watched a Eurovision final for the last time most of them answer: 'Never. This is not my style to watch such a cheap show.' As I said so called 'educated' people ...

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