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Experts say the Labor Government of Mike Rann is headed for a landslide win.

Experts say the Labor Government of Mike Rann is headed for a landslide win. (ABC TV)

Experts predict landslide win for SA Labor

The Labor Party is headed for a landslide win in today's South Australian election according to political experts.

Adelaide University's Dr Clem McIntyre predicts that Labor will win 28 seats while the Liberals will drop to 17.

He predicted the Government would snatch five of the seven marginal seats held by the Opposition.

"That'll give them about 10 seats more than the Opposition and I suppose that will have to be defined as a landslide in a Parliament of only 47," Dr McIntyre said.

Labor has run a presidential style campaign promoting Premier Mike Rann, while the cash-strapped Liberal Party only began television advertising in the final week.

Dr McIntyre said the Opposition's lack of boldness and imagination has played into the Government's hands.

"It's a campaign that suited the Government from the outset," he said.

"They wanted it to be relatively flat and lacklustre and that's what they've had.

"The Liberals were behind from the start and it seems to me that if they were going to win they had to really push the Government hard and I don't think Labor has been pushed out of its comfort zone for the whole of the election."

Polling booths open at 8:00am local time.


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It has been an uphill battle for the South Australian Liberals, with polls throughout the campaign indicating the party is facing a crushing defeat. However, a poll of two marginal seats just days before the election has shown the Liberals may be clawing back support.

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