Somali Prime Minister Unveiled His Cabinet


Somali Prime Minister, Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed

Mogadishu (Alshahid) – Prime Minister Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed unveiled his new cabinet consisting of 18 ministers, a drastic reduction of his predecessor’s 39 bloated ministerial posts.

“The Somali people and the international community were waiting for a competent and credible Somali cabinet, and I am happy to appoint this lean but capable cabinet. I call on my fellow countrymen to work with and assist this fine men and women tasked to revive the Somali State.” Prime Minister Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed said in a statement.

Only two ministers from the previous government are included in the new ministerial line-up. Minister of Finance, Hussein Abdi Halane, an effective administrator who is well-regarded by the international community retains the enlarged Ministry of Finance which now will be called Ministry of Finance and Treasury. Dr. Mohamud Abdi Ibrahim is moved to the Ministry of Commence and Industry.

Deputy PM & Foreign Minister, Omaar

Deputy Prime Minister-ship posts are given to three competent newcomers. Hon. Mohamed Abdullahi Omaar, an Oxford educated and highly regarded politician from northern Somalia (Somaliland) will be Deputy Prime Minister and foreign minister.

Abdihakim Mohamoud Haji-Faqi, a former Somali diplomat in Canada in NY is appointed to the defense post in addition to deputy prime minister-ship, originally he is from Bay region.

Dr. Abdiweli Ali, Deputy PM

Dr. Abdiweli Mohamed Ali, a professor of economy at Niagara University, NY, is the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Planning and International Cooperation, he hails from Puntland region of Somalia.

Ministry of Justice, Religious Affairs and Endowment will be led by Abdullahi Abyan Nur.

Hussein A. Halane, Minister of Finance and Tressuary

Ahlu Sunna Wajamee’a (ASWF) religious group which is allied with the TFG is allotted to two important ministries, Interior and National Security and the ministry of Labour, Social and Workforce Development.

The Ministry of Women’s Development and Family Welfare will be led by Dr. Maryan Qasim Ahmed, a veteran medical doctor and social justice activist who in addition to Somali speak Arabic, English, Italian and Dutch.

Dr. Abdinur Sheikh Mohamed, Ph. D, Minister of Education, Higher Education and Culture

Among the other new faces are Dr. Abdinur Sheikh Mohamed, Ph. D, Minister of Education, Higher Education and Culture. Dr. Abdunur specialises in education administration and is currently an adjunct professor at Ohio University and is a long time employee of State of Ohio, Department of Education.

Prof. Abdulkareem Hassan Jama, Ministry of Information

Prof. Abdulkareem Hassan Jama who taught Information Technology is assigned to the Ministry of Information, Post and Telecommunication. Mr. Jama served in the past two years as the Chief of Staff and Senior Advisor to the President.

Ministry of Ports, Marine, Air and Land Transport is given to Ahmed Abdirahman Abade.

Abdirashid Hashi, Ministry of Public Works and Reconstruction

The communications director at the Presidency, Abdirashid Hashi, is entrusted with the Ministry of Public Works and Reconstruction. Mr. Hashi studied politics and history at the University of Toronto and he served previously as secretary to the council of ministers.

Abdirisak Sheikh Muhyadin will lead the Ministry of Mineral Resources, Water, Energy and Petroleum.

Ministry of Constitution and Federalism will be led by Mohamud Mohamed Boonow.

Dr. Aden Haji Ibrahim Daud, medical doctor and Member of Parliament will lead the Ministry of Health and Human Services. Yusuf Moallim Amin will be the Minister of Agriculture and Livestock. Abdinur Moallim Mohamud takes over the ministry of Youth, Sports, Labour Social and Workforce Development.

The new Minister of Fisheries, Marine Resources and Environment is Dr. Mohamed Moallim Hassan Mohamed

Prime Minister Mohamed’s new cabinet consists of veteran politicians with a lot of experience and talented new faces who have been positively involved, one way or another, in Somali development and politics in the recent past. This blend will definitely energize the TFG.

President Sharif Sheikh Ahmed commenting on Prime Minister Mohammed Abdullahi Mohamed’s line up said, “Somalia is in a good hands and I call on the MPs to speedily and swiftly accord the new cabinet with their confidence, we do not have time to waste and our people deserve nothing less than this.”

2 Responses to Somali Prime Minister Unveiled His Cabinet

  1. Good line up Mr Premier, but will your new cabinet be able to change the current face of Somalia? I pray to see that.

  2. I wish them all the best to their hard job but, as always, Me and many other friends are still believing the fact that says nothing will gona happen and change our situation even if all the ministers are from the diaspora unless they manage to find any-other solution not by force.

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