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Questions and Answers about the Political Graveyard

  1. How and why did this site come to be?
  2. Why are cemeteries interesting?
  3. Why don't you think this is morbid?
  4. Why did you build a web site about cemeteries?
  5. Does a cemetery need politicians to be considered 'historic'?
  6. What is a "political graveyard"?
  7. Would you say the only good politician is a dead politician?
  8. What about politicians in Canada, or other countries?
  9. Why don't you include county sheriffs, city treasurers, and other local figures?
  10. How do you create and maintain the site?
  11. How do you decide whether to combine 'political families'?
  12. Where did you get all this information?
  13. With so much information coming from so many different sources, how to you verify its accuracy?
  14. Why do you include living persons in a Graveyard?
  15. Is your list of politicians complete?
  16. What does "presumed deceased" mean?
  17. What does "burial location unknown" mean?
  18. Do you accept suggestions of politicians to add to the database?
  19. Who cares about this stuff, anyway?
  20. How are you alphabetizing the index?
  21. May I put a link to The Political Graveyard on my own page?
  22. Do you have any advice for researching cemeteries?
  23. Do you have any advice for researching political figures?
  24. Who's in charge of and paying for this project?
  25. Who did the Political Graveyard logo?
  26. Who else helped out?

How and why did this site come to be? Many years ago, browsing in the biography section of the MSU Library, I came across an edition of the Biographical Directory of the American Congress (most recently retitled Biographical Directory of the United States Congress), which gives a little squib on everyone who had ever served in the U.S. House or Senate, as Vice President, or in the Continental Congress. I was intrigued to see that the specific place of burial was given for just about every deceased member. A few minutes' work revealed that eleven of Michigan's U.S. Senators were buried in Detroit's Elmwood Cemetery. The directory was a fabulous treasure trove of information about historic cemeteries in all parts of the country, across every period of U.S. history; I wished there was some way to organize the data by place of burial.

I didn't have the time or resources to do much with it back then, but in recent years, with help from Intranet and from Paul Haas, I've been able to convert this information into a Web resource.

But the idea for the site didn't just spring into being fully formed. It evolved from what is now my historic cemetery links page. It happened partly because I'm a database guy, and my first instinct when faced with any problem is to create a database. I also hoped to promote appreciation and preservation of historic cemeteries. The project is also a serendipitous overlap of many of my interests: in architecture, in politics, in history, in geographic variation, in place names, in personal names, and of course in cemeteries.

Why are cemeteries interesting? Cemeteries have always fascinated me, and I don't think of this as being at all morbid. A cemetery is an open-air reference library, a statuary park, a gallery of architectural styles, a carefully constructed model landscape, a repository of community memory, a complex cultural artifact. Cemeteries may change or even be uprooted, but usually they are much more stable than their surroundings, and hence can serve as a window on the past. Every cemetery or graveyard is different; those differences reflecting varieties of landscape, soil and water conditions, ethnicity, history, politics, economics, transportation, climate, attitudes toward death, and attitudes toward nature.

Why don't you think this is morbid? All history and all understanding and appreciation of the past and its lessons necessarily involves discussing the lives of people who are no longer living. We're so accustomed in this culture to the upbeat happy ending that we almost forget how every human biography really ends.

People who call the web site "morbid" are probably imagining that I am "into" death or that I see death in a weirdly positive light. That is the opposite of the truth. To me, every death, regardless how inevitable, is a loss to the world — a loss of love, a loss of experience, a loss of a witness to history.

Why did you build a web site about cemeteries?

I was very concerned about the physical neglect of historic cemeteries. Two of the nation's most important historic graveyards, Congressional Cemetery in Washington, and Laurel Hill Cemetery in Philadelphia, had been abandoned to weeds and vandals; statuary was smashed, headstones knocked down and broken, mausoleums covered with spray-painted grafitti. I saw the beginnings of the same kind of neglect in local cemeteries, driven by cost-cutting, forgetfulness, and apathy. In cemeteries, neglect "gives permission" for vandalism. A lot of history was being lost.

What was needed, I thought, was to inspire public recognition and appreciation for historic resources, such as cemeteries, which exist in every community. Like politics, all historic preservation is local.

Being a political person, my own focus was on political history. And I remembered the strange discovery I had made many years earlier: the biographical directory of Congress, published from time to time since the early 20th century, lists the cemetery of burial for nearly every deceased member, even the most obscure one-termer.

I pictured someone — maybe one of my grad school classmates — putting together a public tour of a neglected historic cemetery, who might not realize that a U.S. Senator was buried there under a modest marker. Famous people, even politicians, often die forgotten or in obscurity. So here was a way to help: I could easily put together a database from the biographical directory, make a modest web site out of it, and indirectly promote some appreciation for the historic value of a local cemetery needing attention. It could be a resource site for preservationists.

In order to list where politicians were buried, first I needed a list of politicians. And in order to show their historic significance, I had to give details of their careers and offices held. And the more information I had, the more opportunities arose for cross-reference links, to take full advantage of the hypertext format. Before long, The Political Graveyard became the Internet's most comprehensive free biographical database of U.S. politicians.

Does a cemetery need politicians to be considered 'historic'? Of course not. And some burial sites are historically important even though the names of all the people interred there have been forgotten in time. What this database focuses on is a specific subcategory of historic cemeteries: the ones where members of the local elites were buried. The number of political figures in a cemetery is a rough and imperfect, but still valuable, measure of that cemetery's elite status.

Oftentimes, old elite cemeteries are the most interesting to visit. Given the power and resources of those who organized and maintained the burial ground over the years, you'll find the best materials, the gaudiest ornament, the most extensive and successful landscape design, the fanciest mausoleums. Usually, it's all relatively well preserved; when it's not, an important historic and community resource is being lost to neglect and vandalism.

Moreover, a cemetery may be significant specifically because of the importance of one or more of those buried there. I realize that most of the 217,078 people in the database (members of Congress, governors, diplomats, state senators, etc.) are obscure nobodies from today's perspective, but there are some whose grave sites might well be of interest simply because of who they were and what they did. Horace Greeley. Daniel Webster. John C. Calhoun. Aaron Burr. Sam Houston. And a good many others.

What is a "political graveyard"? The term "the political graveyard" has been in common use in the U.S. and Britain, apparently for decades. The earliest reference was in an 1872 speech, which is quoted at the bottom of every page on the site.

The term "the political graveyard" has been in common use in the U.S. and Britain, apparently for decades. The earliest reference was in an 1872 speech, which is quoted at the bottom of every page on the site.

It refers, collectively, to those ambitious candidates or ideas which didn't make it. For example: "the political graveyard is full of candidates who thought money could buy them victory," or "those two Senate bills are destined for the political graveyard." Secondarily, positions or institutions associated with political doom are often called political graveyards. For example: "that committee is a political graveyard for energy legislation," or "nobody has been able to use the city council as a stepping-stone to higher office; it's a political graveyard."

Where this term originated is less clear. I would welcome any insights anyone has to offer. The following is my best guess based on what I currently know:

It was a tradition, during campaign season in Louisiana and Florida, for partisans to set up pseudo-cemeteries in conspicuous locations, with cardboard gravestones announcing the impending defeat of the other side's candidates or issues. These displays were called political graveyards.

Does this still happen in Louisiana and Florida? Or anywhere else for that matter? Send me mail ( if you know more about this.

I already had a pretty clear sense of where I was headed with this project before I somehow hit on the idea of calling it The Political Graveyard.

Would you say the only good politician is a dead politician? By no means. I'm a small time politician myself, twice elected to my current job as county clerk and register of deeds. If anything, I think that a low regard for politicians only leads to worse leaders and bad outcomes. Political leaders are human beings and will naturally live up — or down — to our expectations of them.

What about politicians in Canada, or other countries? I did want to include Canadian figures, and I still hope to some day. I have even gathered some Canadian material, and others have offered their research. Unfortunately, there are a few problems which block progress on this.

Why don't you include county sheriffs, city treasurers, and other local figures? One of the less heralded glories of the American political system is the breadth of direct participation in elective politics. Other countries may have much higher voter turnouts than we do, as a percentage of the population, but I seriously doubt that any country in the history of the planet has ever had as many candidates and officeholders as we do. Counting federal, state, county, city, town, village, school district, and all the rest, there are an estimated half a million elected positions in this country. Here in Ann Arbor, Michigan, my personal vote helps fill nearly a hundred elected positions, including legislators, judges, university trustees, the school board, the library board, and on and on.

From a civics-textbook standpoint, this plethora is not necessarily a good thing. The multiplication of elective offices splinters accountability, leaving the voters with no one to blame for problems. Holders of important but little-understood positions, such as judgeships, may get endlessly re-elected on the strength of a familiar name despite poor performance. Voters have limited time and attention to devote to politics, and a bedsheet ballot covered in fine print wastes their patience and can frustrate the expression of political will.

I readily admit the policy implications; I have even raised these in my own campaigns for office. New Jersey surely did the right thing in 1947 by making the governor the only statewide elected official. But I also cherish the abundant and decentralized political history that this tradition of electing so many of our officials has generated, a history to which I have contributed in my small way, as a candidate and officeholder.

All that being said, I as one person cannot possibly document more than the tiniest fraction of that teeming mass of history. I do have to draw the line somewhere, and hence limit The Political Graveyard primarily to those who have participated in politics at the state and federal levels. Among local officials, all that I have chosen to include are mayors (or other chief elected official) of cities above a certain size.

How do you create and maintain the site? I maintain the database offline. I have written programs to generate the web pages from the database. Periodically, I re-run all the web pages, and replace the whole web site with a new version. The date of last revision appears in the footer at the bottom of every page.

The database itself is in MS-DOS; I use an old package called FoxPro, which itself is a knockoff of dBaseIII. I have more than two dozen different .DBF files, one for people, one for places, one for offices, one for cemeteries, etc., etc., all accessible through a data entry program I use to edit the data. I wrote the programming for the data entry screens and all the web page generaating programs, using the dBase/FoxPro programming language, which resembles Pascal. All told, I have more than 50,000 lines of code in this project.

(And no, I really don't have time or inclination to try to convert all this to a "more modern" format, as my computer-geek friends are constantly urging.)

How do you decide whether to combine 'political families'? The program does it for me. Each "family" is just the cluster of linked individuals, following all politician-to-politician links as far as they go. The program even assigns the family names and states of greatest activity. It works pretty well, if I say so myself.

The more critical question is the standard for coding a relation link between two political figures. Most everyone with American ancestors is related to some president at the tenth or twelfth cousin level — such a link would be nearly meaningless.

After studying the problem for a while, I came up with a rule for cousinships based on the idea of a minimum of 1/1000 common ancestry: first cousins are included up to seven times removed, second cousins up to five times removed, third cousins up to three times removed, and fourth cousins up to once removed. Fifth and more distant cousinships are not included (though there are still some in the database which predate this rule).

The 1/1000 (or really 1/1024) rule could also apply to direct ancestors: the 10th generation would be included, but not the 11th. But at this writing, the most remote ancestor in the entire database (out of over 4300 relation links) is five generations: great-great-great-grandfather.

I don't have a specific rule for relatives by marriage, but most of these are relatively close anyway, such as uncle by marriage, first cousin by marriage, etc.

I have learned a lot about kinship by doing this project: I had never heard of a "half uncle" or "double first cousin" before, and I didn't really understand what it meant for a cousin to be "removed". Nor did I realize that such cousin-removed relations are necessarily symmetrical: if Jack is your fourth cousin once removed, then you are also his fourth cousin once removed.

Where did you get all this information? The main source is the Biographical Directory of the U.S. Congress (1989), but I have also obtained information from many other biographical compilations, from state legislative manuals, the Congressional Directory, newspaper obituaries, library vertical files, and the hundreds of genealogists and political historians who have shared their research with me. I will include a bibliography one of these days.

The Biographical Directory is now online at I have provided links to those biographical sketches for each person who has one.

With so much information coming from so many different sources, how to you verify its accuracy? Every bit of information that comes into my collection is identified as to source and rated either "tentatively confirmed" (e.g., directly from an authoritative source such as a government or cemetery record) or "unconfirmed" (just about anything else). Unconfirmed information includes, for example, information in the Congressional biography about offices other than Congress, because the dates are so often wrong. When there is doubt in my mind about something, I flag it for high-priority checking and confirmation. Of course the goal is to confirm everything — eventually.

I maintain a healthy skepticism toward all historical sources. Anything which is written or printed — or even carved in stone — may contain errors. I have seen the granite tombstone of a U.S. Secretary of the Treasury which has the wrong year of birth carved on it.

Therefore it is inescapable that the web site contains errors. It is a big collection, and there's no such thing as a big perfect jewel. I do constantly invite correction, and at least in theory, any error or wrong information is eventually going to be noticed and pointed out by someone. With traffic to the site running at about 30,000 file hits per day, the chances of an error being caught and reported to me is actually pretty significant, depending on the type of error.

What all this means is that the users of the site are taking part in its development. You and I are, in effect, working together to make it more complete and accurate. But that depends on you taking the time to let me know when you notice an inaccuracy.

Why do you include living persons in a Graveyard? I didn't think the lists of officeholders would be very useful if I omitted all the ones I didn't know for certain were deceased. Those born since 1901 who are not known to be dead are listed as "still living". I ask their indulgence.

Is your list of politicians complete? Complete? I'm afraid it is barely started!

I currently have online at least the name of everyone who served in the Presidency and Vice-Presidency, the Cabinet, the U.S. Congress, the U.S. Supreme Court, and as Governor of any state, up to about 1994. I also have almost all major U.S. diplomats, all of the members of the Confederate Congress, and many (but far from all) holders of major state positions like Attorney General and State Treasurer. The relative handful of people I have listed for other offices (state posts and mayoralties) are mostly people who also served in the positions just mentioned. I am working on expanding the number of state officials, mayors and delegates to national conventions who are listed.

What does "presumed deceased" mean? First of all, if you (or someone you know is alive) has this notation, please accept my humble apologies for the error! I would like to correct it — please let me know, either via email at, or by postal mail to Lawrence Kestenbaum, P.O. Box 2563, Ann Arbor, MI 48106.

The problem: in thousands of cases, I don't have any idea whether a person listed in my database and web site is living or dead. Sometimes, I have the year of birth, so I know how old they would be if they were living today; more often, I can only estimate the year of birth from their political activity. I have some year when I know for sure they were still living — often this is decades ago. And from their name, I have a pretty good idea about gender.

Statistically, with this information — specifically, age, sex, and years since last heard from — I can estimate the chances that the person is still living today, or to be more precise, as of their birthday this year. The National Center for Health Statistics publishes actuarial data (euphemistically called "life tables") which can be used to calculate the chances that a person with a given year of birth, who was last heard from as of a certain year, is still living now.

Of those whose death date or status is unknown, I consider them to be dead if they would be 110 years old or older as of this year's birthday (the life tables only go to age 110). Those younger than age 110, who have a nonzero but less than 5% chance of being alive this year, based on the life tables, are listed with the notation "presumed deceased". If the life tables show a 5% or greater chance that they are still alive, the notation is "still living as of 19XX" (the last year I have any record of them being alive).

For example, a woman born in 1902 who was definitely alive in in 1980 has a 2.54% chance of being alive this year (2003). If she was heard from in 1990, she has a 5.18% chance of being alive now. And if she was alive in 2000, she has a 70.37% chance of being alive as of her birthday this year.

If the year of birth is unknown, it gets a bit more complicated. By default, the estimated year of birth is 40 years before the person's first known political activity. Based on my data, that is the most likely number — but statistically it stands for a range of possibilities, that the person could have been born up to 40 years earlier, or up to 20 years later (i.e., he or she could have been any age from 20 to 80). The probabilities assigned to each of those years are based on my data for political figures with known years of birth.

For example, among people whose first and last activity on record was in 1950, a man who was known to be born in 1910 would have a 5.39% chance of being alive this year. If his year of birth was estimated as 1910 (i.e., he was born some time between 1870 and 1930), he would have a 10.76% probability of being alive today, based on the sum of the probabilities for each of those 61 possible years of birth.

Obviously in real life, each individual is either living or dead, and the percentage is meaningless. Real information is obviously preferable to statistical estimates. But every biographical compilation has to cope with this problem, and this approach is considerably less crude than most. It may look like a lot of trouble, but like most things in The Political Graveyard, it happens automatically because I wrote it into the programming.

What does "burial location unknown" mean? It doesn't necessarily mean that nobody in the world knows. All it means is that I don't have that information in my database. Since the number of politicians in my database has grown faster than the number for whom I have detailed information, there are — inevitably — a lot of entries with "burial location unknown."

If you happen to know the burial location for one of these, do send me mail! Specify the name and location of the cemetery, what your sources are, and whether or not you want your name to appear in the acknowledgements (below). Include basic biographical details if available, such as dates and locations of birth and death — or use the biographical checklist. And please be patient, because (due to the volume) it sometimes takes a long time for me to answer mail.

Do you accept suggestions of politicians to add to the database? Definitely! I do ask that people submitting names take the time to look over my biographical checklist and submission guidelines and include as many of these items as you have available. Please double-check to make sure you have dates right and everything spelled correctly. Send your information to me at or mail it to Lawrence Kestenbaum, P.O. Box 2563, Ann Arbor MI 48106. And please be patient — sometimes it takes me a while to catch up with all of my email.

Who cares about this stuff, anyway? I expected this data to be of the greatest interest to political history buffs, cemetery tourists and cemetery history researchers. The outpouring of interest by genealogists took me by surprise.

How are you alphabetizing the index? In general, I strive to make the site look and work more like a printed book than a crude computer printout. Accordingly, names like "St. Clair" are alphabetized as if the word "Saint" was spelled out. Embedded spaces in surnames are ignored, so variant names like "Van Dyke," "VanDyke," and "Vandyke" are all indexed together. Names beginning with Mc or Mac are not treated in any special way.

May I put a link to The Political Graveyard on my own page? Please do!

Do you have any advice for researching cemeteries? Probably the best place to do research on a specific cemetery, or those buried there, is at the cemetery's own office, since most organized cemeteries have a lot of records. If there isn't an office located at the cemetery grounds, it may be elsewhere, for example, at the house of the Secretary of the Board of Directors (if it's owned by a nonprofit cemetery corporation, say), at the church diocesean or regional office, or in a local government office. Note that cemeteries do change owners (and names!): a church cemetery may have become a township cemetery; a nonprofit cemetery could have been bought by a funeral business. Older records could well have ended up in a local or state library or archives.

Unfortunately, cemetery records of a hundred or more years ago may list only the names of the lot owners, not the individual burials, so don't get too excited until you have a chance to examine them.

Many local genealogical societies have transcribed the inscriptions on cemetery monuments; these can be found in local libraries. These lists are valuable because they preserve information when monuments later became illegible or were lost altogether. However, such transcriptions are not a complete list of those buried in a cemetery: there are always a lot of unmarked graves. And remember that anything written or printed (or carved in stone) can contain errors. Each time the information is copied by hand creates another opening for mistakes to creep in.

Beyond that, for the history of the cemetery itself, I'd suggest looking at old U.S. Geological Survey maps and aerial photos, Sanborn insurance maps, deeds and land records (most often available at the county courthouse). The state may also have interesting records of the original incorporation and annual reports. It can also be useful to inquire with long established funeral homes and monument companies.

Do you have any advice for researching politicians? For federal political figures, including members of Congress, judges, cabinet members, diplomats, signers of the Declaration of Independence, there are usually one or more biographical sources available through any significant research library. There are also at least two compilations of biographical sketches on governors. General sources such as Who's Who can also be useful.

Almost every state has some kind of biographical compilation of its major elected officials, including members of the state legislature. Ask at the reference desk of the state library, or at the state historical society. Don't forget to check microfilmed newspapers around the date of death for obituaries. It is also typical for state legislatures to pass memorial resolutions to observe the death of a former member, and these can contain valuable information.

If you have the time to research a specific figure in depth, the question you should ask the librarians is: "Where are his (or her) papers?" When a prominent public figure dies, all of the accumulated correspondence files and so on from a lifetime are often donated to a library or archives for access by historians. If you go, you may be overwhelmed by the sheer volume of material.

Who's in charge of and paying for this project? I am solely responsible for all of my web pages. Both my original (Intranet) and current (Paul Haas) hosts provided accounts to me to support my web projects, and I have created all my pages based on my own hobbies and interests. Though I myself am a political activist and county commissioner with strong views on many issues, I have tried to keep The Political Graveyard as nonpartisan (or at least impartial) as possible.

Who did the Political Graveyard logo? The artwork was done by Kate Darnell (Darnell Calligraphy and Illustration, East Lansing MI, phone 517 332 6733).

Who else helped out? The Political Graveyard would be vastly poorer without the dedicated work of the volunteer Research Associates and Advisory Committee: Louis Epstein, Davy Jones, Gaynell Kind, Gary Krause David Lotz, Jim Ford, and Jill M. Myers.

I also received invaluable support, encouragement and assistance on this project from: Robert B. Abbbott, Fred H. Abbott, John Abbott, Stephen Abbott, Matthew Abel, Bill Abrams, Terry C. Abrams, Jennifer J. Accavatti, Wyn Achenbaum, Carol Ackerman, Carolyn Adams, Christine Adams, Danny Adams, John Philip Adams, John R. Adams, Sr., John T. Adams, Judi Adams, Robert Adams, Robert Adams, Thomas Adams, Rosanne Adams-Junkins, Tim Adamsky, Beverly Foiw Addenbrooke, Doug Adkins, Truman Adkins, Mary Lou Adkisson, V. Harry Adrounie, John Agan, Bernard Agent, Greg Agnew, Fred Agree, Paul Ahee, Dennis Ahern, Jon Aho, Robert Aikin, John Aimers, Fred Ainslie, Flavia Alaya, Connie Albers, Lance Albers, Dennis Albert, John Albrecht, Evan J. Albright, Tom Alciere, Cliff Alderman, Jan Alderson, Victor E. Aldridge III, Eben Alexander, Jr., Gayl Alexander, Hooper 'Lex' Alexander, Janice Harrelson Alexander, Robert Alexander, Sandy Alexander, Virginia Alexander, Donald Alguire, Jane Allaby, Felecia B. 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Baron, Jay Barr, Bruno A. Barreiro, Lynne M. Barrelle, Ricardo Barrera, Bill Barrett, Deborah C. Barrett, Greta Barrett, Lisa Ashworth Barrett, Terry Barrett, Catherine Barrier, Meghan Barrow, Jamee Ewing Bartek, John Bartlett, Kathy Bartlett, Raymond V. Bartlett, Ruth Barton, Graham Bass, Horace Bass, Jeffrey Bassett, Stephen Bateman, Connie Bates, Cyndy Bates, David L. Bates, Marilyn Stough Bauer, Stephen B. Bauer, Judy Baugh, Otis L. Baughman III, Gene Baumann, Fred G. Baur, Greg Baxter, Alex Bay, Richard Beach, Lee Ann Beachell, Joey Beachum, Andrew Beal, H. L. Beam III, Tracy Beamish, Nathalie R. Bean, Scott Bean, Mike Beard, David Bearr, Sara Bearss, Pam Beasley, Thomas R. Beatty, Tom Beaty, Réjean Beaudoin, Paul Beaulieu, Jack R. Beaver, Lisa Becerra, Bonnie M. Beck, Darnell Marie Brunner Beck, Gregory Beck, Charles Zeller Becker, Margaret Lowery Becker, Ralph Becker, Michael Beechem, Andrew Beeson, Michele Behan, Margaret Behel, Aphra Behn, Lawrence Behr, D. Beiler, Fred Beisser, Michael Belgie, David Bell, Gary Wm. Bell, Jim Bell, Stephanie Bell, Tony Bell, Phil Bellfy, Kathryn Bellman, Spencer L. BeMent, Michele Bemis, David Benedetto, Brooks Benefiel, Mark Benerofe, Eileen Beneze, Dave Benham, Joseph Benjamin, Ann Bennett, John J. Bennett, Jr., Richard Bennett, Kathey Benoit, Callie Bensel, Carol Benson, Chris Benson, Daryl Benson, Jim Benson, Gordon B. Bent, Carol Bentley, Mike Berger, Art Bergeron, Carl Robert Berghult, Kathy Bergold, Mark Bergold, Lois Berkowitz, Susan Berkson, G. Berlin, Mila Eby Bernethy, Brett W. Berry, Brian Berry, Lawrence R. Berry, Sarah Berry, Skip Berryhill, Cheryl Berthelsen, Robert Betz, John Beutler, Bill Beuttel, Stu Bevis, Jason Bezis, Kerri E. Bianchi, Randy Bibb, Kenneth C. Bice, John Biddlecome, Carl Bierce, Scott Billigmeier, John G. Billings, John Binder, Perk Bingham, Zvia Bird, Nancy Birkrem, Maurice Bishea, Terry Bishirjian, Ethan Bishop, Jerry Bishop, Christopher Bivins, Deven Black, Jeffrey Black, Glenn McMillan Blackwelder, Pat Scheu Blackwell, Shawn Blair, Ann Blais, William L. Blais, Steve Blakely, Bob Blakeslee, Jason & Stacy Bland, Gail Blankenau, Tara Blankinship, Karen Bergman Blanton, Stephen B. Blatz, Kimberly A. Bleckley, Bruce Bledsaw, Audrey Blevins, Ernest Everett Blevins, Greer B. Blitch, Janet Blitch, Steve Blixt, Anna Blodgett, Donald Blodgett, Carol Ann Blooding, John M. Blow, Jane Conant Blue, Don Blumenthal, Bill Blythe, David B. Board, Dawn Bocanegra, Kay Bodeen, Jan Bodenheimer, Nat Bodian, Donald Bodwell, Jennifer Boettcher, Tom Bogdan, D. K. Bognar, Donna Bogs, Neva Kathleen (Case) Bohl, Matthew Bohn, James J. Bohning, Nancy Bole, Sandy Bolick, Mary K. Bolin, Carol Y. Boling, Jeannie Boling, Norm Bollen, Marita S. Bolson, Robert D. Bolson, Jr., Daniel D. Bonar, Alan Bond, Elisabeth Bond, Rod Bondy, Michael Bonello, Donald Edward Bonin, Evelyn Davoren Bon_Tempo, Jeffrey Boord-Dill, Linda Boorom, Lauren M. Borahan, Betty Brownson Bordenave, Rory Borealis, Jim Borkowski, Mark A. Boron, Brian Borrello, Stephen Borrello, George Boscoe, Richard Bosler, Jacob Bossman, D. Bostick, Paul W. F. Bothwell, Raymond C. Botkin, David Botts, Richard Boudreau, Bob Boudrie, Ryan Boughner, Erin Bourgeois, Linda Bourgeois, Jessica Bourque, Kristen Bovill, Heather W. Bowers, Vera L. Bowie, Connie A. Bowling, Dean Boyce, Becky Boyd, Scott Boyd, Tom Boyd, Melissa Boyen, James G. Boyer, Joanne G. Boyle, Virginia Boyle, Mark Braaten, Ralph Brace, D. W. Brack, Berry Brackett, Charmain Zimmerman Brackett, Peter Bradish, Keith W. Bradley, Jean Paul Bradshaw, Judith Bradshaw, Larry L. Bradshaw, Charlie Brady, Christine Brady, Reginald Bragonier, Ann Dignan Braidwood, Jason O. Braiman, Robert Brandenburg, Mark S. Brandt, Edward J. Branley, G. Brannan, Diane Agerton Branson, Judy Wight Branson, Raymond P. Branstiter, Steve Branting, Bil Brasington, Barbara Braswell, Vincent Brattin, Gwen Bray, James B. Breckinridge, Francine Streeter Bremer, Helen Bremmer, Diane E. Brenner, Angie Bresina, Debbie Breton, Gary Breuilly, D. L. Brewer, Ralph Bride, Peter Bridges, Bob Briggs, David Brigham, Matt Brignall, B. Brill, Nancy Blankenship Brinly, B. Brist, Dani Daniel Brister, David M. Brittain, Marian Broadhurst, Owen R. Broadhurst, Donna Brock, Eric J. Brock, Greg Brock, Martha Brock, R. W. Brock, Teresa O'Bannon Brod, Donald Broderick, Donna F. Brokken, Karen Brookey, Sheila C. Brookins, Anthony T. P. Brooks, L. Brooks, Larry Brooks, Sherwood T. Brooks, Sue Brooks, John S. Broom, Ron Broome, Hazel K. Brophy, Elly Brosius, Seth Stuart Brostoff, David Brostuen, Erling Brostuen, John K. Brostuen III, Kendall Brostuen, Barbara Jo Brothers, James C. Brotherton, Bob Brown, Bob Brown, Boyd Brown, Carol Stone Brown, Connie Brown, Craig Brown, Craig Brown, Debra Wroe Brown, Harlene Soper Brown, Heather Brown, John Brown, Kaori Brown, Kathy Brown, Kevin A. Brown, LaVerne Karsten Brown, Leonard Brown, Neale Brown, Ron Brown, Stephen R. Brown, Valerie Brown, Wanda Brown, Wendy Brown, Bob Browne, Pamela Wolfe Browne, Elaine Browning, Mary E. Browning, Alan C. Brownsten, Duane Broyles, Doris Brozak, Russell Bruce, Michael Bruck, Ed Bruening, Brigitte Bruggema, Charlie Bruggemann, Peter R. Brunette, Quigley Bruning, Elizabeth Sachter Brunski, David Bryan, Linda Bryan, Rachel Bryan, Carol Bryant, Don Bryant, Eric Bryant, Frank R. Bryant, Jeffrey W. Bryant, Karen Bauer Bryant, Robert Bryant, Suzanne York Bryant, Tim Bryant, William Bryk, Maribeth Buce, R. Buchan, James M. Buchanan, Janice Buchanan, Scott E. Buchanan, Mary Buchholz, Arianna Buchinger, Gordon S. Buck, Dianne Buckerfield, James W. Buckley, Patrick J. Buckley, Bern Budd, Christine Buerkle, David L. Buffum, Rivers H. Buford III, Dayton Buhs, Dan Bulger, Doug Bull, Jack Bullard, John Bullock, Kerry Bulow, Sandy Bumpus, Richard Blalock Bunten, Christopher E. Buonanno, John J. Burchenal II, Mike Burd, Donna D. Burdick, Nikki Burdick, Gene A. Burger, Dennis Burgess, Siusaidh Burgess-Hoffman, John H. Burgher, Laurie Burk, Allan Burke, Joseph F. Burke, Nicholas C. Burke, Sue Harper Burke, Vi Burkhard, Clair E. Burleson, Craig Burleson, Robert Burlingame, J. Burlison, Michael A. Burlison, Anne Axton Burnett, Nathan C. Burnett, Ada Burns, Robert M. Burns, Stephanie Burns, John Burr, Peter H. Burr, Dolores Burris, Tom Burrowes, John E. Burrows, Brian Burt, Lloyd Burton, Michael Romney Busath, Vern Busby, Lori Bushman, Steve Bushnell, Lucille Busse, Richard F. Bussell, Donald Buswell, Robert Butera, Cheye Ann Butler, Gordon H. Butler, Jr., Tommy Butler, William McGregor Butler, John Butrovich, Dan Butterfield, Patrick Butters, Jeff Butts, Joelle Buzby, Pamela Byard, Russ Byer, Heather Byers, Mason Lewis Byrne, Barbara R. Cackoski, Rodolfo Caesar, William Cahalan, Randall E. Cain, Tammy Caine, Bob Stewart Cairns, Laura Calfee, Debra Callahan, Ed Callahan, Terry Callen, Marian Callison, Myles Callum, Kate Calvert, Ross Cameron, John Taylor Camm, Diana Blomberg Camp, Walter T. Camp, Adam Campbell, Carolyn Clark Campbell, Cathi Bulone Campbell, Chris Campbell, Dwight D. Campbell, E. M. Campbell, Elizabeth A. Campbell, Greg Campbell, Henry M. Campbell IV, James K. Campbell, Scott C. Campbell, Donald O. Campen, Jr., Bill Campenni, Anthony Camponelli, Michael C. Canaday, Tim Candelaria, Bill Canfield, Anthony J. Canney, Jr., Philip A. Cannon, Sallie Cannon, Tony Cannon, Michael Cantine, Patrick S. Cappabianca, Dan Capriotto, Michalene Cardella, Charles R. Carder IV, Clifton D. Cardin, David R. Carlin, Jr., Ed Carlsen, Charlie C. Carlson, Leslie Carlson, Mary Walsh Carlson, Richard Carlson, Wayne Carlson, Jeffrey Carmean, Angela Carney, Bill Carney, Thomas Carney, Sam Carnley, JoAnn Carothers, Cal Carpenter, Daniel P. Carpenter, Aundrea S. Carpenter-Colvin, Mark E. Carpentier, B. Carr, Gary L. Carr, George W. Carr, Jan Carr, Jeff Carr, Jim Carr, Pete Carr, Tim Carr, William Carr, Beverly Carrigan, Bill Carroll, Charles Carroll, James H. Carroll, Jeff Carroll, John Carroll, Michael Carroll, Jerry Carroon, Barbara Clarke Carson, Albert Carter, Christopher Carter, Dorothy Carter, Douglas R. Carter, Emily Carter, Kristin Carter, Mary Frances Carter, Ruth Carter, Will Carter, Charles E. Cartier, Brian L. Cartwright, Robert P. Carver, Andrew J. L. Cary, John H. Case, Barry Casebere, Bud Casey, Terrence F. Cashman, Eleanor Cassagrand, Frances H. Cassetevens, Al Castle, Gary Casto, Walter A. Castor, Alice Davis Cates, Joseph Patrick Tumulty Caulfield, Jeff Cavanagh, Sue Schuster Cave, Mary Caverly, John Cawley, Robert E. Caylor, Marianne Caywood, John A. Celentino, Sharon Centanne, Robert A. Cerasoli, Richard Chafee, Don Chafin, Mark Chamberlain, Anita Chambers, Carol Chambers, Frances Chan, Lourine Halcomb Chandler, Richard Chandler, Ellen L. Chapman, Carol S. Chappelle, Art Charlton, Dave Chase, James Chase, David Cheesman, Nelson W. Cheney III, Sharon Cheney, John S. Cherivtch, Adam Cherry, David Cheslock, Lawrence Chestnut, John Chiarella, Mark Chidichimo, Stacy Childress, Travis Childs, Edward Chilton, Mark Chilton, J. J. Chiment, Susan Bartlett Chomeau, Stephanie Page Chong, Lindsay Christensen, Brian Christeson, Mark Christian, Thomas Christian, Peter C. Christianson, Marietta Christie, David Christopher, John A. Christy, Eugene Church, Lucinda J. Churchill, Gabrielle Cianfrani, Susan Ciconte, Chaz Cirame, Thalia L. Cisar, Alan Clack, Liz Claire, Raymond Clapper, Ken Clardy, Richard Clare, Cherie Atkinson Clark, David Clark, Eldon Royce Clark, Gregg S. Clark, K. P. Clark, Kevin Clark, Richard S. Clark, Robert Clark, Sherrie Murray Clark, Walter Clark, Alicia Clarke, Ann Armor Clarke, Richard Clarke, Stanley R. Clarke, Michael Claudius, Nathan J. Clausen, Steve Clawson, Jim Clay, Chris Cleary, Peter Clement, Paul Rowland Clements, Tom Cleveland, Debra Clifford, Dev Clifford, James Clifton, Donna M. Cline, Robert Cline, Robert Clingan, Cathy Clinton, Raymond G. Closs, Debra Cloud, Tina Simpkins Cloud, Roy Cloughen, Penelope D. Clute, Lisa Coad, Sylvia M. Coast, Gary Coates, Gloria Kannenberg Coates, Mary A. Cobb, Robert Cobb, Frank J. Cody, M. L. Cody, Dane Coefer, Susan Coerr, Paul Coffelt, Dana Davies Coffin, Tom Coffman, Andrew W. Cohen, David Cohen, Josh Cohen, Loretta Cohen, Mary Coker, John Patrick Colatch, Cathleen Colbert, Dave Cole, Dick H. Cole, John D. Cole, Cindy Martin Coleman, Cris Coleman, Patrick L. Coleman, Bridgett Watson Colley, Anne Collier, Beverly Collier, John Collins, Pat Collins, Patricia A. Collins, Robert M. Collins, Ron Collins, Steven Collins, Tom Collins, Karla Collinsworth, Chris Collman, John Colm, Connie Conadieu, Juliette Conaghan, Kathryn Bailey Conant, Erik P. Conard, Al L. Cone, Cindy Birk Conley, Daniel Conlin, Amanda Connell, Don Connelly, Sean Connelly, Albert Z. Conner, Richard L. Conner, Susan Conners, Peter H. Connor, Marcia Connors, Tom Connors, William E. Connors, Dave Conole, Gerrett H. A. Conover, Guy N. Conrad, Kyle D. Conrad, James F. Conrow, Jr., David Conroyd, John Constantine, Mario T. Constantino, Steve Constantino, Jerry Conti, P. M. Conville, Henry Conway, Jr., J. B. Conway, John Conway, Thomas Cooch, Camille Foster Cook, Dave Cook, Ron J. Cook, Stephen Cook, Susan Cook, Susan Cook, Taye Cook, Peter Cooke, Liz Cooksey, Alf Cooley, Curt Cooley, Bill Coomer, Joanne Coontz, Edward Cooper, Grace Cooper, Helen Cooper, James Benny Cooper, James Ford Cooper, Kuulei K. Cooper, Laura Munson Cooper, Nikkie Cooper, Betty Jane Begley Coots, David Cope, Len Corbaley, Armando H. Corbelle, J. Knox Corbett, Tracy S. Corbett, Ivan G. Corbin, Kathy Corley, R. Cormier, Barry Cornell, Mary Frances Cornell, Virginia Stalbaum Cornue, Karen Coro, Gary Corrigan, Joe-Anne Corwin, Ken Coryell, Mildred C. Coryer, Bob Cosgrove, Cheryl Broadway Cossey, Judith Cotcher, John W. Cothern, Stella Cottrill, Michael Counahan, Mike Covey, Kent Cowan, Philip Cowen, Barbara Cox, Elizabeth M. Cox, Frank W. Cox, Harold Cox, James Cox, James H. Cox, John Cox, Louise Reid Cox, Sarah E. Cox, William Hatcher Cox, Stephen C. Coye, Tom Coyne, Betty Crabtree, Kathryn Crabtree, Debi Craig, John Alexander Craig, Sarah Craig, Kathleen Crain, Helen Cram, Terrence M. Cramer, Elizabeth Crampton, Jen Cranch, Chad Cranfill, Donald Craven, Joseph B. Craven, Jr., Gary D. Craver, Bill F. Crawford, Gary Crawford, Hugh J. Crawford, Joe Crawford, Judith G. Crawford, Patsy Crawford, Renee Crawford, George Creel, Mary Creighton, Thomas E. Crew, Cynthia Crigler, Raymond Crippen, James Crisp, Julie Crispin, Gene Crocker, Jim Crocker, Joe Crockett, Mary Cromer, Thomas Cromie, Charles B. Cronin, Emma Cronin, Jerry Cronin, Michael K. Cronin, Robert L. Crook, Sue Crookall, John W. Cross, Matt Cross, Diana Crossgrove, Evelyn Bell Crouch, Shauna J. Crouter, Benny Crow, John D. Cruise, George A. Crum, Alex Crutchfield, Tim Crutchfield, Michael J. Cuddy, Jr., Mary Anne Cuenca, Charles Culbertson, Dave Culbertson, Kevin R. Culhane, Mark Robidoux Culhane, Carol Cullen, Sandra L. Cullen, Richard Culler, Michael Cullinan, Beth Cullom, Constance E. Cumbey, Richard Cummings, Loretta Corkhill Cunetto, Dennis J. Cunniff, Don Cunningham, Kathe Cunningham, Susan Cunningham, M. Duncan Currey, J. Currie, Rita Curry-Pittman, Rob Curtin, Joanna Baxter Curtis, Kirk L. Curtis, Maureen Curtis, Judy Holbrook Curtiss, William M. Curtiss, Judy Allen Cwiklinski, Russ Cyphers, Michael V. D'Amico, Diane C. D'Andrea, Flora D'Arcy, E. Dabney, Jennifer M. Dafoe, Jean-Pierre Daigle, Charles Dailey, Milo Dailey, Elo Clayton Dale, Greg Dalferes, Erik Dalgarn, Maisa dalla_Valle, John A. Dalles, Rita Dalton, Elizabeth Daly, W. Page Dame, John Dana, John A. Danaher, John A. Danaher III, Martin Daneman, James R. Dangel, Jim Daniel, John Daniel, Kevin W. Daniel, Karen Daniell, Janis Turk Daniels, Mark Daniels, Rose Chandler Daniels, Wendy E. Daniels, Dave Dannemiller, Jeff Danner, Tony Dardeau, Angelo Darden, Larry & Janie Darling, Thomas B. Darr, Kendel Joy Darragh, Ellen Dart, Richard J. Daschbach, Phil Dascola, Frances Dashiell, Van Dashner, Joan Dater, Karen Dau, Rob Daugherty, Jim Daughton, Rod Dav4is, Emily Davenport, Tim Davenport, Dave Davidson, Greg Davidson, Patricia Davidson-Peters, Greggory E. Davies, Jack Davies, Adam Brooke Davis, Gene Davis, Justin Davis, Mac Davis, Mark Davis, Mark K. Davis, Martha Delano Davis, Michele Davis, Robert Davis, Roy W. Davis, Sharon Davis, Thomas Joseph Davis, Tom Davis, Tom 'Marty' Davis, Virginia Davis, Don F. Davison, D. C. F. Davisson, Marta Dawes, E. J. Dawson, Susan Dawson, Bill Day, Clifford Day, Mark Day, Michelle A. Day, Angela da_Silva, John G. Deal, Arnold L. Dean, James Dean, T. DeAngelis, Wayman Deasy, Joseph W. DeBolt, Peter Dedel, Leonard DeFrancisci, Aaron DeGrow, Lynn Deiner, Helen Gaynor Deines, Ellen M. deLalla, Jean E. DeLauche, Vicki DeLeo, Helen Della-Volpe, Peter O'B. Dellinger, Bob DeLong, Dale DeLozier, Osmer Sage Deming, Gail Demko, Pat Demme, Nancy Demyttenaere, Tom Denardo, Nick Denley, Diana C. Denman, Lee Denney, James Denning, Brian Densmore, Schuyler Denton, Herb Depke, Tom Derise, Kathleen DeSilvey, Christine Desmuke, Joe DeSpain, H. Desplanches, Cindy Deuel, Michael T. Devan, Tracy DeVault, Caroline Devereaux, Joe DeVincent, Julie DeVine-Peil, John Gerard Devlin, Mark DeWald, Pam DeWeese, Lee Gardner Dewey, Ian Dexter, Richard Dey, Lise Hartman de_Fouchier, Bill De_Francesco, Paul de_La_Bastide, Antonio de_la_Cova, Lindalouise White De_Mattei, Peggy Diaco, Charles L. Dibble, Edward Dibble, Lisé Dibert, Marc S. Dickerman, Joseph A. Dickerson, Steven J. Dickheiser, Lynnea Bullock Dickinson, Lea E. Dickson, Gary Dielman, William E. Diem, Raquel Digati, D. Diggs, David Dilgard, Clarence A. Dillman, Rick Dillman, Ray H. Diltz, Lee Dimin, Drake Dimitry, Christopher Dingell, Crystal Dingler, Sonny Dinkins, Margene Dionysiou, Rob Dishon, John H. Ditto, Mary Dixon, Hilary Doane, Mark W. Dobronski, Howard Richard Dobson, Sr., Peter Dodge, Russ Dodge, Rebecca Doersam, Nancy Doffin, Chris Dohany, David A. Doheny, Janet Doherty, Thomas E. Doherty, Jim Dolan, JoEllen Dolan, Donald C. Dolben, Matt Dole, Ted Dombroski, Stefan C. Dombrowski, Joe Domke, Jennifer Domoracki, George Donahue, Pam Donahue, Ted Donahue, Susan Donaldson, Patrick T. Donlan, James Donlon, William Donnell, Connie Haley Donohue, Elizabeth & Peggy Donovan, Jerome F. Donovan, John B. Donovan, Kevin Donovan, William J. Donovan, Sandra Waldrop Doolittle, Scott Doremus, Ian Dorion, Jim Dornberger, Morton Dorothy, Peter Dorr, Georgiana Dorris, Charlie Dorsett, David Dorsey, Nick Dosker, John P. Dosland, Sara-Jean Dostal, Rick Doty, Robert E. Doty, Rob Dougherty, Roberta L. Dougherty, Peter Doughty, Theresa M. Douglas, Keith Dover, Barbara McDowell Dowdall, Nancy Dowers, Mike Dowling, Jason Downes, Michele Downing, Karen J. Downs, Linda Downs, Ken Doyle, Erik Drake, Sharalyn Bridgeman Drake, Diana Dretske, L. Drewitz, Rose Ruediger Dreyfus, Tim Droogsma, Joanne Droppers, Ryland Gregg Duchardt, Charles W. Duckett, E. J. Dudash, Joan Duden, Tom Duescher, Ben Dugan, Kathryn Dugan, Debra Duiven, Jeremy Dukes, Sue Resnick Dulaney, Daniel G. Dunbar II, Donna Dunbar, Paul M. Duncan, Jill Duncanson, David Dunckel, David M. Dunckel, Peter B. Dunckel, Tyler F. Dunegan, Anita Tiffany Dunford, Dan Dunham, Elizabeth Dunham, Roger R. Dunifon, Bob Dunkle, J. C. Dunlap, Richard M. Dunlap, Patricia Dunn, Steve Dunn, Thomas Dunn, James W. Dunnan, Terry Dunst, Philip Dur, Peggy Durack, Chuck Durante, Alta Mitchem Durden, Richard Durham, Al Dussliere, John F. Dutcher, Jason L. Dutzy, Aggy & Charlie Duveen, Donald R. Dwight, Cliff Dyar III, Jeffrey D. Dyell, Randolph Dyer, W. R. Dyer, Patrick Dymond, Brian Eads, Richard R. Earl, Phil Earles, Peter F. Early, Catherine A. Ward Eason, John Eastman, Frank S. Easton, Todd Easton, William S. Easton, Kathleen Eaton, Randy Eaton, Kim Eazell, Pat Ebbers, Nancy Ebert, Joyce Echols, Letitia Echols, Madeleine Eckert, Nick Eddy, Roy Edelman, Bert Edens, Rufus L. Edmisten, Dennis Edmonds, Garry L. Edmondson, James Jackson Edmondson, Cathy Edwards, Jane Edwards, Linda Edwards, Luke Edwards, Lydia Justice Edwards, Tony Edwards, Brian T. Egan, P. Egan, Jon Egge, Fred Eggleston, Pam Ichord Ehlers, William Eichmann, Robert H. Einhaus, Alfred Elbrick, Alice Elder, Samuel A. Eliot, Karen Elkington, Rand Morris Eller, Geneva Ellington, Archie Elliott, Barbara Bullock Elliott, Bennetta Elliott, Beth Elliott, Jan D. Elliott, Paul M. Elliott, Sandra A. Elliott, Thomas Elliott, William D. Elliott, Alfred C. Ellis, Corey Ellis, Corley Ellis, H. V. Jack Ellis, Joanne Ellis, Kathleen Ellis, Jim Ellison, James Link Elmore, Mike Elmore, Patrick Elms, Greg Elson, Ken Elstein, Don Elthon, Henny Elze, Charles S. Emerson, Frank Emerson, Gary Emerson, Susanna Emmet, Will Emmons, Aaron Engebreth, Ron Engelhart, Reed L. Engle, Ron English, Paige Meredith Enke, Carole Ennis, Howard Erdman, David Erickson, H. Leathers Erwin, Fred Esham, Ralph Eshelman, Melissa Essex, Sean Esten, Ken Estes, Michael Estes, Roger M. Estill, D. Travis Ethington, Tiffany Eurich, Karen Woods Euritt, Craig Evans, Dan Evans, Jr., Deana Evans, Henrietta Evans, Jim Evans, Jim Evans, Margaret Evans, Mark D. Evans, Priscilla Evans, Rudy Evans, Beth Evanzo, André Everett, Anna Pegram Everett, William J. Everett, Linda M. Everhart, David P. Everitt, James Everly, Jeanne Evert, Jim Ewing, Russ Ewing, Sandra Gayle Ewing, Wallace K. Ewing, Arnold R. Ewings, Jr., Charles A. Fagan, Joan Fagan, Patty Fagan, Sean Fagan, Marla Fair, William M. Fairley, E. Vern Fales, Michael Fales, Margaret Fallaw, Margaret Pecar Fallone, Charles A. Faltz, Mary Wright Falvey, Greg Fandino, Jay Fannin, Mark Fanthorpe, Jonathan Porter Fantini, Jenn Fanz, Louis Farbstein, Judith Fardig, Marc Farinella, C. Blayre Farkas, John Farley, Robert Bacon Farley, Ronald W. Farley, W. Christopher Farley, Larry Farmer, Kathy Farnham, Doug Farnsley, David Prescott Farnum, Mary Farrar, Matt Farrauto, Joseph H. Farris, Wilmer Farst, Matthew Fatale, Tony Fatseas, Larry Faught, Winn Faulk, Barry Faulkner, Joseph Benjamin Faulkner, Mike Faulkner, Phil Fazzini, Sue Ellen Fealko, Jonathan L. Fechter, Nick Fedchenko, Mary Clare K. Fedor, William Feeney, Jason H. Fees, R. M. Fehr, George Fehrenbach, R. I. Feigenblatt, Laura Feist, Charles Feitner III, Charles Feitner, Jeffrey M. Felberbaum, Bruce & Ellen Feld, Joe Feldman, Jennifer L. Feldmann, Rob Feldmeier, Katie St. Clair Fellows, Steve Fenton, Hugh Hammond Fenwick, Steven B. Feren, Margaret Z. Ferguson, Ray L. Ferguson, Susan Ferguson, Elena Ferrer, Nanette Feuling, Thomas T. Fields, Jr., Terry Fike, Mimi Filer, Chester Files, Lynn Filipski, Linda Filon, Ruth S. Filstead, Lisa Finger, Richard Finkbiner, Mike Finley, Thomas F. Finley, Joe Finnerty, Thomas E. Finsterbush, James Fiorentini, Jessica Fish, Bart Fisher, Greg Fisher, Thomas J. Fisher, Val Fisher, Peter T. Fite, Carolyn Fitz-Gerald, John J. Fitzgerald, Shawne FitzGerald, Louise Fitzpatrick, Mark Fitzpatrick, Thomas R. Fitzsimmons, Cheryl Fitzsimons, Natalie Fix, Gerald Fjetland, N. David Flagg, Patrick M. Flanigan, John P. Flannery, Will & Vicki Flannery, Jason Flatt, Julia Fleeman, Matt Fleischer, Bart Fleming, J. Mailliard Fleming, Philip B. Fleming, Rick Flemming, Larry Flesher, Bill Fletcher, Clair T. Fletcher, Jean Fletcher, Keith Fletcher, Richard Boutell Fletcher, Samuel Ashe Flint, Mrs., Carl Floersheim, Charlene Flora, Dave Flower, Wanda Flowers, Shelby Floyd, John M. Flynn II, Mary Flynn, Kathryn J. Fogg, Brenda Fohlmeister, Donald R. Foley, Ellen Foley, Rory Foley, Stephen Weyand Folkers, Maida Barton Follini, John Fonner, Joseph P. Foran, Ken Forbes, M. D. Forbes, Cindy J. Ford, Jim Ford, Jimmie Nell Ford, Thomas H. Foregger, Evan H. Foreman, Eric Forman, Jack Forness, E. Forsaith, Nancy Forsyth, Allen B. Fort, Kevin Forth, Harlene L. Fortune, Don Foshey, Tom Fosseen, Jim Fossel, Albert G. Foster IV, John S. Foster, Kim Foster, Martha Foster, Jared L. Fowler, Jason Fowler, Ronald Fowler, Alan Fox, Christie Fox, Jackie Fox, John B. Fox, Laura Fox, Reuben Clark Fox, Sally Fox, Kevin Fraley, Joel Fram, Debora Francis, H. Minton Francis, Joan Sholl Francis, Albert Franco, Lorraine W. Frank, Jane F. Frankel, Linda Frankel, Kevin Franklin, Dorothy Franks, Suzanne Frantz, Christopher Franz, Todd Frary, Judy Fraser, Steven Frasher, Jorja Frasier, Barbara Frazier, Ann Frederking, Fielding Freed, Nancy J. Freehafer, Brett Freeman, Candy Freeman, Don Freeman, Gary Freeman, Jr., Jan Freeman, Marcus Freeman, Michael A. Freeman, Myra E. Freeman, Sandra Freeman, Philip R. Freimann, Lee R. Freitag, S. Lynne Fremont, Jeff French, Kenneth French, Noreen French, Guy Scott Freutel, Joseph L. Fribley, Marty Fried, Peter Friedman, Fred Frishe, Carl Craighead Fritsche, Bill Fritts, Janet F. Fritz, Dona Fowler Frnka, Jerry Frost, Rufus S. Frost III, Judy Fruin, Jeffrey R. Fryman, Sally Fuchs, Gary Gene Fuenfhausen, John Fuester, Marcy Fuller, Robert R. Fuller, Therese Fuller, Walter Fuller, Katharine Fulmor, Mark Funk, Steven Funston, Mark E. Furber, Deb Furino, Sean Furniss, Mary Lou Avery Furr, James Gafken, Asa K. Gage, Vivian Gale, Robert F. Galer, Jack Galezewski, Brian Gallagher, Meagan Galligan, Sam Gallinger, Mick Gallis, Philip Gallman, Anthony E. Gallo, Paul A. Galloway, John Galluzzo, Joe Galu, P. Galvin, Allen E. Gamble, Chris Gamboni, Miriam Gan-Spalding, Lawrence P. Gandsey, Kathy Abeles Gann, Liz Gann, David B. Garavalia, Janis Garcia, Lissy Garcia, Melinda A. Gardiner, Joann Gardner, Joseph Eggleston Gardner, Loni Gardner, Marshall Gardner, John D. Garges, Jan Garland, Marten N. Garn, Pal Garner, Kathy Garofano, Maureen Garrard, Richard G. Garrett, Sam Young Garrett, Bill Garrison, Richard A. Garrison, John M. Gartner, Robert E. Gartz, George G. Garver, Meg Gary, Alan G. Gass, Richard Gassan, Audley D. Gaston, Jim Gately, Carrie Gault, Lucy Gaven, Peter Gavrilovich, Joel Gazis-Sax, Bill Gearhiser, Henry Jonathan Geaudreau, Maureen Gebert, Tom Gede, Dale Gee, Thomas G. Gee, Bill Geer, William K. Geiger, Ken Geis, Jeffrey Geizhals, Bethany Holmes Geller, Edward A. Gembs, Ron Genini, Charlie George, Sean George, Matthew D. Georger, Reed Gerard, Bruce W. Gerber, Christina Tanner German, Hal Gerrish, Cindy Gersony, Joseph M. Getty, John J. Geyer, Max A. Geyer, John A. Giannetti, Jr., Kenneth Gibala, Christine Gibb, Patrick T. Gibbons, Ann U. Gibbs, George Hugh Gibbs, Melissa Gibbs, Rosalyn Gibbs, Margarita Gibler-Gonzalez, Nelson Giboyeaux, George Gibson, Peter Gibson, Ruth E. Gibson, Thomas K. Gibson, Lucile Giddings, Marie Giddings, Orren Gilbert, P. T. Gilbert, Roy R. Gilbert, Sharon-Lee Gilbert, Tyger Gilbert, Allan Gilbertson, C. William Gilbreath, Heidi Gildred, Jim Giles, Donnalee Gillen, Sally Gillette, Dan Gillham, Ron Gillilan, Rhio Gillis, Lyn Gillson, Dale Gilman, Margaret Gilmartin, Ben Gilmore, Brenda Gilmore, James D. Gilmore, John Gingerich, Larry Gingrich, Phil Ginotti, Sharon Girod, Marv Gisser, John L. Given, Richard Given, Jill Glasband, Otis A. Glazebrook IV, Ryan Gleason, Dewey Bruce Glenn, Edith Glenn, Liz Burns Glenn, Becky Globus, Kathy Gnas, Beth Goble, Herbert Godfrey, Nancy Godfrey, Vernette E. Godfrey, Jennifer Godwin, Roberta Goehmann, Vicki E. Goehring, Bruce Goetsch, Terry Goggin, Jason J. Goitia, Steve Gold, Steve Gold, Laura Goldblatt, Wilford D. Jr. Goldbold, Peg Golden, Richard A. Golden, Diana S. Goldin, H. W. Goldin, Jr., Dorothy Goldman, Ted Goldsborough, Corky Goldsmith, Richard Gooch, David Good, Bob Goodchild, Anne Goodfriend, Joanna Goodman, Don Gordon, Paul Gordon, Peggy Pike Gordon, Steven Gordon, Maggie Laurent Gordy, Sandi Gorin, Tracy L. Gorman, Glenn Gottfried, Heidi Pfankuchen Gottman, David Goudsward, Elaine Gould, Bill Gourley, Rex Grady, Tom Graeff, Todd Graetz, Hilda Graff, Craig Graham, Hugh Graham, Jim Graham, John Graham, Kirby Graham, Scott Graham, Arthur Granado, Corrigan R. Grant, Robert A. Grant, Jr., Mark Grantham, Kristy Gravlin, Bill Gray, Chris Gray, D. Gray, Doug Gray, Karen R. Gray, Paul Gray, Stephen L. Gray, Maureen Greeley, Anthony D. Green, Archie Green, Naomi Hooper Green, Fred Greenbaum, George L. Greene, Gerald F. Greene, Mark Greenleaf, Michael H. Greenstone, Robert Greenwalt, Jim Greenwell, Jerry Greenwood, Art Greer, Elizabeth Taylor Greer, John R. Gregg, Bernarr Gregory, L. C. Gregory, Bill Gremillion, Martha Grenzeback, Eric B. Greynolds, Ross Gridley, Ken Grieve, James Blount Griffin, Judy Griffin, Lorrie Darrah Griffin, Don Griffith, Janice Griffith, Mary Colville Griffith, Sally F. Griffith, Talley Griffith, Virginia Grim, Ardie Grimes, Jann Grimes, Richard F. Grimmett, Juliet Grimson, Dee Anna Grimsrud, Abby Griner, E. T. Grisard, R. B. Grisham, Stephen Grizzle, James Dunwell Groat, Jr., Edward J. Grogan III, Eve Grogan, Katie Groom, Catherine L. Gross, Michael Gross, Mark Grossman, Amanda Groves, Jane Groves, Liz Grow, Margaret E. Grow, Bruce P. Gudenkauf, Nicole Gudith, Frank J. Guenther, William Guenthner, Donata Lewandowski Guerra, Judith Hutton Guest, Philip Gufler, Paul E. Guitteau, Nancy Gulker, Steven F. Gulvezan, Jennifer Gurevich, Brian Gurnett, Kate Gurnett, Mary Gushee, Leona L. Gustafson, Lorelei Gustafson, Jim Guthrie, Ben Guttery, Carol Guy, Nicholas Bouton Guyol, Pam Gwaltney, Ralph Haas, Peter Hack, Carolyn Mailliard Hacker, Nicole Hartmann Hadad, Charles F. Hagan, Elizabeth Hage, John J. Hagerty, Mark Hahn, John W. Haigis III, Michael W. Hail, Janice Haisman, Jerry Hale, Retha Hale, Sarah Hales, Tharen Haley, Allen Hall, Frank S. Hall, Keith Hall, Mike Hall, Nelson Hall, Peter Dobkin Hall, Robert A. Hall, Ron Hall, Ronald R. Hall, Michael P. Halleck, Ernie Halley, John E. Halligan, Ed Halpaus, Donna L. Halper, Julie Halpin, Stuart A. Halsan, Dick Halsey, Karen Halstead, Jude Ham, Thomas E. Ham, Alferd Hamblen, Dora Kruse Hambley, Keith L. Hamburger, Nelda Hamer, Allen S. Hamilton, Christopher Hamilton, Howard Hamilton, Thomas Hamilton, Josie Hamlen, Jan Hammarstrom, Mary Hammermith, Edward Hammond, Gerry Hammond, Brian D. Hampton, Melanie Hampton, Constantine Hanches, Leann Handley, Elizabeth Hanebury, Susan Rountree Hanes, Chris Hankins, Mark W. Hannaford, Kathleen Hannum, Kevin Hansbrow, Peter A. Hansen, Gary G. Hanson, Melodee Hanson, R. B. Hanson, Carl Hanton III, Ross Harano, Janice Harbaugh, Clifford King Harbin, Carey A. Hardee II, Laurance A. Hardee, Susan Harden, Beth Harders, William Hardin, Theresa Kish Hardison, Chuck Hardwick, Alan Hardy, Don Hardy, Jenny Marwil Hardy, Lester F. Hardy, Timothy G. Hardy, Howard Hargis, Joseph P. Harmon, Dellene Harned, Michael Harnsberger, Jill Harper, Mary Elizabeth Harper, Mitch Harper, Philip Harper, Billy A. Harrell, Kristina Harrelson, Janis Dimond Tebbetts Harriman, Cate Harrington, Hugh T. Harrington, Alice Harris, James Harris, James Harris, M. Stuart Harris, Regina Harris, Ted Harris, Tracey Harris, Bill Harrison, James K. Harrison, Jr., Jerry Harrison, Joyce Harrison, Michael Harrison, Steve Harrison, Tom Harrison, Scott Harriss, Virginia Harriss, Laura Fitch Harrity, Steve Harron, Bill Hart, Bill Hart, David L. Hart, Jean Hart, Henry Hartley, Lee M. Harton, Ralph Hartsock, Alexa Scott Ragsdale Hartung, Bill Harvey, Ernest Harvey, Frederick W. Harvey, Jeff Harvey, Joseph A. Harvey, Dave Harwood, Marcia Hastings, Robert Hatch, Sandy Hatfield, Michael Hatten, Anne Burnett Hatter, Richard A. Hauge, Eric Haugee, Nancy E. Haugh, Claudia Haupt, Brent Havekost, Eloise Haven, Hannah E. Havens, Greg Hawes, Benjamin Hawkins, Dani Hawkins, Dick Hawkins, Jeff Hawkins, John Hawkins, Susan Hawkins, Anita Hayes, J. Connor Haynes, Karmella Haynes, Joan MacFall Hays, Patti Vance Hays, Philip Leighton Hays, Dave Hayt, Rachel Hayward, Jim Haywood, Bella Frankfeld Hazzan, Bill Heald, David Heald, Ellen L. Healy, Jeffery Murray Hearn, Robert Heaton, David Earl Hebert, Elizabeth F. Hebert, Mark Heckler, Jurretta J. Heckscher, Gayle Hedrington, Sean Leahy Heffernan, Pat Hefferon, Martin L. Heflebower, William A. Hegarty, Dave Heil, Jane Heine, Alex Heingartner, Bill Heinrich, Jessie V. Heinzman, Julia Heitner, Roy Heizer, Doris Horton Helbert, Thomas Held, Robert Helfer, Larry Helgerson, Rick Heller, Larry Hellyer, Michael Hellyer, J. Blakey Helm, Jennifer Helvey, Robert Hencken, Brandon Henderson, Frank Wilson Henderson, Helen Stough Henderson, Peter Henderson, Dianna Hendren, E. W. Hendrick, Scott H. Hendricks, Gwen DeBerry Hendrix, Julie Hendrix, Ginny Henley, R. Henrickson, Ray Henry, Jr., Ronald L. Henry, Dick Hensley, Ken Hensley, Peggy Hensley, Daniel J. Herbert, James W. Herbert, Kenton Cowperthwaite Herbert, Laura Hermann, Marcus C. Hermansen, Ana Julieta Hernandez Mendez, Ellen Hernandez, John A. Hernandez, Isabel Hernandez-Cata, Richard C. Herrick, Andrew B. Herrmann, Paul Hertelendy, Louis F. Herzberg, John Heseltine, Sandra Hess, Fred Hesse, Gregory X. Hesterberg, Karyn Heuer, Joe Hewes, Janet Heywood, Stephen T. Hibshman, A. Morgan Hickenlooper, Thomas J. Hickey, Terri Hicks, Tony Hiesberger, John Hiestand, Eugene A. Higby, Mark Higdon, Carol Higginbotham, David Higgins, Jane Higgins, John Higgins, Linda Higgins, Mary Hightower, Megan Hightower, Bret Hildebran, Jan Hildreth, Gary Hiles, Dan Hill, Daniel Hill, Kathryn Hill, Ruth Hill, Hiram T. Hiller, Waring Hills, Joe Hilly, John K. Hilpp, Liz Hilpp-Hinck, L. B. Hilsee, William J. Hilsman, Darrin Hiltunen, Jane Betts Himrod, John Himrod, James Hines, Matt Hines, Paula Hinkel, Andrew H. Hinkley, Jan Hinshaw, Sharon Hirschfield, Diane Hissink, Ed Hitchcock, Richard Hitchman, Roz Hjermstad, Greg Hlatky, Christopher Ho, Paul J. Hoar, Nanci Hobart, Tony Hobbick, Gwen Goff Hobbs, John R. Hoblitzell, Jr., Jay Hochberg, Judy Allgood Hodge, Greg A. Hodges, Joseph G. Hodges, Douglas I. Hodgkin, Frederic C. Hof, Bill Hoff, Stephen Hoffius, Dana Hoffman, David Hoffman, David R. Hoffman, Stephen Hofmann, P. Hogan, Robin Bushnell Hogan, Rusty L. Hogan, T. Med Hogg, Adele Hoke-Tedder, Elaine Holbrook, Ann Holcombe, Faith Holcombe, Ann Holden, Matthew Holden, Jr., Thom Holdgate, Andrew Paul Holland, Richard Holland, Steve Holland, William P. Hollerich, Michael J. Holley, James D. Holliday, Kelvin Holliday, Jeff Hollingsworth, James Hollister, Alan M. Holmes, Martha Kendall Holmes, Dorman Holub, Corinne A. Honaker, Maryjane Stelmach Honner, Kathleen Hontz, Thomas L. Hooker, Timothy Allan Hooley, John W. Hoopes, B. Kristin Hoover, Susan Hoover, Zilpha Courtney Ross Hopewell, Harold Hopkins, Mollie Hopper, Pat Hovey Horat, C. N. Horn, Michael Horne, Larry Horner, Tim Horrigan, Daniel E. Horton, Gary J. Horton, John Horton, Rick Horton, Robert A. Horton, Janet Horton-Payne, Marilyn Chalmers Horvath, Steve Hoschler, Cynthia Adams Osborne Hoskin, Bill Hosmon, Julie Hotchkiss, Stuart E. Hotchkiss, Bonnie Houghton, Helen Houlihan, Margo Vorys House, Greg Householder, Justin Kirk Houser, Katie Houston, Virginia Houston, Randy Howald, Dana Holm Howard, David Howard, Eric Howard, Lesley Howard, Marlene Howard, Pamela Ward Howard, Frederick Per Lee Howe, Melodye M. Howe, John Howell, Sharon Howland, D. Roger Howlett, Richard Hrazanek, Joan Hrenchir, Linda Hruza, Sheila Hubbard, Jim Hubbell, Don Huber, Wayne Hubschmitt, Anne Critcher Clark Hudson, Bob Hudson, Lynn Worrell Hudson, Marie Huestis, Judy Huff, P. G. Huff, Thelma Daugherty Huffines, Gary M. Huffman, Bill Huggins, Delos D. Hughes, J. R. Hughes, Jr., Jeff Hughes, Joe H. Hughes, Judy Hughes, Larry Hughes, Michael & Katherine Hughes, Michael Robert Hughes, Patricia Lane Hughes, Sharon Hughes, Katherine Hall Hugo, William D. Huitt, Joanne Hulbert, Gene Hulstine, John Hultgren, John L. Humber, Douglas P. Humes, John David Humphrey, Nathan J. A. Humphrey, Rebecca Hunt, Shane Hunt, Brian C. Hunter, Ladye Jane Hunter, Norma Hunter, William F. Hunter, Channing M. Huntington, Polly Huntington, Leland Huntsman, John Francis Hurley, Patrick Hurley, Allison W. Hurst, James Hurst, John Hutchins, Keith Hutchins, Leland Hutchinson, Kent Hutchison, William Hutchison, Tom Hutto, David Hyatt, Jennifer Hyatt, Jan Hyde, Mike Hyde, Lee Hyder, Daniel Hyer, Hugh Hyman, Joseph Iamartino, Valentine Iamartino, Patricia Ibbotson, Charity Ikerd-Smith, Stacy Iler, Lou Imholt, Jeffrey W. Imparato, Toni Imperiale-Scibilia, Laura Peligo Ingel, Neil L. Inglis, Ruth Langdon Inglis, Vernon Ingraham, Renee Ingram, Dennis M. Iros, Ray Isbell, Roy Isbell, Renee Isely, Bernice Laundy Israels, Gary Ittner, Seth & Suzanne Itzkowitz, Kenneth Iverson, Joseph Ives, Cheryl Jackson, Dennis Jackson, Keith Jackson, Mary Nell Davis Jackson, Muriel Jackson, Jo Jacobs, Kim Jacobs, Wendy Jacobs, Barry Jacobson, Mark D. Jaeger, Susie James, Patricia Jameson-Sammartano, Harold Jamison, James A. Jamison, Rahel Jaskow, Janice Jaskowiak, Hilary Jauncey, Julie Javage, Trafton Jean, Rufus O. Jefferson, Morris Jeffreys, Pam Jeglinksi, Carol Jelinek, Diane Jelinek, Martha E. Jenkins, Ty Jenkins, Frederick Colton Jenks, Stephanie Jenner, Lacy D. Jennings II, Mary Jennings, Nancy Jennings, Walter Jenny, Jr., Michele Jensen, Shirlene Jensen, Jeff Jernegan, Joanne Jeskey, Camillus Bothwell Jeter III, George Jeter, Sarah Sherman Holt Jett, Janice Jewett, Rodney Jewett, Hank Johns, Aron Johnson, Bart Johnson, Bernard Johnson, Bob Johnson, Bob Johnson, Brad Johnson, Brandie Johnson, Carl Johnson, Christiane Johnson, Daryl Harvey Johnson, David Johnson, Dean Johnson, Elwin D. Johnson, Florence Johnson, Fran Johnson, G. M. Johnson, Gerri Johnson, J. Sam Johnson, Jeff Johnson, Jeffrey Johnson, Karen Johnson, Karen Johnson, Kate Johnson, Larry Ray Johnson, Lee Johnson, Linda Wellborn Johnson, Liz Johnson, Lynette Johnson, Miles Johnson, Page Johnson, Pete Johnson, Richard A. Johnson, Robert M. L. Johnson, Roger Johnson, Ron Johnson, Terri Johnson, Tom Johnson, Vicki Johnson, Charles E. Johnston, John Johnston, John M. Johnston, Robert C. Johnston, Robert G. Johnston, Ruth A. Johnston, S. Johnston, Yvonne Annete Johnston, L. Craig Johnstone, Alan Lloyd Jones, Bartow Ned Jones, Bob Jones, Bob Jones, Casey Jones, Charles Edwin Jones, Dan Jones, Daniel P. Jones, David A. Jones, Davy Jones, Eloise Jones, Helen Jones, James C. Jones, John E. Jones, Johnny Jones, Keith Jones, Mary Ann Jones, Mary Southall Rose Jones, Michael Jones, Michael A. Jones, Philip N. Jones, Ray Jones, Ray Jones, Steve Jones, Sue Jones, Kathi Jones-Hudson, Anne Jonsson, Douglas Jordan, Liz Jordan, Margaret Poorman Jordan, Marion G. Jordan, Sarah Jordan, Ken Josenhans, Jill Joseph, Ann Joy, Janet Joyce, Denise Joyner, Leslie M. Joyner, Mrs., Lynette Juergens, Karen Juneau, Marne Jurgmeyer, Jim Justen, Alexandra Kaan, John Kachuba, Marquita Kadavy, Martin Kades, Susan A. Kadet, Larry R. Kading, John Kaheny, Bob Kamman, R. A. Kamp, Sr., Al Kampmeyer, Betsy Kane, David Kane, George Kane, Kathleen Kannik, Ted Kapnick, Demetrius Kappos, Michele Karmeier, David L. Karmol, David Karol, Katie Karrick, Kate Karwowski, Robin Kash, Carolyn Kasischke, Samuel J. Kasley, Stephen Katsurinis, Bruce Kaufmann, Jean Kay, Coleen Kayras, Chuck Kearns, William J. Kearns, Jr., James Keating, Carolyn Keck, Dan Keefe, Lucille Keegan, Nick Keegan, Roger Keehner, William Keenan, Alice Kegley, Robert W. Kehres, Karen Keil, A. Keiper, Maria T. Keith, Dave Kellam, Rob Kelleher, Roland Keller, Syn Keller, Christine L. Kelley, Dave Kelley, Jim Kelley, John Kelley, Kimberly Kelley, Rob Kelley, William B. Kelley, Robert Kellogg, Joanne Kelly, Michael Kelly, Mike Kelly, Robert Kelly, Steven J. Kelly, John Kelm, Cheryl Kelso, Kathryn M. Kendall, Bill Kennedy, James and Justin Kennedy, Peter Kennedy, Susan Kennedy, William R. Kennedy, Jr., Brian A. Kennell, Robert Kennett, Rosemary Gillihan Kenney, John Kenny, Susan Kenyon, Alice Keown, Claudia M. M. Kerens, Paul Keroack, Elizabeth Kerstens, Tom Kerth, Kevin Kerwin, Harriet Ketchum, Jeff Ketterer, Barbara Kettler, Robb Kiker, Craig M. Kilby, James Killough, Ross Kilpatrick, Jeffrey Drane Kimbrell, Betsy Scott Kimmel, Mary D. Kinch, Robert Kindergan, Brenda King, Clennon L. King, Dee Dee King, Mark J. King, Martha King, Van King, William R. King, Elaine King-Miller, Gisele M. Kingsley, John H. Kingston, Kevin Kinneally, Chuck Kinney, William Kinney, Phyllis Kinnison, Warren Kirbo, Trevor Kirkpatrick, John V. Kirkwood, Jim Kirwin, Kathleen Kirwin, Lawrence Kissane, Diana Kitch, Lynn Kitchens, John Kiwala, Loren Kjonaas, David S. Klajic, Phill Kline, Craig O. Klopfleisch, Kevin Knaggs-Smith, John P. Knapp, John O. Knappmann, Angela Kniceley, Judy Knight, Nelson Knight, Harry C. Knopp, Ron Knorr, John A. Knouse, Elizabeth Knowlton, Barbara Knudstrup, John Knudstrup, Jack Knuppel, Stu J. Koblentz, Tracey Schultz Kobylarz, Lyle A. Koch, Betty Koed, Kathy Koehler, Carolyn Koenig, Sandra Hoy Koenig, Anne Koerber, Stacey Koerner, Jeff Koeze, Bonnie Kohler, Mike Kokotovich, Bill Kollar, Brian D. Kolowich, Jeanne Kolva, John Komar, Bill Konrad, Steve Koons, Phillip Koontz, Kathy Kopp, Jane Koprucki, Jeanne Kornhaas, Roland Koski, Janet L. Kostielney, Larissa Kothenbeutel, Dave Kotsch, Cherrill Kousal, Candace Kowalczyk, Eric Kozen, Paul S. Kraabel, Thomas C. Kracke, Dee Kraft, David Krane, Brian Krapf, Mark Kratzner, Doug Krause, Allan Krauter, Tim Kreh, Alexander A. Krezel, Ken Krill, Michelle Krowl, Karin Krueger, Mary Delaney Krugman, Tom Krummell, Frank T. Kryza, Sandi Kuehl, Laura Dent Kuhns, Charles Kuhtic, Chris Kull, John Kulp, Sandra Kungle, Gregg Kuntz, Marvin Kusmierz, William Kuzenski, Phill Kwik, Mary Jean Kwitowski, Peter L'Heureux, Andrew LaBarbara, Phyllis Combs LaBelle, David Miller Labourdette, Lynn LaBuy, Tammy LaBuy, J. Jerome Lackamp, Michael E. Lackey, Jr., L. Ladd, Nancy Ladd, Jean-Marc Ladouceur, Karen Ladron_de_Guevara, Thomas LaFaive, Chris Lagares, Steve LaGreca, Linda A. Sanderson Lakowicz, Newt Lamb, Meg Lambalot, David Lambert, Elizabeth Lambert, Peter Lambert, R. Lamey, Michael D. Lampen, Dianne Dufresne Lampkin, Rosanne Land, Dakin G. Landell, Erik Lander, Jerry Landers, Luke Landers, Tony Landreau, G. B. Landrigan, Brian Lane, Mary Ann Lane, Lance K. Laney, Gayle Jennings Lang, John Langner, Amy Langston, Edward Jordan Lanham, William J. Lanouette, Christopher Lanzillotti, Matthew Laos, Betsy Brown LaPlante, Rita Larcom, Charlie Larimer, Marilyn LaRock, Jennifer Larsen, Aaron Larson, David Larson, Laurie Larson, Sunni Larsson, Roberta Lasky, T. B. Latzman, Mark Laughman, Priscilla Bergus Laurence, Douglas C. Laurie, George Laurie, Lorette Lavine, Bob Law, Mike Lawing, Bette-Ann Lawrence, Bob Lawrence, Bud Lawrence, Chris Lawrence, Eric Lawrence, Gerald Lawrence, Joe Lawrence, Carl Laws, Michael Laws, Ed Lawson, Ellen Lawson, James Lawson, Todd C. Lawson, Robert Lawton, Glenn Laxton, Bruce Layman, Kaye Layne, Cindy Leach, Gary Lear, Alan Learned, Richard Leathers, Bette Leatherwood, Jim Lechner, Tom Ledoux, Annette Wecker LeDuff, Chuck Ledwith, Carl D. Lee, Jr., Christina Lee, Douglas Lee, Terry D. Lee, Cathy Leece, Daniel W. Leedy, James Bryan Leedy, Jr., Charles V. Legg, Pat Legg, Rick Leggett, Brian Lehrschall, Jim Leidlein, Richard H. Leigh, Matt Leister, Kevin Lembo, Karen Lindquist Lemes, Susie Lemin, David Lemon, Donna Lenane, Michelle Pothier Lenihan, Wanda Lentz, Patricia Leoni, Curtis W. LeRoy, Richard Churchill LeRoy, Ted Lesley, John Leslie, Kevin Lett, Susan Levasseur, Christopher J. Leveillee, Cliff Leverette, David S. Levine, Philip Levy, Ann Lewis, George Lewis, H. McIlvaine Lewis, Jane Lewis, Kathy Lewis, Patricia Parrish Lewis, Rebecca Lewis, Ronald W. Lewis, Scott Lewis, Scott H. Lewis, Susan Lewis, Tacy A. Lewis, William Lewis, Rosemary Leyland, Kenny Li, Jr., Paula Lichtenberg, April Lieberman, Stephen Lieberman, Claire Lightner-Sharpe, Bill Liles, David Lilly, Dale Limbert, Frances P. Limozaine, Norm Lincoln, Pete Lincoln, Tom Lincoln, John A. S. Lindemann, Dan Lindley, Tony Lindner, Karen Lindquist, Nancy Lindroth, Clark Lindsay, Linda G. Lindsey, Diane Lindsley, Lori A. Ling, Janet Goodwin Link, Steven P. Link, Martha Wells Linker, Jim Linnertz, Lisa Linowes, Michael Linton, Jayne Lipe, Dolly Lipman, John Lippert, Patrick A. Lippman, Aaron Lisec, Nicholas Literski, Richard Littell, Hillary Little, Martha Little, Glenn Littleton, Jim Livermore, Harry D. Livesay, David Livingston, Doris Greenbank Livingston, Ronald Howard Livingston, Erin Lloyd, Thomas Lloyd, Jared Lobdell, Juanita Lockhart, Linda Lockhart, Jim Logan, Amanda Logue, Kenneth Loh, Joyce Burke Lohse, Suzanne Lombardo, Anne Alling Long, Jeffrey Long, K. Long, Suzanne Long, Walker Anderson Long, Ron Longmore, Robin Loreno, Paul Lormand, Ellen Loucraft, John T. Loughran, Mardi Louisell, Dave Lovejoy, Parnell Lovelace, William Lovin, Jacquelyn S. Lowe, Laurie Lowndes, Michael J. Lowrey, Jay W. Lowry, Robert 'Bud' Lowry, Rodney L. Loyear, Barbara Loyless, Christine Kaui Lucas, Jim Lucas, Mary Dell Lucas, William Lucas, Patrick J. Lucey, Steve Luck, Reggie J. Luckey, Dee Luckman, Michael Lucks, Elizabeth Kay Ludens, Carol Ludlow, Carol A. Ludwig, Dave Lugers, Fiona Lukas, Jeff Lummus, Janice Katherine Lund, Aaron T. Lundblad, Constance Lunn, John M. Lupton, Margo Lurvey, Mary Lutz, J. Clinton Lynch, Lace Lynch, Maisie Lynch, Thomas J. Lynch, Edward Lyon, Jr., Jennifer M. Lyons, Kathy Lyons, David Lytle, Nate Maas, Paul Maassen, Marcia Mabley, Bob Mabry, George F. Macatee, James MacDonald, Lucia Lawrence Giffen Macfarlane, John Machir, Nancy Machold, Curtis MacIain, Joseph G. V. Maciora, Bernadette McGovern Mack, Gary Mack, Cathy MacKenzie, Edward MacKenzie, Heidi MacLachlan, Bruce MacMaster, Jr., Peter MacMonagle, Patricia Macsisak, Wayne Macy, Neil Madden, Jenny Magar, Anne Magee, Sally Maggard, Carol Magill, Reid Magney, Argil Mahan, Clair Mahinske, J. Daniel Mahoney, Jr., Valentine J. Maickel, John Maier, Kathy Mailler, Frank Buck Main, Sue Adamson Mairena, Carmen Major, Mark T. Major, Heidi Majors, Joe Makowiec, Raymond Makul, Lisa Maldonado, Ron Malfara, Nancy Maliwesky, George Mallman, John Mallon, Allen John Mallory, Jeff Malloy, John Malloy, Mike Malloy, Nancy Malm, Alanna Malone, Almut Malone, Dolores Malone, Eric Maloney, Mercury Man, Paul B. Manchester, Jack Mandaville, Robert Allen Manduca, Forbes Maner, Ernie E. Mangrobang, Kerry Manier, Ron Manley, Charles G. Manly, Ruthie Windsor Mann, Jennifer Manning, Lorraine McNealus Mannix, Barbara Mannlein, Linda D. Mansker, Tom Mantz, Susan Manusama, D. W. Manzo, Deborah Marble, Jenn Marcelais, Cathy Marco, NJ Marinaro, Paul W. Marino, Kirk Mark, Jack Markey, Regina Markey, Jim K. Markle, Bill Markopoulos, George L. Marks, Michelle Marks, Ned Marks, Deb Markunas, Frederick C. Marland, Jackie Marler, Kathryn Marlett, Carole Marlow, Ted Marmo, Lisa Marmur, Robert P. Marren, Mitchell Marsh, A. C. Marshall, Ann Ellison Marshall, C. Lance Marshall III, Elliott Marshall, Glenn Marshall, Glenn T. Marshall, Lynn Marshall, Robert Marshall, Ron Marshall, Stephen Marshall, Curtis Marti, Cathy Martin, Glenn A. Martin, Hugh Martin, Jane Martin, Jean Robinson Martin, Jim Martin, Ken Martin, Martha N. Martin, Richard T. Martin, Roger A. Martin, Roy Martin, Thomas Martin, William T. Martin, Susie Martin-Rott, Susan Heintz Martinson, Seth Masket, Donald L. Mason, Katherine M. Mason, Becky Duncan Massey, Candice Massey, J. Troy Massey, Kathy Colyer Massi, Shawn W. Masters, Pete Masterson, Cathy Mastraneda, Dana Matas, Stephanie Mather, James M. Mathews, Michael J. Mathews, Tom Mathews, Brian R. Mathias, Diana Mathison, Howard Matson, Andrew J. Matta, Charlotte Gurley Mattern, Gillean Matthews, James Matthews III, Monie Matthews, Robert M. Matthews, Diana Gale Matthiesen, Bob Mattson, Jr., Alex Matturi, Margaret Maughan, Marti Maurer, Nancy Lyon Maurer, Stephen B. Maurer, Beth Maxwell, Howard Maxwell, Fred T. May, Jeremy Mayer, Eve B. Mayes, Larry Mayes, Natalie Maynor, Bob Mayo, Catherine Mansell Mayo, Tom Mayrant, Steven Mays, Dan Mazur, Jane Mazzone, Michael W. McAllister, Michael McAlonie, Don McAvinchey, Bob McBarton, Genevieve G. McBride, James E. McBryde, Donald C. McCabe, Sue McCabe, Wayne McCabe, Dennis J. McCann, Kevin McCann, Noreen C. McCann, Jim McCarthy, Ron McCarthy, Michael Farrell McCartney, Kristi Latham McCauley, Barbara A. McClain, Susan McClatchey, Katherine Roberts McClellan, Thomas D. McCloskey, Jr., Tim McClymonds, Martin McComas, M. McConihe, Margy McCook, Terry McCord, Matt McCormack, James L. McCormick, Mike McCormick, Mike McCormick, Terry & Eleanor McCown, Jerri McCoy, Jody McCoy, Clif McCrady, Marcia McCrary, Michael McCue, Brian McCullough, Ann McDaniel, Don McDaniel, Lloyd McDaniel, Michael James McDermott, Jr., Peter L. McDermott, David McDonald, Douglass W. McDonald, Henry McDonald, J. Mark McDonald, Jamie McDonald, Margie McDonald, Mark McDonald, Katheryn McDonald-Fair, Marina McDonough, Kelly McDowell, Todd McElfresh, Patti McElligott, Wayne McElreavy, Peter M. McEnery, Michael J. McFadden, Frank McGady, Bruce E. McGarvey, T. S. McGee, Susan McGinnis, W. Wayne McGlothlin, Tamyra McGough, Jim McGovern, Phil McGovern, Clif McGrady, Marjorie McGrath, Ward McGraw, Michael McGrew, David B. McGuire, Irene McHugh, James F. McIntire, Barbara & Gary McIntosh, Zane T. McIntosh, Eric McIntyre, Teri McIntyre, JoeAnn Northcut McIver, Stacie McKay, Y. T. McKay, Jean McKee, Suzanne McKee, Ann Llewellyn McKenzie, Clara McKenzie, Gretchen McKenzie, Jan Orr McKinne, Harry O. McKinney, Jeff McKinney, Joseph McKinney, Paul D. McLaughlin, Hugh McLean, Martha M. McLean, Craig McLendon, Paul McLeod, Van McLeod, Liz McMahan, Melissa McMahon, Melissa McMahon, Bruce L. McManis, Nancy McManus, William H. McMicken, Martha McMunn, David J. McMurchie, Loretta McNamara, Dodita McNamee, Larry McNeill, Mary McNichol, James Small McNider, Jr., James J. McNutt, Maggie McQuillan, James A. K. McVicker-Roszel, Stan Mead, Thomas Means, Edward A. Meany, Donald Mears, Rod Medders, Rhonda Meek, Chris Meekins, David Meeks, C. Megibben, H. Carroll Megill, Jerald Meiers, Richard J. Meigs, Chris Meiners, Graydon M. Meints, Samuel Melin, Abigail Mellen, Ron Melugin, John Melvin, Nina Menard, Patricia Menges, Minerva Mercado-Feliciano, Livingston T. Merchant, Jr., Dawn Mereness, Leonard Merewitz, Rebecca Meriwether, Jesse Merrell, Donna M. Merrill, Morgan V. Merrill, Lisa Merritt, Richard Mersereau, Bob Mershon, Lynne Dorman Meservey, Steven Messier, Madelaine Messmore-Netter, Jacqueline Mestre, Jeannette Mestre, R. L. Metcalf, Mildred E. Methvin, Barbara Meyer, Cindy Meyer, David Paul Meyer, Roy Meyer, James Meyers, Bob Mhoon, Peter B. Miazza, Gary Michaels, Susan Habib Michaels, Ann Shiffer Middleton, D. Shaw Middleton, David J. Miehls, Eileen Mielenhausen, Jo Anne Taglia Mielke, John Migliaro, Linda Mihalic, Yanqui Mike, Linda Gurfein Miklowitz, Andrew Miles, Richard M. Miles, James Kemper Millard, Peter Millen, A. Lee Miller, Bruce Miller, Charles L. Miller, Chuck Miller, Dalanne Miller, David E. Miller, Flip Miller, James A. Miller, Jr., James B. Miller, Karen E. Quinones Miller, LeRoy L. Miller, Lyn Miller, Melissa Miller, Mitch Miller, Nancy Dill Miller, Russell Miller, Sandra Miller, Tom Miller, Tom Miller, Hugh L. Mills, Jr., C. J. Milmoe, Douglas Milroy, Marcia Miner, Kevin Minnick, Bill Minshall, Sharon Minter, Leslie Mio, John P. Miron, Mike Miscione, Charles Misner, Charles D. Misner, Sonja Missita, Barb Mitchell, Bonnie Mitchell, Gordon Mitchell, Heather Mitchell, Sam Mitchell, Scott Mitchell, Terry Mitchell, Ken Mizell, Michael W. Moak, Don Mockler, Susan Moeser, Susan Moeur, Margaret Sullivan Moga, Nick Mojave, Robin Mollenhauer, Joe Molloy, Mike Moloney, Jon Moltman, C. Daniel Monaghan, Brent Monahan, Maureen Monahan-Fantasia, K. Monohon, Travis Monson, Lillian Montaigne, Jack Montgomery, Joan Montgomery, Liz Montgomery, Robert Montgomery, Susan Glover Moody, Polly C. Moon, Robert Mooney, Robert Cooper Moor, Bill Moore, Bruce T. Moore, Carl Moore, Carolee Moore, Donna Gist Moore, Emily Moore, Joe & Sue Moore, John Jordan Moore, Joseph E. Moore, Mary Jane Moore, Norval R. Moore, Rick Moore, Sheila Moore, Stephene Donohoo Moore, Michael Moran, Graham Denby Morey, Anya Morgan, Bill Morgan, Mary Morgan, William Morgan, Mark Moriarty, Scot Morley, Alan Morris, Dana Morris, E. S. Morris, Jerry Morris, Lynda Morris, David J. Morrison, Jim Morrison, Page McBrier Losche Morrison, Wilfred Morrison, Patricia Morrow, Walter B. Morrow, Jr., Julia Mortenson, Patrick Morton, Mark Mosher, Phil Mosher, Harriette Grant Moss, Ruth Moss, Karen Mostyn, Charles Moulton, Cheryl Mowatt, Allen Mruk, Donald Muccigrosso, William A. Mudge, Mary Alice Mueller, Allen Muir, Therese Muldoon, Jim Mulhern, Amy D. Mullen, Cathy Mullican, Ann Mulligan, Neal Mulligan, Kathy Mullin, Cindy Mullins, Dennis R. Mullins, P. G. Mumford II, Christopher Muncke, Earl W. Mundy, Jr., Deb Munn, Oliver A. Munn, Vonnie Looper Munnerlyn, Patricia Thayer Muno, Mara Munroe, Steve Muratore, Peter J. Murdock, Kelly Murdock-Billy, Bob Murgittroyd, Anne KG Murphy, Brian Phillips Murphy, Charles Murphy, Harold H. Murphy, John Patrick Michael Murphy, Patrick S. Murphy, Paul Murphy, Sue Murphy, Vincent B. Murphy IV, Charles Kanter Murray, J. M. Murray, Paul Murray, Rodney Milford Murray, Steve Murray, William L. Murray, Jody Musgrove, Shirley Musumeci, Terry Mutchler, Ed Mutscheller, Kate Myer, Chris Myers, Gary Myers, Harvey Myers, Jill M. Myers, Joseph Myers, Linus Myers, Paul W. Myers, Scott Myers, Mitchel Myerson, Joshua Nachowitz, John Nacy, Joseph Nacy, William P. Nacy, Richard W. Nagle, xxxx Nagle, Nancy Nagler, Jim Nalepa, Daniel A. Napolitano, John D. Nash, Susanna Nawrocki, Jim Neale, Ken Neate, Gretchen P. Needham, William L. Needham, D. Neerman, Ann Mary Nefcy, Diana Neff, Doug Neilson, Sarah Neiper, Shirley Neiswonger, Adam Nelson, Cliff Nelson, David Nelson, David Hemmons Nelson, Erik Nelson, Iris Nelson, Kathy Nelson, Lucille Nelson, Peter Nelson, Robin Nelson, John R. Nemmers, Fred Nemo, Bonnie Nestor, Gail Rich Nestor, Ralph Nettleton, Paul Neu, Terry Neuenhaus, Frances Haffen Neuwirth, Sharon Newall, Roy Newbert, Cree Newbold, John Newcome, Linda Newell, William E. Newell, Judith Newland, James Newman, Jeff Newman, Margaret Newman, Tracy Newman, Michael Newsom, Pat Newton, Chris Neyland, Craig Nicholas, David C. Nicholas, D. Nichols, Jeremy Nichols, Kaye Nicholson, Greg Nickels, M. Nickens, Marilyn Nickless, Dean M. Niedosik, Joseph Nieforth, Margaret Nielsen, Susan Nielsen, Ron Pardee Nielson, Bruce E. Niemi, Erin Nikitchyuk, David A. Niles, Don Niles, Russ Niles, Brent Nimmo, Roderick E. Nimtz, Connie Nisinger, Peter Nixon, Jeff Noble, Brett Nobles, Connie Nance Nobles, David Noel, D. P. Nolan, David Nolan, Edward W. Nolan, Robert G. Nooning, Sr., Beth Lape Nordlund, Gary Norman, Jennifer Heer Norman, John A. North, Dale Northup, Candace Norton, David P. Norton, Dennis Norton, Ruth Norton, Marie Norwood, Betsy Nowland-Curry, Chris Null, Miriam Null, Gary Nunn, Marilyn Laney Nunn, Jeff Nygaard, Bob Nylander, Brigid O'Brien, Dennis O'Brien, Domi O'Brien, Duncan T. O'Brien, J. O'Brien, Kevin O'Brien, Lawrence J. O'Brien, Kathy O'Connell, Robert O. O'Connor III, Stephen O'Conor, Cara S. O'Donnell, Patricia O'Dwyer, John O'Leary, Kerry O'Leary-Christensen, Becky O'Malley, Mary Weaver O'Neal, Bill O'Neil, Catherine Alt O'Neill, Edward Clay O'Rear, John O'Reilly, Margaret O'Rourke-Kelly, Bill O'Shea, Allen Oakley, David K. Oaks, Adam B. Obrecht, Robert Obreiter, Carla Occaso, Mel Odom, Sam Offutt III, Joe M. Oglesby, David Ohman, Jim Ojala, Dorothy Okray, Barbara Cowan Olendorf, Eric Oleson, Brian Olivarri, Cecil A. Oliver, Jr., Dustin Oliver, Jerry Oliver, Jim Oliver, Phil Oliver, Ward H. Oliver, Bob Ollerton, Patricia Olmedo, Batya Olsen, Kevin Olson, Sharon Olson, Carole Ondrovic, Richard Ong, Mary Ritner Opacity, Andrew Orchard, Tim Oren, Charles Oriez, Walter S. Orlinsky, F. B. Orman, Sharon Martin Orr, Tony Ortiz, Bill Orzell, Janelle McEwen Osborn, Charles Osborne, John Osborne, Lee K. Osborne, Seward R. Osborne, Richard Oshlo, Jr., Jeff Osinski, George Osner, Frank Ostfeld, Doug Osting, O. Ostrom, Maria Oswalt, Elliott N. Otis, Michael Otis, Juanita Ott, Kevin Ott, Sue Otte, Krista Ottino, Jim Otto, Christine Ouang, Margaret S. Overland, Mary Ellen Overton, Elizabeth Collard Oviatt, Nani Rhea Owen, Sonja Owen-Wegner, Brian Owens, Dick Owens, Elnita Owens, Kit A. Owens, Louise Owens, Mitchell Owens, Margaret Owsley, Michael Pacholek, Jeff Padden, Ray E. Paddock, Marty Padgett, Robert E. Padian, Charles E. Page, Craig C. Page, Jesse Page, Camille Paglia, Frank Pagliaro, Susan Palazzolo, Phil Palen, Jeanne Palermo, Andrew D. Palm, Mo Palmer, Nancy Palmer, Maria Palmieri, Michael A. Palmieri, Thomas Palzer, Michael Pandiscio, Jim Panttaja, Bill Panzner, Victor J. Papa, Costa Papista, Patrick A. Pappano, S. E. Paramore, Jim Pardee, Antonio Paredes, John Parfitt, Sandi Parisi, Kevin Park, John S. Parke, Helen Parker, Jonathan Parker, Ken Parker, Margaret Crenshaw Parker, Mary Parker, Paul Parker, Russell Parker, Scott A. Parker, William H. Parker, Sr., Jane Silloway Parks, Vanessa Parks, W. T. Parlette, Nancy Parnell, Ardis Parshall, Debbie Parsons, Sally Cook Parsons, Scott M. Parsons, Gary Paschall, Max Paschall, Stephen Paschoal, Theodore Passineau, Dana J. Pasternak, Tom Patch, Gary R. Pate, Renee Patrick, Jeff Patridge, Peter Patten, Barbara Enfield Patterson, Donna Patterson, Erinn & Mike Patterson, Gary Patterson, Michael Robert Patterson, Patty Patterson, Ross Murdock Patterson, Barbara Patterson-Rossi, Laura Pattison, Ginger Patton, J. Pauk, Dorene Paul, Marilyn Paul-Lewis, Mark Pawelczak, Bruce Pawlak, Pat Mighell Paxton, Daniel Payne, Jan Payne, Peter D. Payne, Roz Payne, Thomas Payne, Alex Pearce, Mike Pearn, Janet Pearson, Jim Pearson, Jr., Evans Peay, John H. Peay, John G. Peck, Jr., Mary Peck, Richard F. Pedersen, Marc Pederson, Ross Peebles, Debbie Peevyhouse, Catherine Peirsol-Schipper, Angela Peloquin, Janet Pendell, Jackie Penny, Debbie Pentecost-McNabb, Kathy Peoples, Linda Peper, Connie Perdue, Steve Perdue, Joe Perera, Bertha Perez, Timothy A. Perfetti, Jack Pergande, Christine Perkins, Jane Perkins, Mary S. Perkins, Robert Perkins, Willis B. Perkins III, Jeffrey O. Perl, Lucie Perreault, Thomas W. Perrin, Ed Perrine, Alfred Perry, M. K. Perry, Madie Perry, Ron Perry, Sharon Perry, Terri Perry, Atiba Pertilla, Karen Petch-Riley, Bill Peters, Glenn Petersen, James F. Petersen, George Petershagen, Bob Peterson, Christie Peterson, Kris Peterson, Phyllis Peterson, Judy A. Petrie, Tony Petro, David Petry, Louise Pettus, Barb Petty, Barbara Petty, Peter Petzling, Walter L. Pfeffer, Alice Pfeiffer, Elihu Phares, John Phares, Pam Phasey, L. D. Phaup, Jr., Arthur Phelps, John W. Philbrick, Katie Philbrick, Randy Philhours, Amanda Phillips, Don Phillips, Ed Phillips, Greg Phillips, Lance J. Phillips, Maggie Phillips, Robyn 'Missi' MacDonald Phillips, Roger Phillips, William L. Phillips, Herbert E. Phillipson, Jr., Bill Philson, John K. Phoebus, Donna Eccles Pickett, Wally Pickford, John Walter Picklesimer, Lynne Pierce, Patrick Pierce, S. M. Pierce, Tamara Pierce, Greg Pierson, Thomas Pierson, David Pietrusza, Dan Piggott, Kelly Pike, M. Pinette, John Pingree, Deborah Ray Piper, Torrance Pitcairn, Joseph P. Pizzoli, Richard Planck, Daniel Platt, Geoffrey Platt, Jr., Ginny Plumley, George Plummer, Tina Plummer, Dawn L. Pocock-Dilcher, Brian Pohanka, Doug Pokorski, Ashley Polasek, Connie Lynn Polasek, John E. Polin, Joseph W. Politte, Jr., Eric Politzer, Randolph Polk, Vance Pollack, Beth Pollard, Steve Polley, Vance Pomeroy, David Ponstein, Almon Watson Poole, Jr., Carole Poole, Herb L. Poole, P. Poole, Jeffrey Pope, Tina Pope-Bargher, Terry Popham, Michael F. Porter, Susan Porter, Suella Fogg Postles, McCracken Poston, Margaret Haskell Potter, Robert Potter, Shirley Ann Smith Potter, Josh Pottinger, Nancy Poulos, Carol Powell, Carol A. Powell, Gaylon L. Powell, LeRoy Powell, Mark S. Powell, Ron Powell, Vin Powell, Jeffrey B. Power, Shaunee Power, Ron Powers, Ryan Powers, Tom Powers, Darleen Poynter, Michael S. Preston, Barbara Prestridge, Michael Prete, Jonathan Preus, Frank Prevedel, John Prewitt, Ted Prezelski, Chester H. Pribble, Landis Price, Larry Price, Sam Price, Janice Prichard, Katherine Lee Priddy, Marjorie Weekes Priebe, Diana Priest, John Andrew Prime, Eugene R. Prince, Robert L. Prince, Nora Probasco, Erin Proctor, Janice Proffitt, Linda L. Prote, Diane Oviatt Prout, John J. Provich, Jr., Fred Provoncha, Ida Pruitt, Reggie Pruitt, Art Prutzman, Bert Prutzman, Nancy Publicover, Mike Puglisi, Jr., Tim Pulley, Kent Purdy, David A. Puritz, Matt Purpurea, Edward C. Purpus, Connie Putnam, Ted Putnam, Becky Pyle, Chad Pyle, Milo Pyne, Jill N. Pyscher, Thomas M. Quealy, Grant S. Quertermous, Erika L. Quesenbery, Thomas Quigley, Timothy J. Quill, Jim Quince, Matt Quinn, Sandy Mitchell Quinn, Aaron E. Quinones, Jim Quint, Jeff Quinton, Lindsey Quirk, Ginny Rabbitt, Mark Rabinowitz, Robert L. Raborn, Don Racheter, Daniel I. Radakovich, Nancy G. Rader, Randy Ragsdale, Lisa Raine, Jack Rakove, Stan Rakowski, Kathleen Ralph, D. C. Rambow, Teddy Rammelkamp, Rosmarie Ramos, Linda Ramsey, T. J. Rand, Charles W. Randall, Ellen Karay Randall, Larry Randall, Ronnie Ranew, Jeff Rankin, Steve Rankin, Lydia Rapoza, Anne Rast, Mark Rauterkus, Ilaria Rawlins, Helen Ray, Terry Ray, Deborah Rayfield, Bucky Rea, John Morrill Read, Shirley Reager, Charlie Reagle, Judith A. Reardon, Patricia Reardon, Linda A. Reaves, Ginger Walker Rebert, Eric Greg Rebitsky, Lynn David Recker, Valeria Reckert, Sam Reckford, Ida Jean Maack Recu, John T. Redditt, Vern Redecker, Nancy Redheffer, Jody Redmann, Bill Reed, Chris Reed, Kevin Reed, Pat Reed, Richard L. Reed, Susan Reed, Paul Reese, Julie Regan, Martin Reichel, William Reichert, Edward Reid, George J. Reid, John D. Reiley, Bruce Reilly, Peter K. Reinhart, Barbara Separk Reinking, David J. Rendt, Edward J. Renehan, Jr., Blaine R. Renfert, Linda Reno, Barbara Rentenbach, Bill Reque, Thora Resinger, Mark L. Ress, Tony Restucci, Jim Reuter, Sarah Reveley, T. R. Revella, Jim Reynolds, Joe Reynolds, William Joseph Reynolds, Russ Rheaume, David Rheingold, Glenn Rhoades, Judson Rhoads, Bill Rhodes, J. Glenn Rhodes, John R. Rhorer, Jr., Charles Rice, Earl Rice, Edward Rice, Robert Rich, Alan H. Richardson, Antona Hawkins Richardson, Ard E. Richardson, Brian Richardson, Rande Richardson, Stephen B. Richer, Marsha Richeson, Howie Richey, Ken B. Richmond, Martin Rickerd, Danny Ricketts, Addie Dyal Rickey, Marc Riddell, James Riddering, Kate Riddleberger, John Ridley, Keith Ridley IV, Rosan Riedl, Robert Breckons Rietow, Kevin S. Riley, Mike Riley, Mike Riley, Mary Hosea Rimlinger, Theodore Rinness, Sean Patrick Riordan, Sharon Rippetoe, Bonnie Riquier, Tom Risbecker, Mark R. Ritschard, Tim Ritter, Karl Ritzler, Gregg Rivers, Bruce L. Rives, John G. Rivest, Philip A. Rizzo, Amy Roache, Adam Robbins, Ryan Robbins, Audrey Roberts, Brian P. Roberts, David Roberts, Jason Roberts, John M. Roberts, Philip J. Roberts, Robin Alys Roberts, Sherry L. Roberts, Wendy Roberts, Ann Robertson, Fred Muir Robertson, Jr., John E. L. Robertson, Steven Robertson, Jerry Robichaud, Crawford Robinson, Elaine Robinson, Ken Robinson, Michele D. Robinson, Patricia Robinson, Roy Robinson, Susan Robinson, Timothy A. Robinson, William A. Robinson, William Edward Robinson, Jan Robison, Barrett Roby, Tom Rockwell, John Rodat, Bill Roddy, John Rodee, Fred Rodgers, Richard P. Rodgers, Tom Rodgers, William S. Rodgers, Winthrop M. Rodgers, Bill Rodman, Larry Rodman, Robert Rodriguez, Betsy Baker Roeben, Patricia Roebuck, Carter Rogers, Denise Rogers, Holden Rogers, Larry Rogers, Mary Nichols Rogers, Maureen Rogers, Alice Elizabeth Rogoff, Eric Rohr, Deana Roland, Gary Roller, Ed Rollman, Jean Roman, Michael A. Roman, Richard Roman, Cassandra L. Romano, Barbara Romeo, Herb Romero, Richard Rongstad, Herman Ronnenberg, Lis Roop, Pam Holmes Roper, Chuck Rose, Cindy Rose, John Rose, Ned Rose, Thom Rose, Aric Rosenbaum, Lee Rosenthal, Beth Rosevear, Christopher W. S. Ross, Chuck Ross, Frances M. Ross, James D. Ross, Jon Ross, Judith Ross, Luci Ross, Mel & June Ross, Priscilla Ross-Fox, Pablo Rosser, Ken Rossignol, Brenda Rossini, Joanne Roth, Linda Rothery, Paul H. Rothfuss, Robert C. M. Rountree, Leland Routt, Ivonne Rovira, Fred Rowe, George Rowe, Donna Roy, Sue Royston, Medb Ruane, Randy Rubel, Jay Ruby, Bob Ruckel, Booker Rucker, Budd Rude, Geraldine Rudloff, Barbara Rudy, Tom Rueter, Patricia Schnetz Ruffolo, Todd Byron Rugee, Russ Ruhl, Malia Rulon, Bryce Rumbles, Merrill Thayer Rummel, Joan Rumsey, Gail Runshaw, Danielle Russell, Mark Russell, Terri Morano Russell, Franklin W. Ruth III, Laura Ruttum, Chris Ruvolo, Kent Ryals, Bernard Ryan, Jr., Hewitt Ryan, Jr., Deane Rykerson, Patricia Keohen Rynda, Yosef Sa'ar, Steven W. Sabean, Pat Sabin, Daniel K. Sadler, Dale Safford, Michael Safranek, John G. SAINT_Clair, Warren SAINT_Clair, Peter SAINT_James, David Grant SAINT_John, Wilma Sakowsky, Abby Sale, Liz Salen, Gayle Sallee, Bob Sampson, Robert G. Sampson, Bill Samuels, Michael Samuels, Penne Sandbeck, Lynda Sander, Alisha Sanders, Bobby Sanders, Brandon R. Sanders, Harry M. Sanders, Jack Sanders, Wayne Sanders, Daniel Sanderson, Joy Sanderson, Doug Sandor, Paula Church Sandusky, Dixie Sansom, David Sapp, Carla Sapsford, Mary C. Sarge, Grace M. Sargent, John Sarokwash, Kay E. Sarris, Patti Satterfield, Randy Sauder, Bruce Saunders, Merle Saunders, Randy Saunders, Debra Savage, Herbert Savage, Phil Saylor, Michael Scalze, Jr., Tom Scanlon, Henry Scannell, Victoria L. Schade, Mary Leila Schaeffer, Tom Schafer, Edward Schaffer, Victoria Schall, Kenneth L. Schaub, Mark Schauerte, Gary Scheele, Darin A. Schemmer, Patty Schildberger, Kim Schildwachter, Ben Schilling, Kurt H. Schindler, Hannah Parker Lowndes Schlink, Elizabeth Schmahl, Sandy Schmidt, William G. Schmidt, Gavin Schmitt, Jonathan S. Schmitt, Robert E. Schmitt, Donald J. Schneider, John W. Schneider, Leonard Schnitzer, Rodger Schnoor, Jack Schock, Mary Davern Schoeller, Michael E. Schoeman, Tim Schoemehl, W. Markbreit Schoenle, Gary E. Schoonover, C. Schrader, Holly L. Schrank, Dave Schreyer, Bill Schrier, Christopher D. Schroeder, Morton A. Schroeder, Teena Mayham Schroeder, Tom Schudde, Rose Schulte, Jennifer M. Schultz, Diane Schumacher, Robert J. Schuman, Catherine Schwandt, Alec Schwartz, Lois C. Schwartz, S. A. Schwartz, Rebecca Schwartzkopf, Christian P. Schweiger, Ed Schwing, Beth Miller Schwoob, Jeff Scism, Beverley Scobell, Edward T. Scofield, Alexander Perry Scott, Cindy Scott, Dick & Marlene Scott, James Scott, Lynn Scott, Mary Celine Scott, Philip P. Scott, R. Scott, Robert Scott, Sharon Scott, V. Scott, Vel M. Scott, Dawn Scouten, Victoria Scranton, Prewitt Scripps, John M. Scroggins, Robert A. Scudi, Nancy Seacord-Frost, Greg Seagler, Marjorie B. Searl, David Searles, John Searles, Patricia Searles, Alberta Lathrop Seaver, Buie Seawell, John Seawright, Marilyn Seay, Virginia McCallen Sebbo, Ernie Seckinger, Ellen Keyne Seebacher, Paul A. Seeley, Jack Seelye, R. A. Seeton, Jeremy Segall, Charles Segerstrom, Margaret Seguin, Sharyn G. Seguine, Sue Seibert, Renee Seiders, Lew Seiler, Maureen Seirup, Michael Sekeres, John I. Sellers, Laurie Selpien, Becky Senf, Frederick J. Sennott, Jr., Mandy Service, Richard Sessions, Charles Severs, Timm Severud, Pam Sezov, Linda Knorr Shafer, Mark Shaffer, David Shanaman, George H. Shands, Roger W. Shanley, Jim Shannon, Margaret Shannon, Georgia Shapiro, Tiffany Shapiro, Walter Shapiro, PaulaAnne SharkeyLemire, Margaret M. Sharon, Malcolm Schalick Sharp, R. F. Sharp, Sandy Sharpy, Andy Sharry, Robert Shassberger, Mike Shaver, Peter Shaver, Victoria Shaver, Gary Shaw, Pat Shaw, Suzanne Shaw, T. R. Shaw, Paul H. Shawcroft, Janet Shay, Scott Sheads, Michael Shealey, Grant Sheehan, Mike Sheehy, Charles C. Sheek, Georg R. Sheets, Francee Shelby, Ron Shelby, Judy Sheldon, Lawson Sheldon, Meredith Sheldon, Warren C. Sheldon, Cindy Shelton, Hepzibah Shelton, Marjorie Shelton, Dan Shepardson, Joyce Shepherd, Wendy Shepherd, Kay M. Sheppard, Erin Sher, Janet Sheridan, Jim Sheridan, Char & Doug Sherman, Helen Hume Sherman, Laura Burdick Sherman, Patrick Sherman, Brian Sherry, Alvhild M. Slen Sherve, Mark Shilling, John Christopher Shillock, James H. Shinaberger, David Shiplacoff, Julie Shofstall, Benoit Shoja, David Knight Shonk, Mary T. Short, Frank Shorter, Walter Shreffler, Sue Gardner Shreve, Mark Shriver, Lynna Kay Shuffield, William Shufflebarger, M. Ross Shulmister, Caroline Shultz, David N. Shultz, Brad Shuman, Robert D. Shuman, Marie A. Shumate, Pauline Shunk, Gillion Shurly, Mary Ruffner Sias, Sharon Archer Sibilia, David Sibray, Andrew Sidamon-Eristoff, Ron Sieber, Karla Beardsley Siegel, Lunelle Siegel, Susan Siegel-Ryan, Sarah Sigler, Rose Marie Sikora, Tobbe Ann Dee Sikorski, Tim Silbaugh, Alfred M. Silberfeld, Bob Siler, Carmen G. Silliman, Leanne Silva, Lupe Silva, Chester D. Silvers III, Susan Simkowski, Carol Hawkins Simmons, Dee Simmons, Jamal Simmons, Jayme Lynn Simmons, Eric Simonds, Lee Simonson, David Simpson, Dee Simpson, Dennis W. Simpson, Ethel C. Simpson, Ginger Simpson, James C. Simpson, Patrick Simpson, Tracy Hargrave Simpson, William Allen Simpson, George G. Sims, Cheryl Singhal, George Lightfoot Singleton, Barbara McCall Fountain Sinks, P. J. Sisseck, Steve Sitton, Susan Siwek, Ruth Grady Skewis, Jerri Skinner, Brad Skipp, Terrence M. Skweres, Robert J. Slade, Edward S. Slagle, Chris Slattery, Michael G. Slaughter, David Sleeper, Matt & Julie Sleightholm, Bill Sloan, Elizabeth M. Sloane, Gretchen Sanbury Slota, Sara Slotman, Roger Slykhouse, Jr., Don Small, Lisa Small, Gene Smallwood, Jarrett Smeby, Edward Smierciak, Alice M. Smith, Alice McBride Smith, Angeline Smith, April Marie Diamond Smith, Barbara Smith, Blanchard Drake Smith, Bob Smith, Bonnie Jo Smith, Brian M. Smith, Charlotte Smith, Christine B. Smith, Conan Smith, David Bruce Smith, Debbie Smith, Dee Smith, Donald U. Smith, Douglas M. Smith, Edward Smith, Ellen Smith, Gerald Smith, Grace Hopkins Smith, Griffin Smith, Hal Smith, Harriet Smith, J. Pat Smith, Jackie Smith, Jane Ann Smith, John Wayne Smith, Julie Fudge Smith, Karen S. Smith, Kim Smith, Kimbal R. Smith, Kimber D. Smith, Kristin F. Smith, Laurie Smith, Leslie Smith, Lisa Smith, Mallory Smith, Margaret Smith, Mark Smith, Mary Gordon Smith, Nels J. Smith, Paul J. & Debbie Smith, Robert Smith, Ron Smith, Scott Smith, Sharon Polk Smith, Sonya Parrott Smith, Stephen D. Smith, Susan Smith, Timothy M. Smith, Victoria Smith, Vince Smith, Virginia Smith, Pam Smithson, Anthony (IV) Smolenski, William F. Smyth, Jr., Julia Sneden, Leigh Murray Clarke Sneed, Chris Earl Snell, John B. Snell, Diane Snider, Norman Snider, Phyllis Snider, C. A. Snow, Deana Snow, Neil Snow, John L. Snowden, L. B. Snyder, Sally W. Snyder, Stephen Snyder, William Snyder, Bill Soards, Sherry Sofia, Victor Sokolov, Marilyn R. Solari, Nathaniel E. Solomon, Ken Solomons, Nils M. Solsvik, Jr., S. L. Soltes, Tracy Someone, Andrew L. Somers, Jr., George A. Somerville, John Q. Somerville, Meg Sondey, Theresa L. Sones, Jason Sonia, Bill Sonsin, Stephanie Sorensen, Karen Kimpel Sorenson, Susan Sorge, Vicente Deymek Sorreta, Barbara Soucy, Richard Dennis Souther, Troy A. Sowers, Fred Spangler, Ron Spangler, Sally Ruffner Spangler, Christina Sparks, Elmer C. Spear, John A. Spear, Jr., Lloyd E. Spear, Bob Speckman, Ruth L. Speed, George Spence, Bernie Spencer, Gina Spiller, Debra Osborne Spindle, Margaret Cotton Spiry, Carol Spreitzer, Remi Spriggs, John C. Sproul, Joe Sprowls, C. B. Squire, W. J. Srstka, Sr. Susan Staff, SDS, William S. Stafford, Mia K. Stageberg, Betty Staley, Helene Andorre Hinson Staley, Anne Stamps, Bob Stamps, Ron Stanchfield, Walter Stander, Gary Staneff, Sharon L. Stang, Charles Stanley, Priscilla Ray Stanley, Robert W. Stapler, Susan Louise Starcevic, Angie Stark, Bill Stark, H. J. L. Stark II, Jeani L. Stark, Mary Jane Starosciak, Timothy S. Starr, John H. Staub III, James Staudenmeier, Warren Steel, David M. Steele, Skipper Steely, Helen Steger, Jeremy Steger, Andrew Steinberg, Brad A. Steinfeld, Barbara A. Steinmetz, Shirley Steinmetz, Robert Steinmeyer, Dianne S. Stenzel, Gary Stephens, Willis H. Stephens, Alan Stephenson, Pat Adams Stephenson, Carol Sterling, Doris F. Sterling, Eric E. Sterling, Julie Stetson, Anne Stevens, Carol Stevens, Harry Stevens, Stephanie Stevens, Dan Stevenson, James Stevenson, John Stevenson, Hoku Paoa Stevenson-Baxter, David A. Stever, Barry Stewart, Robb P. Stewart, Robert E. Stewart, Sam Stewart, Sr., Karen Stickels, Sandra Stief, Linda Stienstra, Jim Stillings, Norma Stiltz, Kevin Stingley, W. Dennis Stires, Kate Stirk, Amanda Stitt, David W. Stobie, Grant M. Stockdale, Karin Stocking, Bob Stockman, Norman Otto Stockmeyer, Jr., Byrne Stoddard, Sherryl Hurst Stoffers, Mickey Stokes, Nina Stokes, Tony Stokes, Bob Stone, Douglas Stone, Kurt F. Stone, Martin Storer, Bobby Storey, C. E. Storke, Bill K. Stotts, Harry E. Stough, Jr., Larry Stout, John A. Stovall, Linda Stowell, Jim Strader, Tim Stransky, Brian Stratton, Carolyn Stratton, Jonathan Strauss, Michael F. Strawbridge, Patty Strawser, Suzy Street, Sheila Y. Stribling, Michael Stricker, John P. Strock, Jennifer Strohl, Jeanne Strong, Mollyra Watkins Stroud, Michelle Struck, Elaine Stuart, Harry W. Stubbs IV, George W. Stukes, Tom Stundza, Mary Sturgeon, G. C. Sturges, Michael D. Suit, Dorothy Rona Sullivan, Jim Sullivan, Marge Sullivan, Steve Sullivan, Teresa Sullivan, Cassandra R. Sumling, Wade Sumner, Sue Sumner-Moore, Betsy Suppes, Barbara Suppo, Matt Surrell, Bryan Sutton, Earl Sutton, Kevin Sutton, Milo Sutton, Scot Sutton, Denis Svoboda, Jonathan Swain, David R. Swanson, Duane P. Swanson, Mark W. Swarthout, Randy Swarthout, Pamela McGee Swayze, Sherry Swayze, Tricia Swearingen, Dan Swecker, Mike Sweeney, Clifford D. Sweet III, Barbara Hutchinson Sweinberg, Joe Swift, Betty Swinnie, Shirley Harper Swisher, Kenneth A. Swope, Edwyna Synar, Tamara D. Hicks Syron, Adam Tabelski, Frances Wentz Taber, Tom Taber, Emma Lou Tabor, Bob Taft, Peter W. Taliaferro, Darlene Tallent, John Tallman, Shhekhar Tamasker, David Tanner, Dan Tate, Patricia Howell Tate, Philip Tavlian, Becky Taylor, Bruce Taylor, Doug Taylor, I. K. {Sandy} Taylor, Jeremiah Taylor, John Taylor, John Taylor, Mary Paull Hubbard Taylor, Rollie Taylor, Teri Taylor, J. Tayt, Rebecca Teahen, Susan H. Tedrick, Henry Teekell, Mary D. Teffet, Patience Tekulsky, Gary Telford, Jenny Tenlen, Theresa Terry, W. Samuel Terry IV, Theresa Tery, James P. Testanti, Victor Thacker, David Tharp, Bill Thayer, G. Robert Theaker, Missi Thede, Gary Thelen, Christopher Theriault, Homer Thiel, Joe Thill, Mary Thoeni, James F. Thoma, N. G. Thoma, Bob Thomas, David Thomas, Henry Thomas, Jana P. Thomas, John Thomas, JoLane Thomas, Karen Thomas, Lott Herrick Thomas, Lowell S. Thomas, Lynette Thomas, Marc Thomas, Patrick Thomas, Sherman Thomas, Scott Thomason, David Thometz, Carter Thompson, Donna Thompson, Elizabeth & William Thompson, Foreman R. Thompson, Nancy Thompson, Paula Dewey Thompson, Peter Thompson, Sandra Thompson, Charles Thomspon, Mark A. Thorburn, John Thornell, Charles Thornton, Clark Thornton, Emily Thornton, Mark Thornton, Sameera V. Thurmond, Angie Thut, Malcolm Thwaite, Eleanor Ticknor, Leslie Tidball, David Tiemann, Rosemary Tiernan, Denise Till, Margot Timberlake, Jim Timbrell, Michael E. Tinley, Robert Tinsley, Marti Tippens, Cheri Tipton, Elaine Tipton, Jim Tipton, Tina Tirsek, Lindsay Titus, Vicki Titus, Marilyn K. Tobey, Alison Tocci, Nora Tocus, Thomas W. Tolbert, Mary Toluchanian, John Toman, Emily Rachel Tompkins, John E. Toncray, Mark Toncray, Stephanie Toney, Carolyn Tonn, Angela Tooley, James R. Tootle, Mark Topolski, Ara Topouzian, Moira Topp, V. W. Torbert, Jane Barr Torres, Eric Torrison, Barbara Torsky, Michael Toth, Roy C. Towlen, Bill Townsend, Tony Townsend, L. Toy, Dallas B. Trammel, Thomas A. Trapani, Pawel Trawicki, Pam Trawinski, Katherine Traynham, Robert Trencheny, John Trezise, Barbara Trish, Wallace Latham Trolan, Jr., Jean True, Josh Truehart, Con Trumbull, Lynn Bedell Truslow, Vicki Truxton, Matt Trynoski, Joe R. Tucker, Bynum E. Tudor, Jr., Gale Tuper, Clark Pierson Turner, Joe Turner, Karen Turner, Marion Turner, Polli Turner, Sue Turner, Terry Turner, Joe Turpin, Norman E. Tutorow, Elbert P. Tuttle, Jr., Cindy Tyler, Gail Tyler, Vincent Tyndall, David B. Udall, Charlie Uhrig, David Fuller Ulrich, Carolyn Umble, Dierdre Uncapher, Anne Underwood, Jack Underwood, Fred Union, Greg L. Upchurch, Thomas Urban, Scott Urbanowski, David Francis Urrows, T. P. Uschanov, Steven Usdansky, Mark Usher, Karen Utter, Robert D. Utter, Wayne Uzzel, Harry C. Vaiden, Robert S. Vail III, Jeffrey Vaillant, John G. Valder, Larry Valterza, Janet Vance, John Vandall, Rachel VanDrake, Edward J. VanDyne, Kaye Vanfleet, Mark vanHudson, Richard VanOrman, Frances VanScoy, Bob VanWicklin, Dirk van_Allen, Daniel J. Van_Antwerp, George Van_Antwerp, Eugene P. Van_Arsdel, Sue van_den_Hoek, Mary Van_Deusen, Tom Van_Engen, Robert W. van_Hengel, Jim Van_Kennen, Laurence van_Kleek, John Van_Matre, Gilden R. Van_Norman, Marilyn Van_Pelt, Barbara R. Van_Riper, Annemarie van_Roessel, Dona Van_Voorst, Whittington Polk Vara, Ruth Varley, Paula Varrassi, M. Vaselaar, Ed Vaughan, Louis Veazey, Evelyn Velson, Keith Vennum, Keith B. Vennum, Martha Verchot, Christie Hamilton Verdonik, Larry Verhei, Jennie Vertrees, Victor L. Vesnaver, Beth L. Fellows Vetter, Penny Miramon Vicari, John Clifford Vickerman, Robert D. Vickers, Carlos Izzo Videla, James E. Vidrine, Bob Viguers, Bonnie Vincent, William R. Vincent, Greg Vine, V. Viner, Robert E. Vines, Paul Vitartas, George Vitt, James A. Vitullo, Dottie Vlcej, Karen Vockrodt, Catherine S. Vodrey, Brad Vogel, Evon Z. Vogt, Richard Voitier, Jane Kay Volkema, Hans-Joerg Volkmann, Tom Vondruska, Linda Darnell VonKossovsky, Mark von_Destinon, Alexis M. von_Zielinski, Dave Voorhees, Bonnie Vrchota, Jeanne Waddell, Jeffrey Waddell, Michael G. Waddell, Zach Waddicor, Will Wade, Case Wagenvood, Lawanna Waggy, Dale Wagner, Kevin B. Wagner, Richard Wagner, William Muhlenberg Wagner, Paulette Crabiel Wahler, Frank S. Waite, Matt Walcoff, Larry Walcutt, Brannon Walden, Sonna Waldron, Alex A. Waldrop, David C. Wales, Sister Patrice Wales, Alan Walker, B. Walker, Barbara Walker, Barbra Lang Walker, Bill Walker, Cathy Horton Walker, Cory Walker, Jim Walker, Joe Walker, Kelley Walker, Lori Walker, Maggi Walker, Max Walker, Michael Wingfield Walker, Richard Walker, Stuart Walker, Townsend Walker, Homer Walkup, Al Wall, Carter Wall, James Wall, Natasha Wall, Richard Wall, Virgil Wall, George Wallace, Marc Wallace, Michelle West Wallace, Paul S. Wallace, W. Peter Wallace, Lisa Wallerstein, John A. Wallsteadt, Kathleen Walseth, Anthony A. Walsh, Bob Walsh, Charles Walsh, Frank Frost Walsh, Kevin Walsh, Ralph Walsh, Justine Walter, Judith Allison Walters, Bill Waltman, Julia Ann Walton, Terry Walton, Thomas H. Walton, Terry Walz, Bob Wamble, Mark Wampler, Bob Ward, Craig Ward, David Ward, Lori Ward, Mary Ward, Patrick Ward, Paul Ward, Peter Ward, Rachel Ward, Robert Ward, Sam C. Ward, Chris Warden, Loretta Wardrip, Barbara Ware, Paul C. Warehall, Paul Warfel, Bill Warnell, Dennis E. Warnemunde, Richard Warner, Bill Warren, Charles Warren, George T. Warren II, Matt Warren, Patricia Nell Warren, Will Warren, Walter Wasacz, John W. Washabaugh, Dick Waskey, Tom Wasniewski, Sharon Wason, Dick Wasserstrom, Tom Waterman, Fenelon A. Waters, Barb Watson, Brande Watson, Don Watson, Michael Watson, Richard M. Watson, Carol Watt, William J. Watt, Jr., Mary Ashcraft Watts, Darrell Waugh, Elizabeth Rose O'Kon Waurzyniak, Paul M. Waxelbaum, Jim Waydula, Dick Weadock, Sondra Weaser, Bob Weaver, Patricia Tate Weaver, William Hall Weaver, Margery Webb, Nathaniel J. Webb III, D. Weber, Douglas Weber, Lynne Weber, Deborah Webster, Stephen Webster, Lucky Hart Weddigen, Robert Wedding, Mike Weddle, Nathan O. Weeks, Wayne Weeks, Carleton L. Weidemeyer, Michael Weinkrantz, Amanda Weisenberger, Daniel H. Weiskotten, Arnold R. Weiss, Jerry Weissman, Patricia Welch, Richard F. Welch, W. L. Welch, Warren Welch, Paul Welday, Teri Weldon, Christian Nathan Wells, Dean Wells, Jack T. Wells, James H. Wells, Joe Wells, Tim Wells, Wellington Wells III, Jackie Welsh, Susan Welsh, Phil Weltner, Barbara Sue Hedgcock Werner, Larry Wert, James D. West, Jeff West, Larry West, Mary West, Hollister West-Villanueva, Eve Westvik, Jameson Michael Wetmore, Richard Weyel, Paul Whalen, Emmett Whealan, Marc Wheat, Conner Wheatley, George Wheatley, Robert Wheaton, Henry Wheeler, Jan Wheeler, Julia Rivkin Wheeler, Kimberly A. Wheeler, Mary Beth Wheeler, Rachel Wheeler, Albert Keith Whitaker, Ann Whitchurch, Annette White, Elmer White, Eric Jon White II, Gary Evans White, Gaye Douglass White, Linda Disston White, Mark White, Matthew White, Peter White, Rebecca P. White, Sharon L. White, Sheri White, Jack Whited, Jack Whited, Alan Whitehead, Sandy Roberts Whitehead, Sheldon Whitehouse, Honey Whiting, Mike Whiting, Cheryl K. Whitlock, Warren Whitney, Patrick J. Whittle, U. C. Whittock, Upshur Whittock, J. M. Wice, Paul Wick, Whiting John Wicker, Linwood Wickett, Harry Widdows, Shelley Wiebe, Bernard Wieman, Wayne L. Wilber, Scott Wilburn, Ruth R. Wilcox, Will Wilcox, Lowell Wilde, Ellen Wilds, Mitch Wilds, Scott Wilds, D. Wildstein, Marsha Whited Wilgis, Mary Lou Wilhelm, Julia Wilk, Heather Wilke, Jim Wilke, Sue Wilken, Bill Wilkin, Gary Lee Wilkins, James K. Wilkins, Sally Wilkins, Catherine Perry Wilkinson, Gene C. Wilkinson, Harold Wilkinson, Whiting Russell Willauer, Jr., A. Harry Williams, Carolann Wells Williams, Claudia Williams, David Williams, Deborah Williams, Edward L. Williams, Gordon Williams, Homer Williams, Jeff Williams, Jeffrey Williams, John Williams, John Williams, John Williams, Julian Williams, Kathleen M. Williams, Keith Williams, Lewis Lanier Williams, Melissa Williams, Pat Williams, Robert Williams, Ron Williams, Steve Williams, Terri Williams, Thomas Williams, Todd Williams, Tracy E. Williams, Jr., Dorothy Strong Williamson, Lamar Williamson, Jr., Melissa Williamson, Ronald Williamson, Michael Williard, George C. Willick, Elaine Willier, Beth Wills, Carter L. Wilson III, Clifford E. Wilson, Dave Wilson, Diane Wilson, Donald E. Wilson, Eric Wilson, Greg Wilson, Jeff Wilson, Jim Wilson, Joyce Wilson, Kay Wilson, Pete Wilson, Philip S. Wilson, Roger A. Wilson, Ron Wilson, Venisa Wilson, Frank Wimberly, Paullette Wimberly, Thomas L. Wimberly, Kenneth Wimmel, Gip H. Winecoff III, Steven Winegardner, Robert Winfield, Andrew Wing, Raymond Wing, Barbara Walker Winge, Keith Winkler, Gail Winn, Keith Winstead, Belinda Winston, Jack Winston, Barbara Winters, R. D. Winthrop, Bruce Wisentaner, Barbara J. Wiser, Wendie Witherbee, Kay Withers, Brenton H. Witherspoon, Walt Witkowski, Gretchen Witt, Becky Wodek, Robert E. Wojtylo, Pam Wolak, Harvey Wolchan, Jerry Wolf, Christopher Wolfe, Peter R. Wolfe, Marc Wolin, Terry Hamilton Wollin, Conley Wolterman, Richard Wong, Richard L. Wong, Bucky Wood, Earl Wood, Kari Wood, Kay Wood, Nelson Wood, David Marcus Woodcock, Sue Woodford-Beals, Debra Woodman, George Woodmansee, Clifton A. Woodrum, Bruce L. Woods, Frederick T. Woods, S. Howard Woodson III, Chuck Woodward, Mac Woodward, Jim Woofter, Jennifer Wooleyhand, Eric Woolhiser, Kenneth Jennings Wooster, Kimberly A. Wootton-Egan, John Woram, Jim Word, Robert L. Worden, Charles S. Wright, 2nd, Doni Wright, Ginny Wright, Jay Wright, Patricia M. Wright, Steven L. 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Henry L. Clinton, Apollo Hall, New York City, February 3, 1872
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