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U.S. Diplomatic chiefs of mission to Japan

Townsend Harris (Minister 1859) Robert H. Pruyn (Minister 1861) Robert B. Van Valkenburgh (Minister 1866-69) Charles E. De Long (Minister 1869) John Armor Bingham (Minister 1873) Richard B. Hubbard (Minister 1885) John Franklin Swift (Minister 1889-91) Frank L. Coombs (Minister 1892-93) Edwin Dun (Minister 1893-97) Alfred E. Buck (Minister 1897) Lloyd C. Griscom (Minister 1902-06) Luke E. Wright (Ambassador 1906-07) Thomas J. O'Brien (Ambassador 1907-11) Charles P. Bryan (Ambassador 1911-12) Larz Anderson (Ambassador 1912-13) George W. Guthrie (Ambassador 1913-17) Roland S. Morris (Ambassador 1917-20) Charles B. Warren (Ambassador 1921-22) Cyrus E. Woods (Ambassador 1923-24) Edgar A. Bancroft (Ambassador 1924-25) Charles MacVeagh (Ambassador 1925-29) William Richards Castle (Ambassador 1929-30) W. Cameron Forbes (Ambassador 1930) Joseph C. Grew (Ambassador 1932-38) Robert D. Murphy (Ambassador 1952) John M. Allison (Ambassador 1953) Douglas MacArthur II (Ambassador 1957-61) Edwin Oldfather Reischauer (Ambassador 1961-66) U. Alexis Johnson (Ambassador 1966-69) Armin H. Meyer (Ambassador 1969-72) Robert Stephen Ingersoll (Ambassador 1972) James Day Hodgson (Ambassador 1974) Mike Mansfield (Ambassador 1977-88) Michael Armacost (Ambassador 1989) Walter F. Mondale (Ambassador 1993) Thomas S. Foley (Ambassador 1997-) Howard H. Baker (Ambassador 2001)

U.S. Consuls in Japan

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U.S. Politicians who were born in Japan

U.S. Politicians who lived in Japan

U.S. Politicians who died in Japan

Cemeteries and Memorial Sites of U.S. Politicians in Japan

Aoyama Cemetery
Tokyo, Japan

Politicians buried here:

"Enjoy the hospitable entertainment of a political graveyard."
Henry L. Clinton, Apollo Hall, New York City, February 3, 1872
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