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U.S. Diplomatic chiefs of mission to Spain

John Jay (Minister 1779-82) William Carmichael (Charge d'Affaires 1783-94) William Short (Minister 1794-95) David Humphreys (Minister 1796-1801) Charles Pinckney (Minister 1801-04) George W. Erving (Minister 1814-19) John Forsyth (Minister 1819-23) Hugh Nelson (Minister 1823-25) Alexander H. Everett (Minister 1825-29) Cornelius P. Van Ness (Minister 1829-36) John H. Eaton (Minister 1836-40) Aaron Vail (Charge d'Affaires 1840-42) Washington Irving (Minister 1842-46) Romulus M. Saunders (Minister 1846-49) Daniel M. Barringer (Minister 1849-53) Pierre Soulé (Minister 1853-55) Augustus C. Dodge (Minister 1855-59) William Preston (Minister 1859-61) Carl Schurz (Minister 1861) Gustavus Koerner (Minister 1862-64) John P. Hale (Minister 1865-69) Daniel E. Sickles (Minister 1869-74) Caleb Cushing (Minister 1874-77) James Russell Lowell (Minister 1877-80) Lucius Fairchild (Minister 1880-81) Hannibal Hamlin (Minister 1881-82) John W. Foster (Minister 1883-85) Jabez L. M. Curry (Minister 1885-88) Perry Belmont (Minister 1888-89) Thomas W. Palmer (Minister 1889-90) E. Burd Grubb (Minister 1890-92) A. Loudon Snowden (Minister 1892-93) Hannis Taylor (Minister 1893-97) Stewart L. Woodford (Minister 1897-98) Bellamy Storer (Minister 1899-1902) Arthur S. Hardy (Minister 1902-05) William Miller Collier (Minister 1905-09) Henry C. Ide (Minister 1909-13) Joseph E. Willard (Ambassador 1913-21) Cyrus E. Woods (Ambassador 1921-23) Alexander P. Moore (Ambassador 1923-25) Ogden H. Hammond (Ambassador 1925-29) Irwin Laughlin (Ambassador 1929-33) Claude G. Bowers (Ambassador 1933-39) Alexander W. Weddell (Ambassador 1939-42) Carlton J. H. Hayes (Ambassador 1942-45) Norman Armour (Ambassador 1945) Stanton Griffis (Ambassador 1951-52) Lincoln MacVeagh (Ambassador 1952-53) James Clement Dunn (Ambassador 1953-55) John Davis Lodge (Ambassador 1955-61) A. J. Drexel Biddle, Jr. (Ambassador 1961) Robert F. Woodward (Ambassador 1962-65) Angier Biddle Duke (Ambassador 1965-68) Robert F. Wagner, Jr. (Ambassador 1968-69) Robert C. Hill (Ambassador 1969-72) Horacio Rivero (Ambassador 1972-74) Wells Stabler (Ambassador 1975-78) Terence A. Todman (Ambassador 1978-83) Thomas O. Enders (Ambassador 1983-86) Reginald Bartholomew (Ambassador 1986-89) Joseph Zappala (Ambassador 1989-92) Richard G. Capen, Jr. (Ambassador 1992-93) Richard N. Gardner (Ambassador 1993-97) Edward L. Romero (Ambassador 1998-2001) George L. Argyros, Sr. (Ambassador 2001-04) Eduardo Aguirre, Jr. (Ambassador 2005-)

U.S. Consuls in Spain

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U.S. Politicians who were born in Spain

U.S. Politicians who lived in Spain

U.S. Politicians who died in Spain

Cemeteries and Memorial Sites of U.S. Politicians in Spain

Unknown Location
Coin, Spain

Politicians buried here:

"Enjoy the hospitable entertainment of a political graveyard."
Henry L. Clinton, Apollo Hall, New York City, February 3, 1872
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