Darth Vader and the Lost Command #5 Preview
The final battle with the insurgents brings a resolution to the mystery of Moff Tarkin's son. Vader resolves the entire mission in a way that only he, the darkest Lord of the Sith, can!
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What's New This Week: Star Wars Galaxy Comic #8
Star Wars Galaxy#8 is on sale May 12th in the UK. It's a a Sith spectacular with three awesome stories from the dark side!
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Random House Inc. and Lucasfilm Ltd. Announce Launch of Star Wars eBook Program
The entire library of Star Wars fiction titles under the Del Rey and Bantam Spectra will be available as eBooks of June 28, 2011
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LEGO Star Wars: Save The Galaxy!
The Star Wars galaxy awaits young readers, with a LEGO twist!
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May the 4th -- and a Free Crimson Empire III Preview -- Be With You
Everyone loves free comics!
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DK.com: DK Celebrates Star Wars and Reading in Canada
DK Canada is celebrating "May the 4th" and the joys of reading with a special photo contest...
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What's New This Week: Insider, Allies, Fett Comics and More!
Here's a look at what new books are available this week for Star Wars readers....
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Author Drew Karpyshyn Talks Revan Novel
As well as exploring what happened to Revan after Knights of the Old Republic, in this novel readers will learn who the Sith Emperor is in the time of the Old Republic, where they came from and how they have held onto power for so long...
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