Garrick were a year older than the Wednesday club, being formed in 1866. They, along with the Wellington club, had the honour of playing in the world's first two football club knockout competitions.
     In the Youdan Cup, Garrick lost by one goal and one
rouge to nothing at the Cremorne ground on London Road. A year later they entered the Cromwell Cup and after beating Wellington (apparently borrowing 7 players from the Heeley club to ensure victory) they met the newly organised Wednesday Club in the final at Bramall Lane. In front of around 500 spectators the two clubs fought out a scoreless tie. It was agreed to play extra time with the first team to score being the victor (thus becoming the first use of the Golden Goal). Unfortunately Garrick were the losers when Wednesday scored a comedy goal after 10 minutes (a Garrick defender hoofed the ball straight up in the air and when it came down it deflected off someone's shoulder between the posts).
     Garrick now withdrew from playing the more popular local teams, instead taking on the minor teams and playing the occasional out of town match (including one of Sheffield's first rugby matches against Manchester Free Wanderers) and also the occasional match against the local pantomime actors - which were huge matches attracting crowds almost as big as the local cup finals.
     Garrick finally disappeared from the scene in 1878.