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    Slugthrower rifle
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From the Movies

As the Alliance grew, many scattered cultures threw in their lot with the Rebels. Unlike the almost uniformly human ranks of the Empire, Alliance bases featured a sampling of alien species from across the galaxy. During the historic briefing that preceded the crucial Battle of Endor, aliens including Mon Calamari, Ishi Tib and Sullustans were well represented. There was also a species of mysterious prune-faced commandos ready to take the fight to the Empire.

From the Expanded Universe

The planet Dressel was an all too common example of a world under Imperial subjugation. The Empire, interested in the resources of the planet, garrisoned the world and stripped the native Dressellians of their personal liberties.

Backed by Bothan interests, the Dressellians began to fight back. They proved to be capable warriors, using their primitive technology and slug-throwing rifles to harass the Imperial presence. When word of their exploits reached Alliance High Command, the Dressellians were invited to join the Rebellion.

Orrimaarko, an eye-patch wearing commando, was one of the first Dressellians to join. He was the first of his people given command of an Alliance SpecForce unit.

Behind the Scenes

A number of Prune Face aliens are present during the Rebel briefing. One was turned into a Kenner action figure in 1984 with the production nickname becoming the alien's name. Many fans have speculated whether or not the Prune Faces were actually Bothans, but later publications instead identified them as Dressellians.

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