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    Max Rebo Band

From the Movies

Keeping the tempo of the Max Rebo Band are a pair of alien drummers. Umpass-stay is an energetic Klatooinian with a canine-like snout and hooded eyes.

From the Expanded Universe

Like many young Klatooinians, Umpass-stay spent most of his life toiling in Hutt servitude. Born to slavery, Umpass-stay's family belonged to the Desilijic Hutt clan. He grew up on the agricultural world of Shawti, and served as a personal bodyguard to Shebba the Hutt. Though Umpass-stay was a capable guard, he failed to suspect Shebba's duplicitous nephew, Jabba, as a risk. Jabba killed Shebba, and Umpass-stay's ownership transferred grubby hands.

In Jabba's employ, Umpass-stay first worked as a spy. He posed as a typical goon or as a servant, and joined Ak-rev in providing percussion to the Max Rebo Band. When a traveling band of minstrels sitting in with the Max Rebo Band once tried -- and failed -- to kill the Hutt, Jabba insisted on having his toughs join in on the drums during all shows as added protection.

Jabba left Umpass-stay behind when he headed out into the Dune Sea to execute Luke Skywalker and his friends. Though he was freed from Jabba's service following the Hutt's fiery demise, it wasn't long before Umpass-stay, directionless, found employment in another Desilijic clan house.

Behind the Scenes

Though Umpass-stay's wardrobe is new, his face and hands are Return of the Jedi props drawn from the Lucasfilm Archives. The drumming style of Ak-rev and Umpass-stay is derived from the Japanese art and practice of Taiko.

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