Bibble, Sio

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    The Naboo - Royal Advisory Council

From the Movies

Sio Bibble was the outspoken governor of Naboo. When the Trade Federation brazenly blockaded the trade routes to the small pastoral world, Bibble was among the first to suspect invasion. His suspicions proved correct. Bibble, like the rest of the Naboo citizenry, was taken captive by the mechanized armies of the Trade Federation.

Queen Amidala fled to Coruscant with the help of Jedi ambassadors to secure aid from Senator Palpatine. Bibble stayed behind, to placate the Neimoidian invaders and to represent the besieged people. Nute Gunray delighted in toying with Bibble, taunting him about the dire state of the Naboo populace.

After Naboo was liberated, Bibble attended the parade celebrating the newfound freedom.

From the Expanded Universe

In addition to his position as governor, Sio Bibble was the chair of the Naboo Royal Advisory Council. He met with Naboo's various regional representatives, overseeing duties that do not require the Queen's direct involvement. Bibble was an outspoken, intelligent man, who fancied himself a philosopher and scholar.

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