News Roundup: Dailymotion, Clipshack, Patchouli, Veoh, DTV & ION

It’s getting harder to keep up with the flood of new tools and services intended to allow posting and sharing of video online.

This week, two more vlog hosting/FlickR for video services are out, including Dailymotion, and Clipshack.

There is also a new tool for posting video, including Patchouli, which runs on the DotClear CMS.

Veoh Networks, which is calling itself the world’s first peercasting network, just closed its series A funding with Shelter Capital Partners. The founding team looks strong, but the balance between the company’s statements that “Veoh provides an open system,” “Veoh utilizes a proprietary, secure P2P network that helps prevent piracy of content, “and “VeohNet was specifically designed to provide DMCA compliance,” is a bit unclear.

Finally there are two new aggregators, DTV, from the Participatory Culture Foundation, and I/ON, from Open Network Television.

Still missing: something easier than Azureus + tracker sites for BitTorrent, and services to manage rights in a lightweight practical way.

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