Doug Favell
aaaaa 1977-78 Colorado Rockies Game Worn Home Jersey
Player: Doug Favell
Team: Colorado Rockies_______Style: Home Jersey
Manufacturer: Champion_______Material: Mesh body with knit hem and sleeve stripes
Tagging: Champion tag in neck
Year: 1977-78 _______Set: N/A_______Size: verify
Patches: none
Acquired From: Leland's auction - May 2002
Photomatched: No
Description: One of my favorite jersey styles, this Champion mesh Rockies jersey came from the May, 2002, Leland's auction. The jersey shows moderate wear with many puck and stick marks on the sleeves and some on the body. The bottom yellow stripes, which are of a knit material and sewn on top of the mesh, show nice pilling. Besides the yellow, red and blue stripes, everything is screened onto the jersey. The nameplate was removed which is common for Rockies jerseys from this era.