Interamerican Association for Environmental Defense: Human Rights and Environmental Law

Climate change may be the greatest long-term threat to human communities and biodiversity. AIDA works to address the root causes and develop strategies for mitigation.

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Environmental health and human health are two sides of the same coin. AIDA defends human rights against environmental threats in the hemisphere.

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Fisheries and marine ecosystems are severely threatened worldwide. AIDA works to protect the fragile marine and coastal biodiversity of the Americas.

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AIDA builds capacity and expands opportunities for citizen participation by forging international alliances and equipping stakeholders with the tools to get involved.

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Clean freshwater is a cornerstone of human health and biodiversity. AIDA uses the law to safeguard freshwater from depletion and contamination.

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Link to more information Belo Monte Dam Suspended
In a major victory, the IACHR has requested that the Brazilian government halt the project and consult with communities.
Link to more information Cabo Pulmo Coral Reef in Danger
AIDA opposes a series of large developments that would threaten a precious coral reef in Baja California Sur.
Link to more information Climate Change and Human Rights in the Americas
Read the Executive Summary to AIDA's report on the impacts of climate change.
Link to more information Colombian Ministry Announces Wetlands Protection
Colombia signals that it will halt construction of one of the world's largest open-pit mines.


Founded in 1998, AIDA is an environmental law organization that protects threatened ecosystems and the human communities that depend on them.

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Monthly Updates

Link to more information May 2011
Is Brazil Heading Down the Wrong Path?
Link to more information April 2011
Aida opposes tourism developments near threatened coral reef
Link to more information March 2011
Holding Out Hope for Brazil’s Indigenous and Traditional Communities
Link to more information February 2011
Court Victory for Biodiversity and Human Rights May Be Overturned