Thu, May 19, 2011 | 02:24 BST

Call of Duty website revamped

Activision has polished up the Call of Duty website with a big ole Modern Warfare 2 logo front and centre.

Click through for an interactive map, compiling four teaser videos released so far – America, England, France and Germany, each of which has racked up millions of views on YouTube.

There’s also links to the game’s various social media presences, so you can enjoy a frenzy of anticipation wherever you go.

That’s your lot, and probably enough given the massive hype, but expect a new trailer this week.



19/05/11, 3:04 am

A brand new Modern Warfare 2 logo eh?


19/05/11, 3:57 am

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19/05/11, 6:40 am

I think you mean Modern Warfare 3 logo not Modern Warfare 2


19/05/11, 9:05 am

WTF??!! You SURELY mean Modern Warfare 3, right?! Journos can’t tell apart 2 and 3, lolololololol



19/05/11, 9:49 am

cut them a slack guy=s we carnt exgpect jurnos to b god at nuymbers as word-learnin’ to


19/05/11, 9:56 am

@5: Did you deliberately mean to misspell quite a lot of your post?


19/05/11, 10:20 am

@6 He was making a funny…. I sincerely hope so anyway :)

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