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Walloon incentives


The Walloon Region, together with its intermunicipal agencies, manages 130 business parks which are fully equipped and connected to the country's major motorway and rail networks. Furthermore, to encourage new companies to locate and develop in Wallonia and to stimulate business in general, the Walloon Region has set up a system of clear and attractive incentives.

In particular, the Walloon Region seeks to encourage the development of a diversified fabric of small and medium-sized enterprises that will constitute the backbone of the Region's economic activities.

Various agencies are making their contribution towards this initiative: the Walloon Regional Investment Society (SRIW), the General Directorate for the Economy and Employment (DGEE), the General Directorate for Technologies, Research and Energy (DGTRE), the Walloon Export Agency (AWEX) and the Office for Foreign Investors (OFI).


Mise à jour : 22/01/2007

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