Emblem - Olympic Council of Asia

The OCA logo was officially approved and adopted during the 25th OCA GA held in Doha on 2nd of December 2006.The Council shall have its own Logo which will be as follows:The logo of the council will be a bright sun in red with 16 rays and a white circle in the middle of the disc of the sun encircled by the Asian Dragon and Falcon with the Olympic Rings beneath followed by the text Olympic Council of Asia.

The Logo of the OCA represents the OCA’s personality of a “highly dynamic and challenging person”; a “Universal peaceful citizen” and a “Passionate Champion” The Dragon, found in East & South East Asia represents: Good fortune, abundance, success, power, courage, nobility, versatile and dynamic.

The Falcon, found in the mountainous regions of Himalayas, South and Central Asia and also a big hobby in West Asia represents: Precision, grace, strength, loyalty, vision, speed, athletic and endurance.

The Logo is the sole property of the OCA and a registered trade mark of the Council. It can be used in full or in part as per the requirement, with the prior approval of the President OCA.

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