Malar, Bane

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  • Weapon:
    Customized slug-rifle
  • Affiliation:
    Bounty hunter

From the Expanded Universe

The inmates of the Kessel spice mines dreaded the name Bane Malar. Prison officials employed the mysterious bounty hunter to stalk escapees across the planet's frigid salt flats and return them to Imperial servitude. Wearing a faceless black enviro-suit at all times to give him an advantage in Kessel's thin air, he favored a powerful Czerka Noslo-19 slug rifle loaded with specialty ammo. Those he brought in alive were terrified of him, and swore at every turn they could hear his voice whispering in their ears, compelling them to surrender.

Bane had a secret edge: born naturally telepathic, Kessel's glitterstim spice temporarily enhanced his mental abilities and made him an uncanny hunter, allowing him to detect and touch the minds of his quarry. He became a hopeless addict, and fitted his suit with inhalers to ensure him regular doses of the illicit substance. The drug also made him increasingly paranoid.

The Empire wasn't his only paying customer. When fugitives sought by the Hutts wound up in the mines, Bane was paid handsomely to allow them to escape and to ensure they died resisting capture. He had an open invitation to Jabba's on Tatooine, but rarely strayed far from the wellspring of his habit.

Money and spice was all Bane loved, and when a better offer came his way via the Black Sun syndicate, he accepted a contract to eliminate Jabba. He returned to the palace and plotted to assassinate the Hutt with a capsule of tainted spice in his hookah pipe. Bane's senses had a momentary brush with the mind of Luke Skywalker upon his arrival, and the experience threw him into a panic; he became convinced that if he remained at Jabba's, the Jedi would be the death of him. Bane left Tatooine and returned to Kessel. To make amends with Black Sun he attempted to spring one of their agents from Imperial custody, but botched the attempt. He was forced to flee, separated from the source of his precious spice and for the first time on the wrong end of a death mark.

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