Me, Lyn

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    1.6 meters
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    Max Rebo Band

From the Movies

Lyn Me was one of several dancing girls that performed in the court of Jabba the Hutt for the depraved amusements of the bloated crime lord. In addition to her graceful gyrations, Lyn Me leant her voice for backup vocals to the Max Rebo Band. Lyn Me is a beautiful Twi'lek with chalk-white skin.

From the Expanded Universe

The Twi'leks of Ryloth have faced generations of hardship. Their rocky windswept home is seared by periodic heatstorms, the popularity and profitability of the native ryll drug has forever insinuated the criminal underworld into Ryloth culture, and many young Twi'lek females are sold into slavery.

Many Twi'leks have learned to accept this misfortune as part of harsh reality. Lyn Me's village pooled their resources to hire a protector, however. They were able to secure the services of Boba Fett to do away with merciless slavers hunting their children. Though the village was left destitute by Fett's hefty fee, the bounty hunter killed the slavers and saved the young.

This was one of Lyn Me's first memories, and it has deeply affected her life. She grew to regard Boba Fett as a hero, blindly ignoring his less-than-favorable reputation. She became infatuated with the hunter, tracking his career in hopes of one day meeting him.

Lyn Me's dancing abilities earned her a place in the Max Rebo Band, and while in the employ of Jabba the Hutt, the young Twi'lek had a chance to meet her hero. She exchanged brief words with Fett before the mysterious hunter was called to the Dune Sea along with the rest of the execution party. Lyn Me stayed behind.

She was crushed to learn that Fett had died in the sail barge battle. Enraged at the death of her misplaced love, Lyn Me swore vengeance on Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia Organa and Han Solo.

Behind the Scenes

Lyn Me was added into the Special Edition release of Return of the Jedi. She was played by dancer Dalyn Chew.

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