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From the Movies

The Royal Guards of the Naboo's Theed Palace carried standard blaster sidearms equipped with ascension guns. Fitted below the blaster barrel is a projectile launcher. During the Battle of Naboo, Captain Panaka and his troops armed these launchers with grappling hooks and cables to ascend the side of the Royal Palace and circumvent a corridor barricaded by Trade Federation troops.

Commander Luke Skywalker used a similar device during the Battle of Hoth, a magnetic harpoon gun. Luke fired this weapon and winched himself up to the underbelly of an Imperial walker. Using his lightsaber, Luke breached the walker's armor and deposited a well-placed proton mine that destroyed the Imperial vehicle.

From the Expanded Universe

The standard Naboo sidearm is the Security S-5 blaster pistol. A versatile weapon, the S-5 has twin scopes, one for sighting and one for rangefinding. Its dart launcher can carry anaesthetic microdarts as well as grappling hook tip that works well with a liquid-cable shooter attachment. The cable reservoir holds enough liquid to form 20 meters of cable. The spike launcher costs about 50 Republic credits.

Behind the Scenes

Jedi carry a similar grappling spike device, as a cut scene from The Phantom Menace indicates. After emerging in a Theed estuary, the bongo sub carrying Qui-Gon Jinn, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Jar Jar Binks was to have been carried over a waterfall. The Jedi and their Gungan navigator escape this calamity by using a grappling spike launcher that connected the sub to nearby outcropping.

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