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Linux is an Open Source computer operating system designed primarily for the PC but also available for a wide range of other systems. Please note that Linux UK is not a company or legal entity and this site is merely a support platform run by people (in the UK) who are interested in Linux, for people (in the UK) who are interested in Linux.

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Contributing to this site is easy, first you will need to register with the site by clicking on New User to obtain your own unique user id. You can then use this to log into the site and take part in the discussions hosted in the Forums section. If you would like to write content for the site or submit press releases, please mail your request to

New to Linux

Please visit our introductory page which explains a little about what Linux is and what it does, how you might best use it, or indeed if it's likely to be suitable for you. If you're looking for support, please post your queries on the Forums section and we will reply. If you email your questions to the hostmaster, all he will do is refer you to the Forums!

General Information

There is a LOT of information knocking about that relates to Linux and sometimes it seems impossible to know where to start to find new software or solutions to problems. Here are a few  links to get you up and running ...

Documentation / Instructions
Major Linux Distributions
Vendors who sell "Linux Computers"
An Introduction to Linux Ubuntu Linux (Canonical Ltd)
The Linux Emporium
Linux for Beginners (Tutorial)
Red Hat Linux (Red Hat Inc.)
ASUS International (via Amazon)
The Linux FAQ Collection Suse Linux (Novell) LandMarq
The Debian Reference Manual Fedora Linux (Red Hat Inc.) Digital Networks UK
Bash Guide for Beginners Mandriva Linux (Mandriva)
Dell Inc. (Direct)
More Vendors ...

News and Reviews   

The site keeps track of many news sources including RSS news feeds from other sites, journals and newsletters from popular Open Source providers, home grown articles and reviews and user submitted articles either posted on the Forums or directly to user allocated space within the site.


Specialist Newsletters & Updates

We also track a number of special interest newsletters and broadcast updates which you can read here on the site. Although they may not appeal to everyone it's often quite interesting to dust  dip in and see what's going on in techie-space.

Linux Videos and Presentations


Today we have more than words alone, we have YouTube! If you want to get a feel for some of the goings on in the Linux world, take a look at some of the videos people have been making about or around Linux. We have a brief selection of videos listed here, some of the adverts may be a little cheeky, however they're all good fun .. take a look and tell us what you think!

Featured Articles

From time to time people write articles specifically for the site, the most recent of which we list on the front page. If you've some Linux skill and some time to kill (no rhyme intended!) write us an article and send it to The Linux Hostmaster, anything we publish wins you a free email address

Date Description
30 Jun 2009
3G Broadband with Ubuntu Notebook Remix (and the Samsung N10)
17 Sep 2008 Using Apache to load balance [Zope] Application servers
04 August 2008
Redhat, a little bit about what it is and how it came to be
01 August 2008 Ubuntu, a basic introduction - what is it?
28 July 2008 An integrated Email / Groupware solution for Linux
26 June 2008 How to get online with 3G Broadband (using "three" and Ubuntu)

Featured Software

Every now and again a really nice (or interesting) piece of software becomes available or gets updated and we'll write a short ditty here. If you see something come out that deserves a mention, please let us know and we'll see what we can do!

Date Description
 29 Aug 2008
 Gambas, Rapid Application Development for Linux

Featured Games

I've often heard it said that people use Windows because all the good games are for Windows and Linux games aren't up to much. Not so!  We will attempt to document some of the more professional games here ...

 16 Aug 2008
 Warzone 2100, something in a style similar to "Command & Conquer"

Featured Hardware

As with software, lots of nice shiny Linux driven computers and gadgets are appearing that we just can't ignore. These are just the most recent toys we've seen, if you see something we've missed, tell us!

 20 Feb 2009
Yoggie SOHO Open FireWall

Please Note

Content published on this site comes from a number of different sources. Some information is moderated by local editors but a large component is information republished from different sources on the Internet. If you see something that you think is inappropriate, please feel free to contact The Linux Hostmaster and we will try to deal with your query as quickly as possible. Do however bear in mind that if the information is listed on newsfeed or a howto, although we can remove the information from this site, it's actually being published elsewhere on the Internet. Please enjoy the site and let us know if there's anything you think we can do to enhance your browsing experience.

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