RExcelInstaller: Integration of R and Excel, (use R in Excel, read/write XLS files)

RExcel, an add-in for MS Excel on MS Windows, allows to transfer data between R and Excel, writing VBA macros using R as a library for Excel, and calling R functions as worksheet function in Excel. RExcel integrates nicely with R Commander (Rcmdr). This R package installs the Excel add-in for Excel versions from 2003 to 2010. It only works on MS Windows. RExcelInstaller installs RExcel for all supported versions of Excel found on the target machine. The LGPL license only applies to the installer, not to the Excel addin it installs.

Version: 3.1-15
Depends: R (≥ 2.12.0), rcom (≥ 2.1-3)
Suggests: Rcmdr (≥ 1.3-13)
Enhances: Rcmdr (≥ 1.3-13)
OS_type: windows
Published: 2011-05-22
Author: Erich Neuwirth
Maintainer: Erich Neuwirth <erich.neuwirth at>
License: LGPL
SystemRequirements: Windows, Excel
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Package source: RExcelInstaller_3.1-15.tar.gz
MacOS X binary: not available, see check log.
Windows binary:
Reference manual: RExcelInstaller.pdf
Old sources: RExcelInstaller archive

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Reverse imports: RthroughExcelWorkbooksInstaller
Reverse suggests: rseedcalc