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The mission of San Ignacio was projected between the Cochimies Indians of the region of Kadakaaman, since 1706. The Father Píccolo visited the site several times, going from Mulegé in a day trip. On 1716, the Father celebrated a ninth pray to the Virgin in the provisional chapel. The only one ninth pray, since by lack of personnel could not be established the Mission until 1728. The Father Juan Bautista Luyando must establish that mission, that became the most flourishing of California. Two great missionaries were one by one in charge of the mission: the Father Sebastián of Sestiago from Oaxaca and the Father Fernando Consag from Austria. The Father Juan Bautista, built 8 chapels in the settlements of the surroundings. With the help of the father Helen, of the Mission of Guadalupe, cultivated numerous types of plants and trees. In short time, the cultivation substituted to all the region, thanks to the abundance of water and to the fertility of the lands. The Father built a lodging for a high school and crafts for the distant settlements. In the mornings all were attending the celebration Holy Mass, then breakfast, and after the classes of all type of manual projects. Father Consag, in 1733, began a beautiful church that exists today, the one which was ended in 1786, by the Dominican Father Juan Crisóstomo Cómez. Today the mission of San Ignacio serves as spiritual to the People. The site of San Ignacio Kadakaamán, was discovered by the father Francisco María Píccolo on November the 19th of 1716. The Mission endowed by the Father Juan Bautista Luyando in 1724, it was founded by the same donating, jointly with the Father Sebastián of Sistiaga, on January the 20th of 1728. By irrigation channels was introduced, the wheat cultivation, figs, grapes, dates and grenades and were established visits in San Francisco of Borja. Nevertheless have been abandoned in 1840 for lack of personal, the church of the mission has stayed in operation from that year, preserved in its original condition, as well as in most of the other buildings of the mission. At 269 kilometers by north of Loreto, is founded San Ignacio´s town, its entry is located in Kilometer 74 of the Highway Transpeninsular, to 102 Kilometers of the Mission Rosalía of Mulegé. This town counts on the basic services, the nearest tourist services are those of Loreto.