Validity check - In the database

Card type
Date (YYYY-MM-DD)***
ID card/student register No.
Cracow City Card No.
* All tickets valid as of a given day and afterwards are displayed
To check the validity of the card, it is necessary to give the number of MPK identity card and of the Cracow City Card. The number of the identity card is in the lower left-hand corner of it and the number of the CCC is in the lower right-hand corner of it.
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When are Tele-buses available?


Monday – Friday: 7.30-23.00

Saturday – Sunday: 6.00-23.00


When and where can one make use of Tele-buses?


Tele-buses can bee booked only via phone, by calling the Tele-bus control room. You can call us every day, from 7.00 till 21.00, using the following phone numbers:


 800 54 17 17 (a free-of-charge number)

12 254 17 17 (number for mobile phones)


Tele-buses can be ordered:

O  on the day of the journey (no later, however, than within 30 minutes before its planned commencement)

O   for any day of the current week,

O  for subsequent weeks – if this is the case, the passenger needs to call the control room again on the Saturday or Sunday preceding the week when the service is to be performed to provide the control room with the exact time the bus is to arrive at the selected stop. 



Due to the working hours of the control room, orders for trips:

1. taking place from Monday to Friday, between 21.30 and 23.00, need to be placed by 21.00 during a given day,

2. taking place on Saturdays, Sundays or during holidays before 7.30 need to be placed on the preceding day.


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