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Unit testing a Confluence Macro

After my last blog on Unit testing a Confluence Action, I said I would follow up with a how to test a confluence macro. Here it is.

Setting up the project is the same as Unit testing a Confluence Action make sure you update your pom.xml with the things listed there.

Testing the macro is quite simple. Create a space, put a page in it, load the page and assert your result. In code form you want something like:

    public void testMyMacro() {
        String macro = "{macro}";

        SpaceHelper spaceHelper = getSpaceHelper();
        spaceHelper.setName("MACRO TEST SPACE");
        spaceHelper.setDescription("A space for testing my macro");
        assertTrue("Error creating test space.", spaceHelper.create());
        PageHelper pageHelper = getPageHelper();
        pageHelper.setContent("Page content " + macro);
        pageHelper.setTitle("Macro Test Page");
        assertTrue("Error creating test page.", pageHelper.create());

        gotoPage("/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=" + pageHelper.getId());
        String macroExpectedOutput = "macro return string";
        assertTrue(getPageSource().contains("Page content " + macroExpectedOutput));        


Nice and simple.

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