The libspotify C API package allows third party developers to write applications that utilize the Spotify music streaming service. Hopefully, this will enable and inspire you to build some really cool stuff. We’re looking forward to seeing what you can come up with.


The API documentation is available online. The libspotify distribution also contains the documentation, as well as a few code examples.

Application keys

Please login with your Spotify Premium account to apply for an application key.


Libspotify is available for Windows, Mac OS X (x86 / x86_64 / PowerPC) and Linux (x86 / x86_64 / ARM).

Download the file and unpack it with your favourite extractor. On the command line for most Linux distributions, you can use

tar xzf libspotify-*.tar.gz

to extract it. You will now have a directory called something starting with libspotify-. Inside, you should find a README worth at least skimming through.

Product Version OS Architecture Files
libspotify 0.0.8 Win32 x86 zip
libspotify 0.0.8 Mac OS X/Darwin universal zip
libspotify 0.0.8 linux-libc6 x86 tar.gz
libspotify 0.0.8 linux-libc6 x86_64 tar.gz
libspotify 0.0.8 linux-libc6 eabi-armv5t tar.gz
libspotify 0.0.8 linux-libc6 eabi-armv6 tar.gz
libspotify 0.0.8 linux-libc6 eabi-armv7 tar.gz



We need to protect users, content providers, the Spotify trade marks and our software and service while at the same time enabling you to create applications. We therefore require you to comply with some basic rules. You should also note our trade mark guidelines.

Non-commercial use only

Furthermore we want to let you know that the use of our APIs under these terms is for non-commercial use only: they are not intended to allow you to sell any software or devices based on these APIs. If you would like to make use of Spotify in a commercial way, then please contact our Partner team before you engage in any work.