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Katherine Wheel Journal Issue Contents Pages

Issue Twelve

2. Society Details

3. Chairman’s General Report

6. Carol Sargeant’s Novel About Katherine “Love, Honour And Royal Blood” - A Fourth Excerpt

9. The De Bohun Family Part Two

25. British Butterflies: An Introduction To The Lycaenidae (The “Blues”) And The Nymphalidae (Tortoiseshells, Fritillaries And Admirals)

27. How The De Bohun Pendant On The Cover Of Issue 11 Might Have Been Lost

28. The Constable of the Castle Series, (2): Sir Walter Blount at Tutbury
Issue Eleven
5. Chairman’s General Report

7. Two Norfolk Visits : During the lives of Katherine Swynford and Joan Beaufort, there were two female mystics who wrote about their visions: Julian of Norwich and Margery Kempe of King’s Lynn...

13. Countess  Zborowska’s  Embroideries: One of Amy of Melbourne’s duties, according to John of Gaunt’s Register, was to keep an immense  stock of pearls of various sizes and to dispense them as required to the various ladies of the Duchy of Lancaster entourage...

15. The de Bohun Family; Earls of Hereford, Essex and Northampton and Constables of England in the Mid Fourteenth Century … Part One: The appearance of the de Bohun arms on the pendant (shown on the front cover of the issue) is but a pale shadow of its original glory with regard to the colours and somewhat inaccurate with regard to the design of the central diagonal bar...    
Issue Ten


3. Chairman’s General Report

3. Minutes of the Third AGM of the Society (May 10th, 2008): The Third AGM was held during the course of the Sixth Study Day at Lincoln Cathedral.

4. The Agenda for the Fourth AGM of the Society: Held at 12:15 on May 9th, 2009 at Lincoln Cathedral Library.

5. The Medieval Buildings at Kenilworth Castle: it is high time now to take you on a tour around the castle as it stands today. The seven illustrations accompanying this article constitute a partial tour of Kenilworth Castle...

8. The  “Lincoln”  Mystery  Plays: drama was a well established art form in both Greek and Roman times. Their plays were composed by famous authors and produced by troupes of actors in huge semi-circular or circular open air theatres...

12. Tales From The Crypt (Part Two): Heraldry by Judy Perry (with additions by Roger Joy): when armed with the dating tools of tomb type and costume, the last visual characteristic of tombs that we will examine is that of heraldry.  Historically,  coats of arms were developed as a means of identifying Medieval knights when their faces were obscured by their closed helmets during a battle...

17. The Constable of the Castle Series, (1): Sir John Deyncourt at Kenilworth - In this first of a series about Constables of the various Lancastrian castles, I propose discussing two members of the Deyncourt family, each of whom played a part...directly or indirectly in the lives of Katherine and John...     

Issue Nine


1. Kenilworth by Moonlight: it was one of those magical days when everything goes just right. In midafternoon I arrived at the Castle where John and Katherine spent so many happy hours together. The Norman keep grimly dominates the scene...

1. Kenilworth to Kettlethorpe & Back Again! - Anya Seton in her novel skips blithely from 1377 to Christmas of 1380. If we consult John of Gaunt’s Registers, however, we find that from October 27 to November 9th of 1379, not a single day passes...

3. Chair's General Report: as this publication has turned out to be rather more substantial than is typical for a “Newsletter”, the Committee has decided to rechristen it as the Journal of the Society...

4. The Robin, the Wren and the Goldfinch: Two New Contests: European Robins still feature as part of the Christmas season celebrations. It has become a tradition for Robins to be included in the design of many Christmas cards. In former centuries, here in Europe on December 26th (St. Steven’s Day) it was country tradition to go out and “hunt the Wren”...

5. Corrections, Review of Professor Goodman’s "Joan Beaufort"...

6. The Palaces of the Bishops of Lincoln: Dr. Carol Bennett’s 2008 Study Day Lecture - I’d better come clean and admit that these “reviews” of other person’s lectures are also partly essays in which I add some details that were not included in the original lecture...

6. Katherine’s Royal & Duchy of Lancaster Financial Support: One published source of transcribed documents from the Medieval period is contained in the “Rolls” series, so called because the parchments were attached to one another end to end and rolled up into thick cylinders in order to minimise the space required for storage...

8. Feminine Fashions of the 1380s: Imagining a Kenilworth Wedding - Were there any great social occasions at Kenilworth during Katherine and John’s time there ? One certainly notable event was the marriage in 1380 of John and Blanche’s younger daughter Elizabeth to the underage Earl of Pembroke...

17. Tales from the Crypt: Decoding late medieval funeral monuments - Dead men -- and women -- do tell tales. Specifically, we can learn a great deal about the deceased by the monument which either they, or their relatives, left in tribute.

23. A Proof of Age: Testimony regarding Thomas Swynford - Originally this article was entitled An Inquisition Post Mortem on Behalf of Katherine’s Son Thomas Swynford owing to its publication in a volume of such inquisitions.

24. The Tortuous Trail from Ann Katherine Swynford Lambton to Marie St. Hilaire: Or how one thing leads to another: It was Christa Burch who “discovered” a modern Katherine namesake back on May 14th of 2005 in message 1407 on the Yahoo Katherine Swynford Discussion Group site. I'll let her speak for herself: “ PS -- while looking for something ENTIRELY different and off-topic today, I stumbled across a writer named Ann Katherine Swynford Lambton. What do you think of that! Her pedigree is listed here http://thepeerage. com/p5849.htm -- I wonder what the inspiration for her parent to include that particular combination of middle names was? She's apparently still living; we should ask her!”

25. Stokesay Castle: A trip through Shropshire and Hereforshire - As usual, I’m running out of space before I’ve managed to fit all my articles in. I’ve not said a word about the performance of the mystery plays at Lincoln...

27. Some Views of Kenilworth (Photo Feature).

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