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Ninjaman performed well at Sting 2005.

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Further On IN The News #22 March 2006

They say to experience a Bob Marley & The Wailers concert is to witness the ultimate live performance, flowing with charisma, emotion, excitement and compelling stage presence. The backing band is tight musically, with the sprinkling of the graceful I-Threes supporting every note.

A complete reggae band that set the precedent for the music fraternity to follow... Check out this DVD of Bob Marley Live in Dortmund, Germany 1980, you won’t be disappointed. Available Now

After a three year hiatus Bounty Killer returned to perform at venues across the UK. Bounty Killer was one of the named artists that were accused of inciting violence against the gay community through his music, this in addition to other minor difficulties meant that he could not grace the stage shows of England.
The London show was held at the Stratford Rex, backed by the Anger Management band and UK born producer Jazzwad.
Killer raced through hits after hits of his repertoire. The set was well received by the capacity crowd. Killer gave them new lyrics and addressed the ladies that were on show. A nice combination segment with his long time sparring partner Angel Doolas was enjoyed thoroughly by the ladies.

Bounty also spoke of the advice he was given by the Metropolitan Police prior to entering the stage about mentioning a certain minority group. He discarded that advice to the enjoyment of the audience and received some of his biggest forwards when addressing these issues. Available NOW

GT Taylor from Jamaican reggae station Irie Fm kept his annual dance in his home parish of St Elizabeth. The artists used were mainly of a cultural disposition.

The fire was blazed by the new younger crop of artists making a breakthrough into the realms of the international reggae scene. Turbelance, who is probably on course for DJ of the year 2005, gave a short and spicy performance.

Richie Spice warms up the massive then brings out his two brothers Pliers & Spanna Banna. Chuck Fenda, perfect, sweet mellow vibes of Chezidek and the comeback kid Little Hero, nice up the place. Available NOW

Music videos from Babycham whose latest offering Ghetto story on the 85 riddim has Jamaica on lock right now. The 2005 DJ of the year winner Vybz
Kartel has four entries on this DVD with the virtuous hit ‘Emergency’, the provocative thinking ‘Stamma’ and two collaborations with Wayne Marshall & Kris Kelly.

Macka Diamond combines with Black-er to obtain some advice on her man, too much controversy, springing counteractions ‘all bout’

Forty Nine of the latest bashment music videos from the likes of newcomers Aidonia, Shane O, Jagwa, Wasp, Dami D, Voicemail & producer Leftside who doubles up as Dr. Evil on ‘Each And Every Nite’.
Established artists like TOK 3x entries, Bounty Killer 2x entries Beenie Man 2x entries including his take on a Ghetto Story, ‘The Trend’ which is basically a chronological account of Dancehall fashion icons and main players in the reggae fraternity.
Bling Dawg has 2x entries, Capelton, Assassin, Buju Banton and Spragga Benz all have strong videos that are blazing a fire in dancehall arenas globally.
This Dancehall features also includes the number one riddim on most dancehall charts the Dave Kelly produced ‘85’ rhythm that has tracks from original Bandelero singer Pinchers, Babycham and is hijacked by Million Teeth & Gatis.
Not to be left out Elephant Man has his latest dance entry ‘Gangsta Rock’ dancehall superstars Sean Paul is ever blazing and Shaggy teams up with veteran Barrington Levy for a sample ‘refix’ of Broadway. Available NOW

Music videos trodding the righteous path on this DVD start with the infectious One Drop riddim ‘Hard Times’, entries from Bascom X, I-Wayne, Richie Spice, Chuck Fenda, and fireman Capelton.
The artist who is aptly named ‘Dj of the future’ Turbelance who has now emerged from the shadow of Sizzla and established himself as a musician of prolific dexterity, voices his concerns about the ‘Vampires’.
Richie Spice who has three entries delivers more truths and rights with ‘Youths Are So Cold’, and then tells all who are willing to listen that the said youths are ‘Crying Out For Love’.
I -Wayne the melodic and versatile singer gives you a entry from his superb debut album with the acoustic offering ‘Life Seeds’.
Newcomer Jnr X has two conscious entries with the popular underground tune ‘Plea My Cause’ and ‘Freedom.’ The DVD culminates with the most renown family name in reggae music, The Marley’s Damien son of the late great combines with rap superstar Nas on the ‘Road To Zion’ from his wicked album Welcome to Jamrock.
The last word is left to the father, Bob Marley, with the recently unearthed ‘Slogans’ the DVD culminates in the everlasting Marley classic ‘Redemption Song’. Available NOW.

Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, Mary Seacole, Haile Selassie, Marcus Garvey, John Hendrik Clarke & Paul Bogle are just a few icons of black history whose stories are now covered throughout the documentaries available.
Martin Luther King the son of a preacher man born in the then segregated south of USA, developed into one of the most compelling speechmakers the world has ever known. We captured his words on one DVD in The Speeches of Martin Luther King available NOW

Malcolm X: His Own Story As It Really Happened is a documentary about the bold, outspoken and charismatic man who was at the forefront of the civil rights movement advocating for down pressed people around the world. In comprising interviews and firebrand speeches, the story from childhood to assassination is told by his wife and James Earl Jones. Available now

Mary Seacole is a woman of brave and determined distinction. A hardened traveller Mary attained her skills at a boarding house for invalid soldiers, ran by her mother. She heard about the British War with Russia in 1854 and travelled to England to offer her services, but was denied employment.
Mary refused to be beaten and funded her own passage to the Baltic state, settling up a quarters for wounded men and soldiers to come and purchase groceries and liquor, she also nursed men on the battlefield.

Returning to England unknown and a pauper, the said soldiers she assisted raised money for Mary and she then went on to publish her own autobiography. This documentary also goes onto illustrate how Seacole’s original herbal based remedies and style of nursing care are being taught throughout the world to this day. Mary Seacole -The Real Angel Of The Crimean War is available from reggaecyrus now

Paul Bogle, this documentary tells the story of the 1865 rebellion. When Mr Bogle rallied around 300 men and women and marched on the central authority demanding equal rights and justice. In a violent confrontation with militia and officials gained control of Morant Bay and sparked uprisings island wide.
Bogle’s principles were based on biblical teachings, charity and endurance, The DVD captures the organisational skills and inspiring speeches that Bogle articulated to encourage his people to rise for equality. “Paul Bogle Catch A Fire” available NOW

Marcus Garvey a visionary and exemplary orator founded the United Negroes Improvement Association. The biggest black organisation in the world at the age of 34. This DVD tells the story of how Garvey rose to prominence after travelling Central America and England experiencing the plight of his people first hand. The effect it had on him and his willingness and determination to address the issue.
From childhood Garvey’s story is broken down and presented in an intriguing manor, culminating in his time and impact he had on the African American population. DVD available NOW

Beenie Man was recently robbed in Brixton, London, on a flying visit to the re-opened Blacker Dread’s music store. The assailants took off only to be apprehended by fans of the doctor. The Rolex was promptly returned to Beenie and he told the patrons “don’t watch the Rolex, a jus vanity, life is the most important ting”.
Catch him performing live at Club Asylum UK in Brixton with newly signed artiste D’Angel a few days after the robbery incident. Available NOW

Our thoughts are with the Bass Odyssey selector Squingy, who it is reported to be unwell and has had bouts of severe near fatal sickness, however his love of the music has meant that he has turned out for the ‘One Rack’ sound on some local dates around Jamaica.

STING 2005 is available on DVD already, the performances of upcoming artists Busy Signal, Aidonia, female Dj Spice, Natural Black and of course Ninjaman are the displays that left patrons waxing lyrical. The show was closed by Vybz Kartel & Beenie Man who is on Pt.1 & Pt.4 as he went onto White River Bash to return and bring the curtain down on Sting 2005. Available NOW

Reggae music being a genre that naturally transcends barriers remains arguably the most popular music of the Caribbean, this reasoning is apparent in the number of artists that are making good progress on the Jamaica reggae scene. Look out for the vocal group First Born from Guyana who have recorded four albums, they appear on Sting Pt.1.

Marlon Asher hails from Chaguanas, Trinidad and currently has one of the biggest tunes out with “Ganja Planter”.
Natural Black is a more familiar name outta Guyana. Natural has several memorable tracks such as ‘Songs with Feeling’, ‘Bad Mind’, and the hit on the Seasons riddim ‘Far From Reality’ which is still getting strong airplay in dancehall venues worldwide.
Natural Black has two albums out in Spiritual Food and World War both released in 2003. He is currently working with Caveman studio on some new material to be released this year.

This competition has now gained global notoriety and acclaim with contestants from Japan, Canada, Belize, USA and the fourteen parishes of Jamaica; extra features include the well endowed ladies from the Jamaican dancehall based magazine Hardcopy and brief interviews backstage with the contestants. Available Now

This is now an official event on the sound clash calendar this year April 8th at Stratford Rex in London, seven sounds will battle it out for the trophy, The UK rep is Extacy 4x4 from Birmingham, Mighty Crown return as holders, LP International as winners of the Riddim Magazine Cup Clash 2005 in Munich Germany, Bass Odyssey Jamaica World Cup Clash Winners 2005, Sentinel US World Clash Winners 2005, Original Dub Cutter Sound Trooper & King Tubbys from Brixton London, this event will be hosted by comedy duo Twin Of Twins.

David Rodigan will clash Downbeat the following week in NYC this is a long awaited war between two veterans in the business.

Dancehall Double Bill is a DVD featuring some of the late greats that blessed the business; the first part is a dance in NYC which features Early B & Nico Demus and a clash between Sister Charmaine & Lorna G from the UK. Second dance features Garnet Silk, Half Pint & Tony Rebel all working live on Stone Love. Available Now

King Jammys 1987 live at The Uppercut Stadium in London, features Admiral Bailey, Lecturer, Risto Benji, Little Twitch, Anthony Malvo & Colin Roach, the sound is operated by Jammys himself, Available Now

Reggae Sound Business features a short overview look at sound system business in England during the 1980’s featuring Coxsone and Young Lion from South London. Hosted by the original Jamaican Disc Jockey Mikey Dread you are given a insight as too how sound business works from cutting dub plates, operating sounds, financing sound, setting up and most significantly what sanctions musical selection.
Interviews with Lloyd Coxsone, Blacka Dread, Gappy from (Vinyl Star), Sugar Minott, David Rodigan, Naptali, Bikey and Coxsone veteran Operator Festus.
From the Young Lion camp you have interviews and footage of their very 1st big sound clash with Coxsone, Jah Shaka & King Stereo Graph (UK based).

The bonus footage included on this DVD features Tristan Palmer singing live, Tiger in his prime performing live with Mr Bogle, a dance off between the incredibly agile Mad Max & Jnr Ice.
A interview with Ninjaman and footage from various dances and stageshows in Jamaica. The Gargon freestyles and illustrates his ability to instinctively build a lyrics from crowd heckling and patron interaction, this DVD reinforces the argument that at the pinnacle of his career, he was the best at creating a spontaneous lyrical onslaught and still remains to this day, a real stage entertainer. Available NOW


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