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Custom Web Design
We have an in-house design team ready to design a site unique to you. All custom designed websites by PappaShop® require a hosting account with PappaShop® Web Hosting.  All hosting accounts come with a content management system (CMS) with free shopping cart. If your site is not an ecommerce site, not a problem! You can still use the CMS to manage your site. Should you ever decide to change from an informational site to an ecommerce site, simply switch to the ecommerce template.
The current wait time is at least one month (late June) before we can begin a new custom design.
Custom Design Price - 399.00

A PappaShop® Custom Designed website includes the following:

  • Custom Website Template
  • Custom Header design with your choice of font and colors (Commercial fonts may cost extra)
  • Matching Menu Headers (info, shop, cart etc.)
  • Your choice of website layout style (1, 2 or 3 column)
  • Your choice of website theme (whimsical, elegant etc)  
  • 3 Banners for link exchanges and advertising: 125 x 125, 468 x 60, 300 x 90.
  • Matching blank, print ready, business card template
  • FREE design installation when hosting with PappaShop®
  • FREE support for as long as you're using your custom design and for as long as you're hosted with PappaShop®


Pricing Structure

All fees are to be paid in full before design is installed.
  • Starting price is $399.00 with up to 3 revision rounds of the proof you choose and includes all everything listed above.
  • Each additional revision beyond the first 3 will cost $25.00 each and must be paid before a revision is actually applied.
  • Simple flash elements are $40.00 each (banner, header etc) 
  • Commercial Fonts not on hand - cost varies depending on the font.
  • Stock Images not on hand - cost varies depending on the image.
  • First installation of template is included in the initial cost. If we have to install a 2nd time, the fee is $25.00


Custom Design Price - $399.00

How It Works  

The Process
You must first pay the above quoted starting price up front (which includes all the above). PappaShop® Web Hosting will then send you a Website Development Agreement to sign and fax, email or mail back. Once we receive this signed and dated document, you will need to sign up for hosting with PappaShop® Web Hosting. We will then send you a survey asking questions about your choice of color, layout and theme etc. Once we receive that survey back, our design team will begin working on your website design. 
When we have sample designs ready we will email you with those samples. We will work with you on the design you prefer and we'll make up to3 revision rounds. Additional revisions cost extra (see Pricing Structure below). Once you approve the final design, we will send you an invoice for the remainder of your payment (if any). Once your final approval has been made and we have installed the design, you will have 3 days to request any additional changes and a revision fee as well as an installation fee will apply. We will install your new design on your PappaShop® hosted account once your invoice has been paid.
Turnaround Time
Turnaround time all depends on where the design process takes us, how many revisions we make along the way and communication with each other. Communication is key to completing your site within a given time frame. See Your Website Development Agreement.

The Fine Print

  1. Simple flash elements or animations are optional and are an extra fee. We do not create websites entirely out of flash.
  2. Should you want anything extra (listed above or not) additional fees will apply.
  3. Due to the nature of the product, there are no refunds. Be sure to ask any and all questions prior to committing to this agreement.
  4. While we will not duplicate a site, showing us sites you like and explaining what you like about them can be helpful.
  5. If you are wanting to use graphics from digital scrapbooking sites, you may need to purchase a commercial license to use them as well as add a credit link to the designer. Note: Not all digital scrapbooking graphics are allowed to be used on a commercial site so be sure to look at that designer's terms of use carefully. When in doubt, ask the designer. You will need to then show proof that you have permission from that designer to use their copyrighted graphics in your website design.
  6. We do not offer no-right-click scripts because they simply don't work. Someone wanting your images can find ways around those scripts easily. What we recommend is that you watermark your images. For instructions on how to watermark, see our knowledgebase.
  7. We do not add music to your website. However, you can do this from within your store-admin. You might want to read this article before doing so.
  8. Any and all copyright info "Web Design by" and "Powered by PappaShop" must remain at the bottom of your website design as per our Terms of Service.

  9. PappaShop Web Hosting is not responsible for adding page content, menu setup or product entry to your site.

  10. Your website must follow the guidelines of our Acceptable Use Policy and you must abide by our Terms of Service. Family friendly sites only.

Custom Design Price - $399.00

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