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Robbie Williams and Jason Orange have a friendly bicker on stage

Posted by heatworld 04 June 2011 13:30

Robbie Williams and Jason Orange have a friendly bicker on stage

Last night, we headed off to see Take That's Progress Live Tour 2011 (again - thanks Samsung, you legends), this time in Manchester - and we must say, the banter between old foes Robbie Williams and Jason Orange were on top form in their home City. Er, but whether or not they were joking around, we're just not sure.
At one point in the show, Robbie reunited with Howard Donald, Gary Barlow, Jason Orange and Mark Owen on the main stage and Jason started a little chat about the five being reunited. "Ladies and gentlemen," he began, "15 years ago when Robbie left the band..." But he was interrupted by Robbie who responded, "I was sacked! In fact, you sacked me Jason." Jason however chose to ignore Robbie's cheeky words and repeated, "15 years ago when Robbie left the band..." The chatter raised an initial laugh from the crowd, before everyone looked a bit confused. But thankfully, within seconds, all five boys were hugging it out again and even asked the audience to "put an arm around the person next to you" to get in on the love-in action - and it was clear this was just a little gag the pair like to pull out at every show...

Anyway, being the old nostalgics that we are, we were thrilled they were embracing the past and when the boys launched into a powerful rendition of SOS from their most recent album straight aftter, we all started jumping around like riotous ladies and all was well with the world. Oh and if you wish to check out more on the Take That tour, make sure you buy the current issue of heat magazine, because there are lots of exclusive details on the show...

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  • heatchica

    06 June 2011 00:55

    Can not wait to see this show next week!


  • heart

    05 June 2011 12:08

    love Take That


  • dancinglady

    04 June 2011 14:33

    They're funny boys, know how to banter.


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