Los Angeles. In this city, it’s dangerous to have a dream but impossible not to follow one. And that constant pursuit of the unattainable will make the most unlikely characters connect and collide in a diverse social mosaic. From chance encounters to dramatic interactions, L.A. is the fuel that can change lives forever.

This all new season of “Crash” features a mix of individuals from very different sides of the city. Among the new cast members are Eric Roberts (The Dark Knight) as Seth, a billionaire entrepreneur; Linda Park as Maggie, Seth’s beautiful wife; Dana Ashbrook playing Jimmy, a charismatic gambler; and Jake McLaughlin (In the Valley of Elah) as Bo, a former pitching ace.

Returning cast members include Dennis Hopper (Hoosiers, “24”) as the newly-sober Ben Cendars; Jocko Sims as Anthony, Ben’s reluctant ally; Ross McCall as Kenny, a security guard looking for a second chance; and Moran Atias as Inez, now the hostess of an exclusive men’s club.


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