Serb returnees attacked in Kosovo village

ISTOK -- Members of 26 families of Serb returnees in the village of Žač spent a sleepless night guarding their tents after they were attacked on Tuesday evening.

The returnees told Tanjug that they believe it was ethnic Albanians that pelted stones at them late last night, since they have staged a number of protests against their return.

Representatives of the 26 families that spontaneously returned to their property in this village in northwestern Kosovo told the news agency that the stoning upset them and that they were thinking about return to central Serbia.

“We are thinking about packing a few things we have and going back to central Serbia and the collective centers where we arrived from,” one of the returnees said.

Minister for Communities and Return in the provisional Kosovo Albanian government Saša Rašić told Tanjug that he is on his way to Žač “to hearten” the returnees to stay on their lands and deliver a message that no attack or incident should alter their decision to stay.

Rašić said that he required that a session of the Kosovo Security Council, chaired by Hasim Taci, be held on Thursday.

The returnees to Žač are temporarily accommodated in two tent camps until their houses have been reconstructed.