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The 60's

Regular jet aircraft flights were inaugurated in April 1960, with BEA flights from London and Athens. In January 1961 El Al inaugurated the first jet route to New York using a chartered Boeing 707.

During the 60s, the number of foreign airlines routinely operating from the airport increased and the runways were adapted to the operation of modern jet aircraft.

By the mid-60s, 14 airlines on international routes operated at Lod Airport. In contrast, the airport ceased hosting internal flights and these were transferred to Dov Hoz airfield, in North Tel Aviv. Already at that time, in the wake of the increase in passenger traffic, the first plans for the expansion of the terminal began taking shape.

After the Six Day War, an impressive increase in aviation activities took place and new airlines were added, including Tarom from Romania, which was the first airline from amongst the Eastern European countries to fly to Israel after a long hiatus.

In 1969, Arkia returned to operate at the airport, and the internal passenger terminal was inaugurated.


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