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Diverging Diamond Interchange Information:

Currently, there are two Diverging Diamond Interchanges open to traffic in the Springfield region.  The interchange on Route 13 (Kansas Expressway) at I-44 opened in June 2009.  The Route 13/I-44 interchange was the first of its kind built in the United States.  The second interchange on National Avenue at Route 60 (James River Freeway) opened in July 2010. 

A third interchange is under construction in Branson on Route 248 at Route 65.

Three other interchanges are planned in the Springfield region at Christian County Route CC/J at Route 65 in Ozark, Battlefield Road at Route 65 and Chestnut Expressway (Bus. 65) at Route 65, both in Springfield.

Reasons for using a Diverging Diamond Interchange design:

MoDOT engineers believe the Diverging Diamond Interchange is a good fit for some interchanges where space and funds are limited. The design helps relieve congestion in a tight area and is a quicker, cheaper reconstruction than more conventional interchange projects:

  • The existing bridges can remain in place.  It may be necessary to widen them, but the most of the structures are in good shape to use with the DDI design.
  • Construction is shortened because the existing interchange bridge and ramps can be used, but with some modifications. That means a shorter time period for traffic disruptions.
  • Since much of the existing infrastructure can be used it is cheaper to build.
  • A DDI interchange can reduce traffic congestion by up to 50%.
  • Left-turn crashes are eliminated and rear-end crashes reduced.

How do I drive through the Diverging Diamond Interchange?

(computer animation)

What does a Diverging Diamond Interchange Look Like?

For more information, contact our Springfield District Office at 417-895-7600 or 1-888-ASK-MoDOT (275-6636).

Last updated: June 2011.

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