"Israeli position on Kosovo firm"

BELGRADE -- Israel has not recognized Kosovo’s independence and sees no reason to change its position at this moment in time, says Israeli Ambassador to Serbia Arthur Koll.

Arthur Koll (Tanjug)
Arthur Koll (Tanjug)

Koll added that relations between Serbia and Israel were good but that it was necessary and possible to improve them further.

Speaking in an interview for Tanjug, the ambassador said it had been more than a year since Kosovo unilaterally declared independence, and that Israel had no intention of recognizing that independence.

“Israel is asked from time to time how solid this decision is, but the fact is that Israel’s position has not changed throughout this time. The Serbian people and government should appreciate Israel’s position, which also demonstrates the friendship between the two states,“ said Koll, whose country’s national day is tomorrow.

“Relations between Serbia and Israel are good in the areas of diplomacy, politics, the economy, and culture, though there is also room for progress,“ he said.

“Both countries should do more to increase trade. Like all investors, Israel is also affected by the global economic crisis, but Israeli investors do not intend to pull out of the Serbian market, because they believe Serbia offers a positive environment for business operations in the future,“ the ambassador said.

The Israeli ambassador said he was disappointed with Serbian state policy on the question of Iran, noting that Belgrade had not condemned a state which "encourages and supports terrorism," he said.