Roman spa unearthed in southern Serbia

Archeologists say they have discovered a Roman spa of monumental proportions in downtown Prokuplje.

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  1. itpaystobesmart,

    Funny you should say that, since Albanians gave no second thought in destroying Serbian monastaries and churches which are world heritage sites.

    And please stop with this nonsense that Albanians are Illyrians. There is no proof for such an outrageous claim, and the first time this was ever heard of was in the 19th century.

    You are as much Illyrian as are Croats, Bosnians, Serbs.
    I hope you release the utter ridiculousness of your claims that the tribes - which were by the way never a STATE but a region, who did not speak the same language nor had the same customs, and who were given their Illyrian name by the Greeks and who were more or less wiped out by the Goths and the Celths who attacked the region, both who had a war policy of 'leave nothing alive', that somehow, one of the smallest regions in the Balkans stayed Illyrian while everyone else is a Slav or a Greek.
    Celts and Goths attacked all regions just the region of Albania they didn't. And don't even get me started on the Roman empire in the region as well as the Turks.

    Serbia has cities which bare the same name since Roman times, shall we go around claiming we're Romans?
    Please spare us the historical propaganda and nonsense.
    (BKK, 21 July 2008 10:40)
  2. marinel does know that what is called roman during the medieval age is what was indeed albanian...
    and he does know that illyrians were under roman rules after the defeat of queen teuta.
    (lili, 21 July 2008 05:06)
  3. itpaystobesmar:

    WOW! Thank you so very much for your keen insight to Marinel's comments. Unfortunately, I totally agree with Marinel.

    Marinels comments stem from a basic understanding that albanians claim everything for themselves, whether it's mineral rights, squatters rights, Kosovo, Macedonia, Serbia, Montengro, and Greece. His suggestion only speaks the truth which for some reason you have choosen to dismiss. My guess is that you subscribe to the comedy of "Illyrian" manifest destiny which exposes your comments further.
    (Michael, 20 July 2008 23:41)
  4. Marinel how do you figure its illirian are whatever cause you say so. i dont think so the illyrian race died long before the albanians were there and second its not albanian, it was the roman times.
    (gajo, 20 July 2008 21:34)
  5. Marinel,
    It is sad that instead of you spending time to enjoy or/and celebrate such a find, you waste your time on assuming and insulting commentators of Albanian ethnicity. I'm sure you forsee such claims knowing well that there is some truth to it. However, this archeological find does not say anything of its actuallity of being a Serbian site nor that Serbs have a rite to this land. That is a world heretige and cultural site and it should remain so without any political or sarchasmic impositions.
    (itpaystobesmart, 20 July 2008 19:28)
  6. Marinel,

    check this out...[link]

    may give you some clue about this spa.
    (Bas, 20 July 2008 18:02)
  7. Oh boy, cant wait to read about the claims this is actually an "Illyrian" site and that Albanians have a rite to this land in Serbia as well!!!!
    (Marinel, 20 July 2008 16:46)

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