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Everyone has something to say about Wayne Rooney's hair implants

Posted by heatworld 04 June 2011 13:47

Everyone has something to say about Wayne Rooney's hair implants

If you're anything like us, there's nothing more satisfying than waking up and scrolling through your Twitter feed to see what silly, funny, utterly shocking things the world has been up to while you snoozed. And this morning we actually laughed out loud (or 'LOLed' as the kids would say) to this little gem from Wayne Rooney.
"Just to confirm to my followers Ive had a hair transplant. I was going bald at 25 why not. I'm delighted with the result."
Of course, we're thrilled for Wayney-boy, it's always tough to embrace baldness at a young age and if you've got the means, why not give yourself a fresh follicle or two. But what was great about the whole thing was how he felt the need to tweet his loyal followers about it.
He went on, "It's still a bit bruised and swollen when it dies down u will be first to see it. Anyone recommend any good hair gel. Haha... Let's try and get #hairwego trending".

And indeed he did get #hairwego trending in the UK, which also led to Rio Ferdinand giving us the ultimate laugh with this fabulous reply.
"@WayneRooney just don't go down the wearing a alice band route!! You'll be doing head&shoulders adverts soon! Hope its gone ok Good luck lad."
And not long after that, Coleen Rooney waded in too (she was obviously getting the blame for Wayne's hair news).
"Yes waynes had his hair done," she exclaimed. "His own decision not me asking him, like alot are saying!! Pleased for him and it will look great."
Wayne, we're sure the extra hair will serve you well. We predict you'll look like a younger Louis Walsh - which is what every man wants, right? Just imagine...

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  • JD07

    06 June 2011 13:47

    I'd have thought he would want to stay balding, would give him more of a chance with the grannies no? and we know how much he likes biddies...


  • Sherbertfountain

    06 June 2011 12:25

    I think they would - they're relationship seems real


  • Tinkerblast

    06 June 2011 10:24

    Yeah but I wonder if she's still be with him if he hadn't become one?


  • Sherbertfountain

    06 June 2011 10:15

    to be fair grillbatry Coleen and Wayne got together way before he was a footballer. She couldn't have known he'd end up a millionaire.


  • Codd2712

    06 June 2011 10:01

    Well said Lusty.


  • cherry101

    06 June 2011 09:27

    Hair implants make me a bit queasy!! It must hurt and take ages


  • lustylimbs

    06 June 2011 08:51

    He's the human equivalent of a turd.


  • holycostumeparty

    05 June 2011 23:17

    Not everyone can be super-attractive an he is only a footballer not a male model or actor. If he has the money, why shouldn't he have work done if it makes him feel better?


  • grillbatry

    04 June 2011 21:56

    Wayne Rooney bald = ugly Wayne Rooney hirsuit = ugly So what does Colleen see in the multimillionare Wayne Rooney?????


  • scoobydont

    04 June 2011 21:19

    WHAT... A ......PRICK ......


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