Tell the media: Enough about Palin. Cover real news!

All Sarah Palin had to do was get on board her gigantic red, white and blue "One Nation" bus. The media did the rest.

All week, a throng of news reporters have blindly followed Palin, granting her wall to wall coverage on all the major news networks - despite the fact that she wouldn't tell anyone where she was going, and that she didn't do anything to merit news coverage once she got there.

Tell the media: Give us real news, not more Sarah Palin coverage.

It's totally absurd. Sarah Palin isn't news. She's a reality TV personality and FOX commentator, who can't decide if she wants to run for President.

Until she does, the media needs to stop treating her like a star candidate, and instead, report on any number of issues that actually have an impact on our lives - something members of the media once felt a solemn obligation to do.

Instead of fawning over ridiculous, ignorant Palin-isms like "I love that smell of the emissions!" ABC could have reported on the dramatic announcement that same day by the International Energy Agency, that global carbon emissions in 2010 hit a record spike, and reached the highest level in history.1

Instead of devoting 4 of their 5 top stories to Palin as they did online on Wednesday, CNN Politics could devote more resources to examining the extremist positions of declared candidate who have announced actual Presidential campaigns.

CBS could expose the utter insanity and irresponsibility of the Republican budget plan - which lavishes giveaways on corporations and the ultra-rich, abolishes medicare, and would require tax increases on the middle class.2 NBC could get old-school and investigate fraud and malfeasance on Wall Street. FOX News could report on the corrupting influence of the rapid escalation of corporate money in our political system.

Or on the Koch Brothers. Or the Chamber of Commerce. Or the Canadian tar sands, Elizabeth Warren, the Powder River basin, the war on women, the war on science, the war on clean air, the two endless wars our nation continues to fund, fight, and send soldiers to die in.

After the general public's disgust at the excessive coverage of Donald Trump, this should have been obvious. But major networks didn't get the memo. Let's make sure they hear us now. We'll deliver your petition to the news directors of ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC and FOX News.

Tell the Media: Give us real news, not more Sarah Palin coverage.

As our nation continues to face major challenges, it's essential that Americans understand the choices we are facing, and how the decisions of our leaders impact our lives.

The media should play a lead role in that process, and treat the word "news" with more respect and importance.

It's ironic then that instead of relevant news, we get incessant coverage of the former candidate who couldn't name a single newspaper. It's time for that to change.

Tell the media: Give us actual news, not more Sarah Palin coverage.

1. "As Carbon Output Hits Record High, Palin Declares 'I Love That Smell Of The Emissions', ThinkProgress, May 31, 2011
2. "Paul Ryan's Hidden Middle-Class Tax Hike, Center for American Progress, April 5, 2011

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