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ADATS was designed to keep the skies safe above Canadian troops and vital locations.  Its missiles travel at over Mach 3, and have a range of 8 km. Hostile aircraft don

A soldier with the ADATSThe Air Defence Anti-tank System (ADATS) is a highly mobile low-level air defence unit capable of defeating a wide range of targets. The ADATS has been designed to provide air defence protection for mobile troops as well as ground installations. This self-contained weapon system is mounted on a tracked vehicle and will perform all its tactical functions during day or night and in adverse weather. Its ability to destroy air targets as well as ground targets, makes it a unique and extremely versatile weapon system.

ADATS is operated by a crew of three (driver, commander/radar operator, electro-optical operator), plus 3 personnel in the support vehicle. It carries eight ready-to-fire missiles which travel at a speed of Mach 3+ to a range of over eight kilometres. Its sensors include search radar and an electro-optical device containing a TV and Forward Looking Infrared Radar (FLIR).

ADATS first entered service with the Air Defence Artillery School located at CFB Chatham N. B. in 1989. Currently ADATS are deployed with 4 Air Defence Regiment with batteries located at Moncton and Gagetown, and the Royal Canadian Artillery School in Gagetown. There are 34 ADATS in inventory.

8 ADATS missile per launcher (Speed Mach 3, Range 8+ km)
Warhead: 12.5 kg HE fragmentation/shaped charge, impact and proximity fuze. Penetrates: 900 mm of armour

Chassis: M-113A2
Crew: 3 (Driver, Commander, System operator)
Weight: 15.8 t
Speed: 58 km/h
Range: 400 km
Sensors: pulse Doppler radar (Range 25 km), electro-optical device with TV and FLIR
Guidance: Laser digitally coded
Entered service: 1989
Number in service: 34