Scientists: Average person in Seattle breathed in 10 hot radioactive particles a day during April

Transcript for Exclusive Arnie Gundersen Interview: The Dangers of Fukushima Are Worse and Longer-lived Than We Think, Chris Martenson, June 3, 2011:

Arnie Gundersen: Well, I am in touch with some scientists now who have been monitoring the air on the West Coast and in Seattle for instance, in April, the average person in Seattle breathed in 10 hot particles a day.

Chris Martenson [Host]: What? I did not know that.

Arnie Gundersen: Well, the report takes some time to make its way into the literature. [...]

Listen to the audio interview here.

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154 comments to Scientists: Average person in Seattle breathed in 10 hot radioactive particles a day during April

  • Pierre

    I breathe in
    I breathe out
    I know I am alive
    On a Beautiful Planet
    Among Beautiful People

    We Gambit
    We lost

    Game Over

    • larry-andrew-nils

      it’s more like someone else killed us all on purpose.

      these ones in-the-know… knew.

      they killed us without our consent… they played down the deadly consequences.

      they gambit
      on our behalf; without consent.

  • joeb

    Arnie – I know you mean well and work under appalling constrictions but please! give a link to the hard data?

    “Some scientists” and “average person” just don’t cut it unless of course they emanated from Tavistock Institute mind control operatives?

    According to the US Govt, there was minimal exposure in Washington State in April. HealthCanada displayed the same – minimal fallout – except for around April 4th when some xenon readings became prominent (readings stopped shortly after).

    What are all to assume? We’re nearly 3 (three, FFS!) months into this disaster and authorities are STILL pussy-footing around the periphery. Isn’t it way past time that those who caused this disaster by cost-cutting on emergency procedures roll their sleeves up, call on ALL the nuclear engineers in the world to get there and help out?

    Where is the outrage at UN level? Where is the smooth, fully resourced military machine that could ring-pile the entire Daiichi site within a few WEEKS if they weren’t so busy conducting corporate wars for profit?

    This stinks of carefully controlled slow subtle war on humanity.

    If you think this is tinfoil hat stuff, pop over to just to see how media play with you all – even on trivial levels…

    Disclaimer: I have no affiliation to the site I link to with my nym. They are in no way responsible for my opinions. However, they do provide honest, if intermittent, radiation data.

    • Whoopie

      I’m speechless. You NAIL IT with this comment. TY

      • @Whoopie – I really hate saying it, too but it has to be said; loudly, continuously, accurately until we restore peace and sanity on this once beautiful planet.

        At the same time I am fully aware that the only person I can change is me. That goes for all of us and it depends whether the individual has faced the deep underlying dilemma behind today’s insanity. Without doing that work, we’re all just slaves to the machine that’s destroying us.

        IMO ;-)

        Love is winning…strange but true.

    • Cassie

      Yes the total indifference on the part of world
      leadership has been the most perplexing
      fact in all of this.

      One can only conclude it means that there
      is nothing that can be done. Or that the worst
      has already occurred. Or that they simply do
      not care about the people.


      • @Cassie – your 3) is demonstrably proven.

        How far back do you wanna go to prove it conclusively?

        3/11 – (jim stone is regrettably on to something, IMO*)
        OKC bombing
        USS Liberty
        JFK’s speech on secrecy
        Eisenhower’s farewell speech
        Eustace Mullin’s proof against Fed Reserve

        First Zionist Convention

        Adam Weishaupt

        or shall we go all the way to UR and how 13 Families in the world have run everything since?

        * and all else is smokescreen.

        • mothra

          And multiple eugenics programs…

        • Bob Hardin

          Joeb–your paranoid rants are a disgrace to this forum. You trivialize the Fukushima meltdown by lumping it together with your idiotic conspiracy theories. If I didn’t believe in free speech I would tell you to shut the fuck up. Does the nuke industry pay you to discredit the people who are concerned about Fukushima? Functionally, you might as well be on their payroll.

          • Thanks, Bob; I respect your views too.

            I would dearly love to agree with you but after 45 years of deep research (and radiation monitoring development) it becomes impossible to go along with the fantasy that most people call reality.

            I apologise, but only for causing your knee to jerk ;-)

            Quite understandable; however, I trivialise nothing, having been active at the Chernobyl disaster and yes, collected the damage (despite not being on anyone’s payroll).


          • greed

            joeb for gods sake leave the forums.nutcases like you arent welcome here anymore.we are fed up with your warped twisted minds.go away and get some counselling please

          • greed

            what really makes me sick is all these nutters complaining theres a cover up etc and going mad over it,then further to claim all sorts of bs on here and ruin it for the rest of us.they arent here to summise the dangers of fukushima they are here to preach.they are like some perverted sermons.admins ban these weirdos please

          • greed

            here we go again.heart of the rose sticking her oar in with her 2 cents of madness and crazy me a favour go and look after your kids woman,and do something constructive in life,apart from preach rubbish

          • Heart of the Rose

            MITRE is an “upfront” organization!
            Not conspiracy at all…LOL

          • Heart of the Rose

            Come on, shill..I’m in a rather “jovial” mood….

          • Heart of the Rose

            I told the truth..the gov. is taking care of it ALL..

          • Heart of the Rose

            Bought and paid for..
            Paying their wages now…
            Whores to BIG MONEY.

          • Cassie

            LOL Heart,
            The trolls love you these days.
            Which of course means you must
            be getting a little too close to the truth
            for some……

            I got your back if you wanna play a little

            I know we aren’t suppose to feed them,
            but I figure you are entitled to a bit of fun
            every now and then.

          • mothra

            I think a lot of comments see parallels in institutionalized disregard of our ethics and best interests. Those are easy parallels to grasp, since government and agency approaches are so shockingly out of sync.

            In the absence of open disclosure theories abound. Many of them with published, sourcable history and measurable impact. And, it’s a scary, unacceptable trend from Fukushima and back to numerous other policies and choices. Indefensible then, indefensible now.

          • greed

            cassie you probably are a dyke who gets off seeing other women acting crazily.why dont you go and tell her you fancy her hmmm? thats all we need a dyke conspiracy theorist.chav

          • greed

            oh and cassie do us all a favour you crazed woman.get behind the kitchen sink where you belong.

          • Heart of the Rose

            @Cassie..give’em grief cassie..
            This does take time from the topicS in discussion here…also a form of disinformation.
            Without the battle with the trolls it seems to run quite smoothly.
            Yep..close to truth..dern they hate that.

          • Heart of the Rose

            The people deserve truth.
            The people deserve mercy.
            We will AVENGE for truth, freedom and rightousness.
            Dig it!

        • Cassie


          Which troll do you think is the cutest?
          I cannot decide.
          They are all quite amusing.

          They project like crazy.
          Every accusation that they make, is of
          course true about themselves. This latest
          one apparently has gender issues.

          Whoever is funding them are cheap SOBs.
          They could at least hire people with spelling
          and grammar skills. And really they could have
          more imagination. Greed and Satin.
          Geesh. Come on guys, you can do better that


          • greed

            you cant think i am cute.i dont go out with fat,overweight mental patients.try the others,or indeed a woman

          • Heart of the Rose

            Shills and trolls… are kind of like the cheap carnivals that play in small towns.

          • greed

            indeed i can do fact i just spoke to a rapist who stated you are indeed to ugly to even rape!!! so your out of luck

          • greed

            or maybe u need to be held down and decapitated? then your skull removed and given a new brain,instead of the old mental one

          • WarIsPeace

            greed- You need to go back to grammar school and learn to write. You are such an obvious (and piss-poor) troll, I can’t believe someone is paying you to spew this stupidity. Go away, you’re not fooling anyone here.

          • Cassie

            You would think if they are going to pay a troll
            they would get someone who passed 5th grade spelling.

            At least he is not talking about time travel.

          • radegan


      • Darth

        Nuclear power advocates one and all – that is why there is no out-cry.

        How are all these nations going to meet the growing energy needs if they begin to rail against nuclear power.

        The real solution is us – less people, less need for nukes.

        • Whoopie

          You mentioned Jim stone His site is not loading. TY to whoever posted it yesterday. I’m sure it’s a temporary glitch.

        • @Darth who sez: “The real solution is us”


          ” – less people, less need for nukes.”

          Disagree – the only reason we’ve been ‘sold’ nukes is to sell more energy-guzzling appliances. A vicious circle.

          Here, we’ve been living with solar/wind power for over 20yrs – our daily usage rarely amounts to 1kW/hr even with manic washing machine visitors ;-)

          It works; we don’t need no steenking grid; we don’t need no steenking centralised Energy Cabal sucking the lifeblood out of the planet just to run bigger and better gizmos like PlasmaTV. Microwaves etc.

          Paradigm shift time or we go down.

          • Heart of the Rose

            “Paradigm shift”
            The “Hundredth Monkey”
            How many times have we contemplated this?
            In battling for truth concerning the BP oil disaster..we have asked ourselves this question many times.
            What it take to flip the switch?
            Humans have no collective consciousness…after all these long years on the planet.

          • Well said.

            Nuke power plants (AND fossil-fuel burning power plants) only exist due to the suppression for 100+ years of all non-fuel-burning forms of energy generation. This suppression has evidently been by the banksters/global rulers, with a key famous example of this fact being JP Morgan pulling the funding for Tesla’s early 20th century “free energy” technology projects (due to realising that such forms of energy could NOT be metered, therefore such energy generation would NOT make JP Morgan et al obscene profits).

            Tesla gave the world AC electricity, which we have now been dependent on globally for a century. AC electricity was a “proof of concept”, with Tesla’s REAL inventions (relative to free energy generation for ALL on Earth) being what he TRULY wanted to give to all.

            Yet, such “free energy” technologies have been rigorously suppressed and essentially “cleansed” from human memory as fully as possible by the global rulers, given that these inventions (dating back 100+ years) PROVE the lie that fuel has to be burned to generate heat and power. This is a MYTH propagated by the global rulers, so that we are fooled into plugging into THEIR power grid and giving THEM huge profits (and huge control over our lives altogether).

            Indeed, the paradigm shift to an entirely new understanding of energy altogether is required, or the human “race” will inevitably continue to ever-more quickly “race” along the path towards our own extinction (and even the possible extinction of most life on planet Earth).

          • (above comment in reply to Joeb)

          • Coot

            Microwaves and new tv’s are realy alot more energey efficient than older alternatives.

        • J. jackson

          No, there are many ways to boil water that are much safer in the long run.
          Nuke plants are spin off from making nuke bombs.

      • SteveMT

        Have these miserable people already sequestered themselves in their fortified bunkers at Colorado Mountain and below the Denver Airport? It is pretty quiet around the world lately. If these people have already disappeared or will soon, that maybe our only official announcement of the end…so as not to create more panic in the streets.

    • mica

      When the CEO of GE is given a top cabinet post by Obama; and when GE designed the reactors involved in Fukushima; and when GE controls a portion of the Media; and when GE is partners in a firm that makes an anti-radiation drug; is it really a surprise to anyone that the truth will not be getting out quickly?
      My question is this: If this radiation is affecting all of us (especially on the West Coast) why have those “in the know” not abandoned California and moved elsewhere? The people who are supposed to be monitoring radiation on the West Coast, and who KNOW what is going on, are still at their posts, no?

      • radegan

        Your assumptions are that all the fallout has fallen out of the sky (it hasn’t) and that there will be no more added to it, so the ground condition where you live won’t get worse. Both assumptions are sadly not true.

  • …They just happen to be on the wrong side of the world to be much use to ‘we who will all die over the next 20 years’ in Japan!

  • Gundersen: “There is also potentially some medical issues Maggie and I have been working with a couple of doctors to look at ways to mitigate to help your body cleanse particles if you know you have been exposed to them. But that is a little bit premature to go into much more detail on that. ”

    Premature? What?? Did I hear that right? In a humane world, DARPA would have opened their CNT bag of tricks on day one to every affected person – you can be sure the so-called elite (handy euphemism for psychopaths) & military (ditto) are already well supplied!

    • Whoopie

      Boy, I didn’t take time to read the transcript – just listened. This blows my mind! What’s he holding back and WHY? Good God.

      • cuica

        Got the feeling Seattle could be the keystone for the whole 50 states. That will be the next “Revelation”

      • Whoopie

        I posted that bit of info at HP. I never HEARD of this drug DARPA!! What…is it for the top 1% only?!?!?! Dang!

        • Jack

          Whoopie, DARPA = Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency

          • Whoopie

            INCREDIBLY REVEALING isn’t it? That we can’t get this drug ourselves?

          • Whoopie

            NTH shows great promise, preliminary testing showing the drug to be more than 5,000 times more effective at mitigating the effects of radiation injury than most available drugs. Tour’s group is also looking into the possibility of NTH being useful in preventing the harmful side effects of radiation therapy for cancer patients.

          • radegan

            Oh, I suspect this will shortly be available for the public. It won’t be covered under insurance and you’ll have to pay thru the nose for it and it’s probably not well tested and will have lots of unknown side effects, but I bet folks line up to buy their months supply – and since Fuku keeps going, you’ll keep buying, every month – forever.

      • Tenor

        Whoopie writes, “What’s he holding back and WHY?”

        If you re-read the transcript, AG says,

        “There is also potentially some medical issues Maggie and I have been working with a couple of doctors to look at ways to mitigate to help your body cleanse particles.”

        That clearly indicates that: 1) he is not an expert in this field.
        2) They are conducting an ‘investigation’ into potential efficacy of various treatments.
        3) (Since he is not interested in spreading false hope rumors), in a field that is not his specialty, regarding matters of great importance, he needs to be confident before presenting advice.

        That seems laudable rather than condemnable.

    • cuica

      I agree! If no one is sure of the level of contaimination, how do they know what premature is?????? We can’t count on the EPA for anything so what do we do,,,wait for a sign? When your pets get sick and die you know you should be taking something?????

    • Cassie

      Buying time so that military/corporate/govt officials
      can be taken care of first.
      They are special of course.

      • Shaker

        Seems to me that Arnie is doing what we’re (and everyone, really) doing here: speculating. (Now, don’t get on the poor connotation from that ‘speculation’ word, please. He’s just being honest.) Arnie has been forthcoming with the things about which he’s sure. He likely hasn’t much more ability to really know what’s going on than we do, beyond the knowledge his experience has given him, and likely along with personal and professional contacts that he’s developed through that experience. He’s on the outside, too, though maybe has a foot or some greater area of his body inside the door than we might have.

        Beyond this particular disaster and countless other problems with nuclear that Arnie seems to wish to expose, it points to something that we really have to admit to ourselves and remedy, which is that some people know too much about too little, and simply don’t have the discipline of mind to understand what they do in a larger context. Edward Teller is brought to mind as an example…Remember Dr. Strangelove?

        One has to understand that this disaster crosses disciplines, and really is confused further by the (intended or not) obfuscation contributed by those who claim that knowledge by not even having the intelligence to set a universal standard for exposure strength terminology.

        As an example, this is not only a ‘nuclear’ accident, but has become a chemical accident. What exactly is ‘corium’ and what are its properties? Will this particular ‘corium’, resemble the simulations, or any of the thee suspected ‘corium’ blobs exhibit the properties used in projections?

        If one had some cross-discipline (and I’ve not talking about having multiple degrees) knowledge, it would have been easy to come to tacomagroove’s conclusions. I did, as soon as the hydrogen explosions came along. It certainly wasn’t a simple problem of venting…

        Arnie’s doing what he can.

        • ocifferdave

          probably right. however lets let whoopie et al scrutinize deeply to the benefit of all. when reagan said trust but verify he was being polite. no time for polite for the good critics like heart of the rose et al. go get em!

      • Cassie

        The current state of science as a fragmented
        highly compartmentalized entity is not helping us
        deal with this crisis.

        To add to your list of specialities, think geologists,
        biologists, construction engineers, etc etc.

    • WarIsPeace

      THEY also have something called ex-Rad, which is unavailable to the public. You don’t think THEY’d allow this to happen if THEY didn’t have a way to protect themselves, do you?

      • Cassie

        I’m really glad the military/industrial, corporate/political
        elites are the ones chosen to survive.

        They all deserve each other.

        • WhatGoesAround

          Since my favorite film of all time came out (Dr.Strangelove) I have often imagined how the lunatic scenario he (Peter Sellers’ finest hour) portrayed in the last few scenes would play out.

          Picture it – a whole bunch of psychopaths cooped up together in an underground city. Cheney, Rumsfeld, Addington, Giuliani, Mueller etc – the whole bunch of them – how many years without sunlight or innocent victims to prey on do you think it would take until they all murdered each other? ;-)

          Then there’s the issue of geological stability – the deeper they go, the more likely they would be subject to instabilities…

  • cuica

    I wonder, if this were an act of terrorism wouldn’t the world be outraged and trying to fix it with everything possible, just to show those evil terrorist that they aren’t successful. Here we have a natural disaster and everyone is sitting on their hands, don’t want to talk about it, lets not even monitor the air in California, why did they purchase and install the monitors???? Are they perhaps saving them for a more appropriate time???…got to tell you I’m really starting to wonder what is going on here.

    • Jack

      Cuica, we all gotta make the painful connection.
      We have allowed women to become fully “communicative” in
      the world, without insisting that Women meet the Standard
      of ethics, morals, truthfulness demanded of men.
      This is the Satanic force, allowing a woman to be Promoted
      into a Position, because SHE WILL GO ALONG with the Powers
      that Be, in order to congratulate Herself that She is a Success!
      So NOW you can GET IT!
      The HUGE conspiracy to RUIN the Decency of the world has
      brought us to the place where YOU are able to use a computer,
      and type in English, and be Completely Unaware of the
      whole history of evil manipulation.
      Jesus Christ is the Way, the Truth, and the Life.
      None shall come to the Father but by HIM.
      That means a Lot of Learning needs to be done, to Know
      what is actually taught by the Most High.
      Catholicism leads to the illiterate monkeys running around
      the barrios and ghettos, learning Nothing about God.

      • @Jack who spake thus:-

        “…without insisting that Women meet the Standard
        of ethics, morals, truthfulness demanded of men.”

        Apart from being totally off-topic, show me these attributes you apply to men on the world stage. Any self-respecting woman would want nothing to do with the ‘ethics, morals and truthfulness’ of those men who daily parade their lies, deceptions and psychosis before us all.

        Are you from planet Earth?

        And for another forum, where does Buddha or Gandhi fit into your grand scheme? ;-)

        • Jack

          Orwell, 1984:
          :”It was always the women, and above all the young ones, who were the most bigoted adherents of the Party, the swallowers of slogans, the amateur spies and nosers-out of unorthodoxy. But this particular girl gave him the impression of being more dangerous than most. Once when they passed in the corridor she gave him a quick sidelong glance which seemed to pierce right into him and for a moment had filled him with black terror. The idea had even crossed his mind that she might be an agent of the Thought Police.

          Other than that, joe B….Ouch! Touche’!
          Common examples of “men”, of course you are
          completely Right.
          We are not supposed to go along with the Common.
          OK, get some Enlightenment, and Break the Wheel of
          How much pain-and-suffering do you Need?
          Du You wanna Live in INDIA?

      • Betty

        Jack, sorry your love life and family life aren’t going well. Or maybe you just prefer men?

        Please give your wildly misguided misogyny a rest. It discredits every other contribution you make.

        Homo sapiens will NEED women to survive–men are gravy & secondary, so get used to that!!! In fact, female embryos are designed stronger and thus, survive toxicity and radiation much better than males in order to reach a healthy, full-term birth.

        Satan, greed, and now women-haters…hmmm!

        • Cassie


          I know, karma is going to be a real B
          for some of these folks.

          Misogyny is not going to load on adaptive


        • Jack

          Your Statement is ridiculous. You don’t know anything,
          Betty…your assertion:
          “In fact, female embryos are designed stronger and thus, survive toxicity and radiation much better than males in order to reach a healthy, full-term birth.”
          Is Exactly Opposite to the truth.
          You Campaigned for Obama, didn’t you?

          • Betty

            Already in our toxic world, fewer males are being born in every species. Scientists conclude that female embryos have a better survival rate when faced with prevalent toxins in our environment. And the same concept applies in the case of radiation and heavy metal fallout. There will continue to be more miscarriages and more of them will continue to be males… Note how most of the disfigured, disabled, and institutionalized children from Chernobyl tend to be males. Note how males are 4X more likely to have disabling autism. (there are many studies)

            I wondered about Obama because the corporate media loved him and he accepted massive corporate donations. Most of my friends loved him. Did you campaign for Bush? You are starting to embody a fascist mentality that always includes a large dose of pathetic misogyny. Cheer up! Mommy didn’t hate you.

          • Betty

            i.e. If you don’t survive the womb or are born with serious disabilities that cause you to be low to non-functioning, it is hard to be dominant! Women will be more important than ever.

      • cuica

        Jack, my name is cuica on the blog but it’s Paul on the street…get pal, I’m a man.

    • Georgia Guidestones – they mean it.

      Apologies to regulars if I’m beginning to sound like a tape loop.

      • WarIsPeace

        I, for one, agree with just about everything you say, joeb. THEIR #1 commandment, per the Georgia Guidestones, is to “MAINTAIN HUMANITY UNDER 500.000,000 IN PERPETUAL BALANCE WITH NATURE.” Hence the necessity to reduce the population to that number. What better way to do it than with a stealth nuclear attack on the entire planet. Because THEY control the corporate media, most people are unaware that they are in danger. It may take a few decades, but they will have the population reduction THEY desire. Whether or not THEY created this disaster, as Leuren Moret asserts THEY did with HAARP, THEY are obviously allowing it to fester, and are controlling the information about it, as well as the anti-radiation drugs THEY are undoubtedly using to protect themselves.

    • Libya was profoundly the wrong international priority on the day Fukushima happened. I felt this when it happened as I do thinking about it today. The govt is not acting in accordance of its peoples, through their own actions and behaviors. I also thought Japan revealed a HUGE national threat to the US administration as a perfectly situated mega dirty bomb if you can see it that way.

      Fukushima reveals an ultimate way to exterminate the West. I though Obama was trying to deflect attention from this reality by focusing elsewhere.
      I feel funny writing that in a way but I think there might be something to it all the same.

      • Cassie

        Anthony I have exactly the same thought.
        A deliberate distraction campaign, so we
        do not see that we were hit by a huge dirty bomb.

        Senior officials on sudden trips to SA with their families.
        Tea with the queen and ping pong.
        Focus on Libya, etc.
        Royal wedding, etc.

        • Libya was thousands of people at stake in the moment.

          Fukushima was millions of people at stake for all time forward, in the moment.

          How then, can Libya be seen as a the more urgent Governmental Priority in this specific light?

          • Too True

            Agree…and how curious that so many of the leaders and corporate big wigs were in safe zones during the worst of the fallout…the fallout that only now is being fully appreciated as reflecting 3 Full Meltdowns. I was on a plane going west during the estimated #3 blast (at least it was well-sealed and thick metal will insulate from some types of radiation…ugh). I had a bad feeling about that flight in the Jet Stream…
            Mrs. Obama is now taking the girls to Africa in the untouched S. hemisphere for a week-must be nice-on our dime!
            Fukushima, in fact, has been the most pressing national security threat this year!

          • Too True

            As I think about it, I’m FURIOUS that the journalists and EPA did not give ANY information or advisement regarding plane travel, other than don’t fly to Japan…duh!

            They have the means, the research, and the authority to give us a lot more useful information and precautionary advice!!! Public safety–that is what we pay for!!

          • Good lord Too True, sorry to hear about your plane ride. For me the launch of the war was like watching a movie…. it couldn`t be truly happening with a nuclear meltdown possibly underway.

            But would people really resort to that level of manipulation?

            There comes a point where the person who presents as being in heavy denial appears to be insane or extremely stupid, don`t they?

            The one post that talks of Libya being a water source does at least make sense of the wacky move at a wacky time. And pushes the boundaries of my conspiracy theory involvement at the same time!

          • tony wilson

            libya is a perfect distraction,quite handy as well.
            no debt 200 tons of yummy gold,the finest highest grade oil on the planet..the colonel has to take some of the blame.
            you see he wanted to sell his yummy oil for gold rather than the terribly unstable deadbeat us dollar.
            that is a declaration of war.
            how dare this madman not have any debt,how dare he try to control his countries finances.
            if we are in libya for humanity why are they using depleted uranium missiles a simple question.

        • WarIsPeace

          You forgot about the most ridiculous story of all, the alleged killing of (CIA operative) bin Laden. I have to admit it even distracted me because I knew immediately it was a fabrication and I was incensed that everyone was buying it. Took me about 10 days to get back to reality…

          • Jack

            Bin Laden was killed in Dec. 2001 everyone knows it
            who’s spent time actually investigating the Lying, God-Forsaken Military Satanic overthrow of the USA which happened on 9/11. Thanks War/Peace.

          • tony wilson

            but what about the tv footage of the bad man playing with the remote watching himself on the telly?
            and the photo of hilary looking scared and barry in control in the war room they looked so real!
            i think you are working for iran making such allegations.
            what you are saying is crazy because it means the us government has been telling lies : )

      • Frank Snapp

        Libya is about its fossil water. and May 5, 1986 hearing before the subcommittee on agriculture and transportation, entiteled “The Chernobyl Disaster: Implications for World Food Security and the U.S. Farm Economy”, and and (Dennis Kucinich on the topic before U.S. Congress) Libyan fossil water, equal to the volume of all the water in the Great Lakes of North America was deposited in Nubian Sandstone during the last ice-age cycle. The U.S. and NATO planned, if things were bad enough in terms of worldwide surface sourced drinking water contamination, to invade Libya in May of 1986 due to contamination arising from the Chernobyl incident. Fukushima is, and it was known from March 12 to be so, much worse than Chernobyl and is contaminating all surface sourced drinking water in at least the Northern Hemisphere.

      • WhatGoesAround

        @Anthony – “I thought Obama was trying to deflect attention from this reality by focusing elsewhere.”

        Yep, on TEPCO shares, wasn’t it?

        Libya is a Gadhafi vs. Rothschild thing – hence NATO led.

  • xdrfox


    : (

  • from tokyo

    what the?
    Today’s japanese media:

    “Plutonium detected for the first time outside the reactor grounds at 1.7km distance. But extremely small quantity, no immediate danger for human health”

    Fukushima’s plutonium is already detected in california and hawaii, right??

      • from tokyo

        I’ve also noticed that the NHK and NHK World news are not the same. Not all japanese news are translated into English.

        Japanese people still believe that shxt????? x_x

      • NowWhat

        I doubt they’re lying. You have to carefully read what they say. In particular this one “no immediate danger for human health”. That just means any plutonium you inject won’t kill you “immediately”. It’ll take a few months. So, the statement is very true, very misleading, but true. By the way I’ve noticed that they use the “no immediate threat to human health”, or some variation thereof, a lot.

        Also, the comment that there are “extremely small quantities” of plutonium. By most everyday standards of measure, I’m sure the plutonium contamination is “extremely small”. Unfortunately, as is pointed out by others “extremely small quantities” are more than enough to do serious harm.

    • However, I also interpret this release as a SIGNIFICANT sign of danger afoot. This is in keeping with strategies employed in damage control exercises and information suppression.

      The truth of it is there is Plutonium on the loose in Japan.

  • zed opolis

    If Fuk was a deliberate act of aggression then there’s only one solution. Turn the aggressors into a sheet of glass.

    Let them see firsthand how massive releases of radiation work.

    • @zed opolis – No, that won’t work – millions of innocents would bear the brunt of the retaliation, as ever. The Earth itself will not take much more of our silly sandpit games.

      A better bet would be to close down ALL energy guzzling corporations, starting with Nuclear countries that have not signed up to the NNPT (Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty).

      Check them out.

  • Sam

    Fukushima is out of control
    We the people of the world are being lied to.
    It is treason not to do radiological monitoring of air,
    water and food on a daily basis and keep us the people
    It is genocidal not to start moving the Japanese people
    out of harms way;.
    Nuclear power plants must be shut down world wide.
    This catastrophe is like a world wide nervous breakdown.
    We can pretend everything is okay but in reality our
    lives have been altered for the worse.

    • Sam I totally agree with your points. Unfortunately, the ugliest truth Fukushima has for mankind is that Nuclear Plants cannot be shut down. We have allowed the construction of the destruction of life. We will never be alive to manage the unmanaged plants we built all over the world. One day I think this planet will completely explode because of the nuclear waste we have created. There are tipping points to everything… Life on Earth was always about balance.

  • J. jackson

    10 particles a day for how many days?

  • HoseB

    Can someone help me put all this into perspective?

    Recently watched “Countdown to Zero”, Lucy Walker’s documentary on the world’s nuclear arsenals. I believe it stated there are some 23,000 plus nuclear warheads in the world containing approximately 1700 tons of HEU.

    Somewhere over the last few months I believe I read that just one of the blown out reactors at Fukushima contains 100 tons of HEU. Are these numbers accurate?

    If they are, then we have been exposed to radioactive material equivalent to that found in some 1,350 nuclear weapons in just one of the disabled reactors.

    Also remember seeing information indicating the US exploded 331 bombs in the ocean and atmosphere before stopping atmospheric testing.

    Obviously, the detonation of a nuclear weapon and the melt down of a core as experienced at the Fukushima Daiichi plants is vastly different (probably more akin to the detonation of a “dirty bomb”).

    However, the sheer magnitude of the accident needs to be put in a perspective the average person can relate to. . .and that’s what I’m trying to do.

    So, any help in this is appreciated.

    • Cassie

      My dear, you have put it into the correct perspective.

      • HoseB

        Thanks Cassie,

        Have seen your name a number of times over the last several times I’ve some to this sight. May I ask, what is your background regarding nuclear energy?



        • Cassie

          No experience in nuke energy whatsoever.
          (Thank God, I would be hiding out right now if that
          was the case.)

          I do not make any comments along those lines
          if you have read my posts. I just ask a million

          Have a PhD in the social sciences.
          So am used to looking at complex data
          and making some judgements. My areas of interest
          are psych and poli sci.

        • Cassie

          I have spent most of my adult life
          helping people and gluing them back together,
          not blowing them up or frying them like
          many nuke scientists and engineers.

          So I fully admit a total diametrical opposition
          in personality, training and mind set to those
          who think the site belongs to them.

          I post and read here as a concerned citizen of Earth,
          a member of humanity, and a mother who has some
          dreams that my child, and all children, will some day live in a clean, safe world at peace.


          • HoseB

            To quote a well know Los Angeles personality, “Can’t we just get along?”

            Thanks Cassie for your comments, and I appreciate your frankness as well.

            Candidly, I know my represent- ation of what has happened is VERY inaccurate. Obviously, there has not been as much radiation and fallout released as there would be had there been an air burst of a nuke.

            That being said, we’ve got at least three reactors that have been spewing poison into the atmosphere virtually non-stop since 3-11.

            Does anyone visiting this forum have the expertise to adequately compare say a three megaton detonation (or two or 10 or?) to what has been released into our environment since #1 melted down, and reactors 2 and followed suit.



            PS Thanks Joeb for the recommendation. Unfortunately too many pressing things in my life to make the time to read it.

    • Hello HoseB. yes, it is very confusing – some would say deliberately so – others (see above) consider truth a menace.

      I think the best place to help put this all in perspective (and yes, you are right; the planet was seeded with radiation for decades during the big boys fireworks era, until some of us actually git off our collective backsides and put a stop to it) would be to read Yablokov’s “The Chernobyl Catastrophe: Consequences on Human Health” in full*. Despite inevitable biased, it is the most in depth study yet and certainly one ‘our masters’ wish didn’t exist.


  • You know,…Betty’s onto it,…..was just thinking the VERY same thing today! The perponderance of peeps who will be proactive,….Yup,…will be ‘Sheilas’! :-)

  • tacoma is 20mins from seattle:(

  • Jack

    Our proud PhD thought Krypton was a Superman Prop
    until today.
    Then, when receiving CORRECTION, said it was MISOGYNY.
    This is what we have come to in America.
    Give it up, Lady. Really, you are destroying any credibility
    which may have remained for feminism.
    A New Politeness is Demanded, a respect for a REAL Mind,
    not tippy-toeing around some woman’s Fantasy.

  • Cassie

    Jokes Jack
    don’t you have a sense of humor.
    And auto spell check screws up words.
    I also post between the life I have with many
    responsibilities so I multitask and make errors.
    And my training was about helping people not
    blowing them up with Kryptonite.

    Also listen Jack,
    I just found out that my family and I sat on
    a beach in bathing suits in Fl for a week when the jet
    stream was dumping radiation from a dirty bomb
    equivalent on our bodies. The highest rates of rad in the world that week where we were.

    We have been sick for a month and not really getting
    better. Most nights are spent tossing and turing with worry and heartache for my family and all the families of the world

    And instead of being kind and empathetic you have been a real asshole. A total jerk.

    I have tried to be kind to you, but at this point,
    with all due respect, you and the other toll idiots
    on this site can kiss my ass. And I really truly mean
    you can go straight to hell. For eternity.

    I am officially off this site because of you Jack.
    Your bullshit is the last straw.

    • Scout

      Cassie, sorry to hear this.

      Here are some whole food based superfood/adaptogens…I’ve been working into my diet. I’ve been focusing on immunity builders, anti-oxidant support, and cleansing. Morning shake: juicer based (apples, citrus, carrots, beets, ginger, fennel) + fish oil, bee pollen, powdered astragalus, holy basil, almond milk, aloe vera juice, black strap molasses, Alive Rice/Pea protein mix and chlorella (pre 3/11). I soak the produce, rinse, shake and soak with baking soda and rinse again and scrub before juicing. I also take QoQ10 for anti-oxidant support.

      Wishing the best to you and your family.

  • Jack

    You REALLY should have Known Better
    than to GO TO THE BEACH! AFTER ALL the Postings on
    Florida Oil Spill Law dot COM,
    xdrfox completely informed you MONTHS in ADVANCE.
    And you STILL went to the BEACH and SWAM in the totally
    IGNORANT Waters.
    HEAL yourself by the Blood of the Lamb.
    KEEP the Commandments.
    TRY to be Truthful about your Female limited brain.
    That’s what you get for crying “Misogyny”.
    RECEIVE your CORRECTION in the Name of Jesus Christ.

    • Lill

      Jack, *sigh* please, if HE is as important to you, show it by obeying. treat her and all others the way He commanded us to treat each other, not dishonor Him in this way, and in His Name. compassion, where did it go?

      i notice a lot of sniping and attacking lately by several. i hope we can all tone it down. it’s not helping the situation. a little civility goes a long way.

    • justice

      Jack, Buddy, man to man, get yourself some help! You are sounding super psychopathic…man. If you can’t afford a good psychaitrist, try the public sector…do something….

    • Jack, please just stop with the misogyny – it is absurd and hurtful to half the world’s population, let alone the brave women here actually facing this most terminal of issues.

      It is also totally OFF TOPIC.

      Why not go find Gloria Steinem’s site if you are so convinced of your superiority and so desperately in need of somewhere to vent your spleen?

      @Cassie – please reconsider – your moderate, yet perceptive, voice is much needed. I also second ‘Scout’s regimen. Just add zeolite…

    • Coot

      That and a couple of bucks gets ya a cup o cofee…

  • AustralianCannonball

    I posted these 2 links about 12 hours ago. As I am in Australia and I think most of you are in the US I will do a re-post to cover the time difference. I made them yesterday(Sunday for me):

    Fukushima Victims:

    Fukushima Deception:

  • Cassie,….Honey, do you want Jack to win? Of course not! We simply MUST stand together friend! You’ve seen some of the things hurled at me and Heart,….., and Yes, by all means step away again and think about the good of the Order-Sheila power! :-) . If you know xdrfox’s email address, please ask him for mine, Yes? And no trolls, I’m not gay, not that it matters,…but Cassie is special you TURDS! Now “Knock it off”!

  • Nevadan

    Cassie, if you go, others may go. Then the bullies get control of the playground. I’m afraid this is the last bastion for us and the shills know it. Please don’t let them drive you off.

    Sorry that so many of my posts are about the shills. It is just that I really hate bullies and love freedom. Besides, it is lonely out here watching everyone with their head in the sand. We need each other.

  • bleep_hits_blades

    I would just like to suggest that people who don’t know of her check out Leuren Moret. Look her up on You Tube; also she has done a couple of very good interviews with Alfred Lautremont Webre on his Exopolitics website. She is a long-time anti-nuclear power activist, a scientist with advanced degrees, has worked at UC Berkeley Livermore labs, etc.

    • blackmoon


      Yes,Leuren Moret is truly a blessing. I have posted links to a number of lectures and interviews. She is one of the great TRUTH TELLERS, and a force in fighting the Spiritual Wickedness In High Places, that is corrupting our planet.

  • blackmoon


    You are a precious member of this community, and our hearts and prayers go out to you and your family. Do not leave us. The info available here might be useful to you and your family.

    Since our ID’s have been hijacked recently, I don’t know if that post was really from Jack, but whether it was or not, this is my response:

    Prov 10:21 The lips of the righteous feed many, But fools die for lack of wisdom.

    PS to the admin. Please enable user ID authentication ASAP!

  • I for one miss Cassie’s analytical mind and thought provoking questions. Her diplomacy is sorely needed too. I know you HEAR me Cassie! :-)

  • DRFWolf

    I have been closely watching the high volume air filter analytical data which tracks Gross Beta emissions obtained by the Washington Department of Health since the Fukushima accident occurred. I strongly urge everyone who is interested in or concerned about the possibility of radioactive fallout from this event to look at this data which is available at
    If you take the time to look into this valuable information for yourself, you will observe there is data coverage for Seattle, Tumwater (which is near Olympia) and Spokane. You will discover that at no time since the accident in Japan occurred have Gross Beta readings for atmospheric particulates in the State of Washington even approached…let alone exceeded…the highest naturally occurring values associated with background, Gross Beta levels observed in Washington State during 2010. On the basis of this data, we can reasonable conclude there has been no statistically significant effect related to the Fukushima accident on the radioisotopes present in the particulate air pollutants monitored Washington State as of May 24, 2011.
    It has been incorrectly asserted that people in Seattle are breathing ten hot particles per day (presumably related to the accident. Such an assertion is a factually inaccurate conclusion based on this type of data. A Gross Beta measurement on a high volume filter with a value of “10″ does not mean there are “ten hot particles” present, but instead, means that for the entire filter, which may have thousands of particles present, only 10 beta emissions were observed. This is a very low and very expected count indeed when background is taken into into consideration. During 2010, before the accident, natural background in Tumwater, Washington ranged from a low count value of 5 to a high count value of 155 with an average count value of 25, and Spokane, Washington ranged from a low count value of 13 and a high count value of 841 with an…

  • DRFWolf

    This is a very low and very expected count indeed when taking into consideration natural background in Tumwater, Washington ranged from a low count value of 5 to a high count value of 155 with an average count value of 25 in 2010, and Spokane, Washington which ranged from a low count value of 13 and a high count value of 841 with an average count of 92, also in 2010.
    It’s a disgrace when individuals purports expertise that they don’t posses and then misrepresent scientific data for the purpose of fear-mongering and self-aggrandizement.
    Please use your critical reasoning skills to better understand the significance of this reactor accident, and do not be lead astray by the misinformed and unqualified charlatans who come out of the wood-work to pray on the susceptible and miss-informed when Normal Accidents occur.

  • Novamind

    First, I do not trust government figures. Second, I thought the “10 Hot Patricles” came from scientist info. With no mention of Washington State other than Seattle as the city. In other words from a private testing sources.

  • DRFWolf


    Its good to be skeptical; its a powerful step towards critical thinking…

    Check out the data table used in the origional posting on this site…then check out the link I provided…same data…obtained by the Washington Department of Health…see for yourself.

    Then look at the number…

  • milk and cheese

    If they are admitting to ‘some small amount’ of plutonium being at large, assume that there was a massive release and the effects will start showing up shortly…otherwise, why tell people at all?

  • DRFWolf

    Guess what…there is plutonium in the environment…some natural, and some (about 4 tons) from bomb testing…, in addition to plutonium, there are many other sources of Beta emmission, both natural and man-made… When we monitor gross beta in particles filtered from the air…we get a really good indication if a significant increase in the presence of any Beta emmitters (including plutonium) is occuring.
    Thus far, none has reached Seattle or other monitoring locations in the State of Washington… based on on-going Gross Beta testing.
    That said, I continue to be very concerned about the safety and well being of the Japanese people…

  • DRFWolf

    BTW, I am a strong proponent of Perrow’s Normal Accident Theory (see Normal Accidents: Living with High Risk Technologies 2ndEd by C. Perrow, Princeton, 1999) and as such I am convinced this technology is far too risky to be used as a civilian power source…

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